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Medicare Part D – Day 1

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In the words of my boss:
“More people will die because of MediCare Part D than Hurricane Katrina”.
In the words of me:
“This is a complete and utter clusterfuck”.
Its horrible, examples:

  • Patients are being sent to the pharmacy with cards that have the WRONG ID number on them, which forces us to call the insurance company to wait on hold for a half hour or so.
    • The central eligibility server is down, so you cannot online check to see which of the 90 plans the patient is signed up for.
      Since all of the Medicaid (welfare) patients with Medicare are moved over to Medicare part D now, they have copays. They are used to getting their medication for free, so they bitch and moan when they have to pay a measly $1 for generics and $3 for brand name. My reponse to them: “Get the fuck over it, you should of saved your money when you were young. I’m tired of paying into a system that will benefit you and no longer be around for me. Personal responsiblity begins young and at home. Remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant. You douchebags are the grasshopper and i’m the ant. My grandparents came to this country with nothing and have enough investments to retire on. They didnt even speak english when they came here! So suck it up, be a man/woman and forgo the one night eating out at hometown buffet to pay the $17 for all of your monthly medications. People who dont qualify for government assistance have to pay cash, and you dont see them bitching about it you fucking whiners.”
      I feel better now.

Comments #

Comment by Cynthia on 2006-01-21 08:58:50 -0800 #

Dear Angry Pharm,
Right here with you about your comments and LOVE your website. It is ENTIRELY CORRECT!
Stay in touch. I’m a retail pharm myself, and work overnights.
My best,
Cyn 🙂 (Smiling because I can relate!)

Comment by becky oneil on 2006-01-21 16:01:20 -0800 #

I love this site! I am married to a pharmacist,my daughter is in pharmacy school,my best friend is a pharmacist.I feel your pain.