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AARP, screwing seniors since 1958

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Today AARP was a bad bad boy!
It turns out that due to a computer glitch between AARP/WHI/Argus, a ton of AARP Medicare part D patients got “disenrolled” or some crap like that.
Meaning that a shit-ton of our patients had to call AARP to get their coverage reinstated. Of course is there any notice on AARP’s website? Nope. Surprised? I’m not! Took only 3 calls to AARP/Argus to determine what the problem was.
Again, pharmacists are taken to the front of the battle lines to explain to the ignorant unwashed elderly masses why their cards didnt work, and they need to call AARP to get their cards reactivated. This is all the while AARP execs and staff are hiding behind their call centers collecting “record high profits” like every PBM has for the last few years.
Shame on your AARP! Should rename you to the American Association of Retarded People.