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AARP, WHI, and Argus. Paving the way of shitty Rx processors

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Who here is angry that WHI’s Rx processing was slow/down all week? Who here is tired of paying 7 to 10 cents per Rx transmission only to have WHI’s shitty servers eat up your $1.50 of profit?
I think that when Rx processors are slow/down, and there is a known system-wide issue, we should get some compensation for the extra switching fees that we have to pay in order to transmit Rx’s.
I swear, nothing pisses me off more than having to transmit an Rx 5 to 10 times just to get paid. Whats worse is when their servers are so shitty that it accepts the billing from us, but doesnt respond back with the acknolgement. Therefore you have to transmit again to get the stupid “Duplicate Billing” error.
Heres a suggestion: When your servers are down, instead of just accepting requests in a half-ass fashon, make them all 100% completely down, and respond with an error that tells us the ETA as to when they will be back up. Quit jerking our chains with timeouts, and duplicate billing errors, etc. Up or down, very simple.
Blah, this entry wasnt less on the funny and more on the angry.. 🙁