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No no, someone didnt kill me.

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Sorry for the lapse. Work, death in family, long needed vacation, life, etc. I’m not dead.

who r u if u worked for WAG THEY WOULD HAVE FIRED U A LONG TIME AGO. I know
this will not make it to your blog because your are a plant .give me a
break . if you are a chain pharmacist you wopuld not know some of the stuff
you are blogging about like profit margins and such. so own up and tell us
who you really work for

I am a plant? What the hell?
You’re right, if I were a chain pharmacist I would not know about profit margins and other stuff like that. I work for an independent pharmacy (thats a pharmacy not owned by a big company, but a family/single person) so I have to know about profit margins, how much ExpressScripts is boning me, and what a ‘good’ reimbursement is. I’ve said it a bazillion times in the past, you just had to take 2 seconds and look for yourself. Now you look like an idiot in front of everyone. Good job.

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Comment by Surgeon In My Dreams on 2007-10-19 09:54:39 -0700 #

Gosh I am glad you’re back. Sorry about your loss.

Comment by Chris H on 2007-10-19 10:36:59 -0700 #

Glad your back! Is my Vicodin ready yet?

Comment by b on 2007-10-19 11:26:16 -0700 #

Welcome back.I was worried,since we do own a pharmacy and my husband,the pharmacist,is hanging by a thread.Independents are getting screwed,for so many reasons.There should be meetings or support groups but who the heck has time to go.Any lawyers out there?Isn’t there anything to start a class action law suit over?Help save the Independents!!

Comment by mo on 2007-10-19 12:03:00 -0700 #

haha your awesome man! keep the rants comming!

Comment by John Roman Rph on 2007-10-19 12:39:00 -0700 #

Ok, I have to disagree with you this once. There is no such thing as good reimbursement anymore. I have owned/operated an indy that I started myself at age 23 in Pennsylvania. Im making less per script now than I was back then. “Fair” reimbursement right now would be awp – 12% + 5.00 . “good” would be -10% . Not -15% +2.00 . The cost of everything is going up along with other professional salary as where we take pay cuts. I think lawyers should take a pay cut say .. no more 33% of settlement. How does 5% sound ???? Oh I forgot the lawyers and insurance companys are the ones fucking us ….

Comment by LD/50 Rat on 2007-10-19 14:11:21 -0700 #

See what happens when you leave a spexzul InDiGo ChYld alone with a unsupervised computer.
I don’t know which is worse. The being unable to type out the words “are” and “you”, or putting a coherent paragraph together.
Probably a bitter 20 something that couldn’t get into pharmacy school.
That moron is our fyooture.
The earth ending meteorite can’t come soon enough.

Comment by RJS on 2007-10-19 14:13:43 -0700 #

I wonder when the general Internet population at large will figure out that anonymous readers take what you say more seriously when you can speak coherently, know how to use whitespace properly, and can form a cogent argument without sounding like a five year old having a screaming temper tantrum. Avoiding over-the-top claims like calling someone a plant (WTF?) helps, too.
Let’s all point and laugh now at this unruly, miscreant, shall we?
Idiocy knows no bounds.

Comment by Dave on 2007-10-19 16:30:02 -0700 #

Unfortunately, this person won’t understand your reply. You should have “RANDOMly caPlzEd whorIBLie mISPeelt WurdDS”
You fucking plant.
heh. 😀

Comment by Cathy Lane RPh on 2007-10-19 18:26:33 -0700 #

Sorry. Glad you’re back. Hope you’ve had enough time to regroup.
Do you know of a condensed version (pamphlet), listing common OTC meds that can be used in pregnancy, e.g. sleep, pain, muscle aches, vomiting, etc.? Most of them I’ve memorized but occasionally can’t think of them on the fly; I’d like to carry a pocket-size reference when I hit the chains for a shift stint.
Also, have you heard about CPD, as an acceptable alternative to collecting CE certificates at the last minute?

Comment by RxTechKim on 2007-10-19 19:02:52 -0700 #

Welcome Back, Angry! We missed you.

Comment by drheidi on 2007-10-19 22:27:42 -0700 #

Thank god, you’re back! Too much vacation to get properly riled up already?
Sorry about the death in the family.

Comment by Mike on 2007-10-19 23:42:29 -0700 #

LMAO! well said. I’m just curious as to why WAG would have fired you a long time ago. They’ve been letting me get away with shit for years.
Also, they should realize that working for a chain doesn’t mean you should go all stupid when it comes to reimbursement. If the chain loses money, so will you. I’m aware of reimbursements and I work for a chain. Although I know that many of my colleagues are clueless about it. It’s sad actually. Hmmm. Maybe I just answered my own question.
Btw, sorry to hear about you family’s loss. Was there myself this past year.

Comment by PharmChick on 2007-10-20 04:13:02 -0700 #

Sorry to hear about your loss…Also, SO GLAD to have you back. I’ve only been reading you for about 2 mths and I was missing you and your blog. Hope everything is going well and just to let you know someone other than your fiance missed you!!!

Comment by Grasshopper on 2007-10-20 05:09:50 -0700 #

I love the way you make him look like an idiot with his spelling.
We’ve missed you AP!!

Comment by vicodinfairy on 2007-10-20 08:10:08 -0700 #

Hey, nothing to do with the topic at hand…just wanted you to know that I got hate mail on my myspace profile in response to a comment I made on your blog in JANUARY about Medicaid and Clomid. The girl was OH so very eloquent using many f-words and capital letters. She even invited me to call her because she’s on Clomid for endometriosis and she’s a full time student and not a deadbeat, blah, blah, blah.
Awesome. I wonder how many other people get hate mail about your hate mail?

Comment by mdank on 2007-10-20 08:10:11 -0700 #

I’m glad your back. My sympathies on the death in your family. Hope you were able to enjoy the vacation.
I get such a kick out of this blog. Owning 2 pharmacies is such a headache most days. Thanks for all your “eloquent” words. Now, can you go to Congress and tell them how F’d up this is all getting?

Comment by Darv on 2007-10-20 09:44:59 -0700 #

I love your blog! I hate however when people try to respond to your blog (in the case of the idiot who couldn’t be bothered to use proper English.)
Really bothers me. it’s YOU, not ‘u’, you stupid sacks of shit. 🙂

Comment by walgreens slavemaiden on 2007-10-20 10:54:06 -0700 #

I promise, those of us who sold our soul to Satan (i.e., Walgreens) are not all grammatically challenged morons like that lovely person. I have worked for both an independent pharmacy and a big chain (yes, your archnemesis) and it’s true you have to know even more about profit margins while working for an independent, because you don’t have a fleet of watchdogs breathing down your neck preaching about numbers while barking about quality customer service at the same time. They don’t seem to realize that it’s difficult to achieve a happy medium in the assembly line madness that is corporate retail. I didn’t realize how good I had it until I started working for a chain. Just keep this forum for idiots like this to embarass themselves because I need a good laugh after long days in corporate hell.

Comment by Gary on 2007-10-20 21:07:51 -0700 #

the real question is who was the retard that made that comment??

Comment by Liz on 2007-10-21 08:42:56 -0700 #

I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Missed reading your blogs. I too work for your arch nemesis walgreens and I am not gramatically challenged either. What a moron! I know more about reimbersment than he does. I have to deal with the chargebacks that the insurance companies give us that our corporate office feels that we can handle when they should just get off their lazy asses and do theirself so we have time to take care of our customers. ok that was a run on sentence but I got angry!!

Comment by drrx on 2007-10-21 14:55:36 -0700 #

I know, this comment probably won’t be seen by anyone because it’s a day or so after the original comments posted….
However, I had to mention my 2 cents regarding reimbursement. This shouldn’t be a surprise to ANY of us. This has been ‘coming’ for years now. I graduated in 2000, and I think maybe one person in the school was planning on opening an independent pharmacy. It’s plain and simple. Pharmacists AREN’T going to be able to make money off of ‘margins’ anymore. Fact of life… We, as a profession, whether it sounds ‘corny’ or not, have to wake up and realize that the money to be made is in COGNITIVE services! NOT drug cost MARGINS!!! The sooner we all start acting like we should be PAID for our knowledge (like all of the OTHER healthcare professions), the sooner everyone else is going to realize this inevitability, and the law-makers will realize and promulgate regs to allow independent pharmacies to do drug therapy management and get paid top-dollar for it (at least when compared to drug cost margins). Yes, it’s going to mean paperwork and a paradigm shift, but that’s they way it’s going to be….

Comment by KLORPh on 2007-10-25 07:53:02 -0700 #

I don’t even understand the email.. why wouldn’t any pharmacist not know his profit margin or reimbursement or cost? Most chains Ive worked for, Ive had to know all that. (maybe not CVS, but I was there only 5 weeks before escaping) Although, the difference is, working for a chain you’re not really solely accountable for it, you get your paycheck no matter what.