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Everyones a Fucking Genius

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So I got some hatemail in response to this entry

They may be corporate assholes, but at least they hold nobel intent.

Nobel intent would be charging a fair price for /all/ generics. Not $4 for amoxicillin yet $40 for a month supply of lisinopril or HCTZ.

People are dying; antibiotics save lives. No company *has* to give this type of break to anyone since the parasitical lobbyists from healthcare industry have penetrated both aisles of Congress. Yet they do.

Actually inappropriate use of antibiotics kill people (MRSA? VRE? VRSA?). Maintenance drugs that cost pennies will save more lives than all of the antibiotics combined. Why aren’t they giving all those away for free?
You’re right, no company /has/ to give this type of break however it looks really, really good for business if they do. Plus guess what, if you transfer all of your drugs there for 2 or so drugs at $4, you get to pay 10x what an independent charges for the remaining 5 of your Rx’s. Bait-and-switch. Bend over and grab your ankles. They are making up for the loss somewhere.

Get over it.
And when a universal coverage system hits, get over it too. You may have to put your new Porsche up for sale and switch to a Honda (get a hybrid and you can save the environment and maybe someone’s health, all that the same time).

Nah, myself and all the other pharmacists will be out of business at that point. We’ll determine that the cost of our schooling outweighs our income and we’ll just all do something else that makes money. Then as the pharmacies start to dwindle, the ones remaining can charge whatever the fuck they want or just refuse to serve you. Then what? You’ll just bitch that pharmacists are a bunch of greedy bastards because they don’t wish to work for free to fill your trade name Coreg for $1.50 profit.
Oh, I dont drive a porsche. I think fancy cars is just pissing money away. I prefer to spend all my money paying taxes so welfare folk don’t have to work and for this website so you’ll have something to bitch about at work.

If you wanted to make money, you should have went to work on Wall St not a place where reimbursements have been dwindling for years. Did you think that was going to change?

You think money is on wall street? I should of opened a PBM and started raping the system a long time ago, however anally raping the sick and poor isn’t really my cup of tea. Maybe to you wall street types its okay.

You’re a self-loathing narcissist; get over yourself.

You’re just a retarded douche who has totally made an ass of himself in front of a few hundred pharmacists.

N.B. I have been reading other comments on here and it’s somewhat nauseating. I think, instead of rx’ing myself Zofran 8mg tid I’ll go with Phenergan 25mg q4-6h off the $4 menu. Where’s your pharmacy.

Zofran is pennies now. Its generic, so yes, I will be Rx’ing myself some Zofran because it costs about the same a Phenegran and doesn’t have all the sedation side effects. My pharmacy however does not have a $4 menu because we charge a fair price for /all/ medications, not cheap out over a few to draw people in to rape them on the other ones. Fair prices and good service, like all pharmacies should be.
Plus what does my post have to do about anything that you are ranting about? Did you even read my post? Let me recap because I know I used some big words.
My rant was about these pharmacies giving away free/$4 generics away setting a precedent to the insurance companies to cut our reimbursements due to the fact that if we can get by selling things for $4, then obviously their reimbursements are way too high. They are fucking it up for the rest of us who cannot afford to sell medications for $4. Its a marketing scam and its going to draw the opinion of all the major PBM’s to make that AWP-30%+1.50 sound like a wet dream.
Wait to see how many pharmacies are left when the PBM’s make all the reimbursements $4/rx, and next time read my damn post before flaunting your ignorance.

Comments #

Comment by Metaka on 2007-11-13 21:04:41 -0800 #

Walmart has been doing the same thing with groceries for years. Recently, we’ve noticed that milk is way cheaper at Smith’s or Albertson’s, or Walgreens even, than Walmart. I suspect they do that with all their merchandise; slash prices on a few shiny things, then jack up the prices on necessities like milk, eggs, flour, etc.
Also, what do you think of hospital inpatient pharmacies? Crap, hellholes, or okay?

Comment by Rebecca Ward on 2007-11-13 21:46:18 -0800 #

just to clarify…
“No-B-E-L” : Swedish chemist and engineer who invented dynamite (1866) and bequeathed his fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes.
“No-B-L-E” :

  1. of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence; lofty: a noble thought.
  2. admirable in dignity of conception, manner of expression, execution, or composition: a noble poem.
    ** i just wanted to point out that corporate america, who wants to give out $4 prescriptions, does not have NOBEL intent. it doesn’t even have NOBLE intent. it just wants your cash.**

Comment by ZMS on 2007-11-14 05:07:32 -0800 #

Most of the $4.00 dollar whores only fill their $4.00 rx at WM, they take their insurance business to their “druggist” they have been deeling with for years.You must love it when some geezer pulls up in the moto cart and drops an er script with 10 names and wants prices on everything only to fill 3, which are $4.00 and put the rest on hold. Then, 2 hours later, some loser from a box chain calls for 8 copies. All day long, every day, day in and day out.

Comment by Marty on 2007-11-14 07:04:00 -0800 #

FUCKING STUPID!! does this idiot think that Wally world is looking out for anyone but themselves??!!
The company who acutally facilitates moving their suppliers to China. Who has benefit personal on site to help their employees apply for food stamps because they pay their people for shit. Who have lost lawsuits in their own state of Arkansas for preditory pricing. Who have been fined for repeatedly forcing employees to work off the clock. (yes even unpaid OT for RPhs) Who are even now being hit with a huge gender discrimination lawsuit. Who just shuttered their only location to ever vote to unionize. Oh Yes Wally world is NOBLE. Thats how you accumulate about 20 billion dollars for each family member by your unending nobility. Dear TAP shouldn’t you have some minimum IQ requirement or the ability to actually understand what you are reading before you have access to your site? Alas this is the land of the free and home to to many of the teminally stupid

Comment by Daryl on 2007-11-14 10:55:07 -0800 #

Something has to give…
Where I work (at one of the $4 Rx Store’s) we are so overwhelmed with pricing requests, transfers, etc that it’s just a misfill waiting to happen with all the distractions.
On top of that we get corportate e-mails demanding we watch our usage of OT (tech and/or RPh). It is just impossible to keep up, focus, and then be able to go home and sleep at night wondering when the phone call will come that begins ” Hi, I picked up this prescription a few days ago and I think there is an error.” Those calls immediately make my tongue fall down into my shoes.
I have luckily caught myself a couple times grabbing a bottle of zolpidem 10mg while at the same time reading amlodipine 10mg.
How can this madness be stopped?!?!?
Is it going to take a major error that is highly publicized to get the public to realize that filling their prescriptions and flipping hamburgers are two totally different things. Although I suppose if the burger wasn’t prepared properly it could also kill you !!!

Comment by Pre-PharmD on 2007-11-14 13:13:45 -0800 #

I thought that these $4 generics were only available to those who needed them – like, me having insurance, I can’t just go over to Walmart and get the $4 rx’s anyway, because I have the means to support myself. (I suppose I could lie, but, still..)
AP, would you support this kind of system if they were more open about it – “we’ll offer $4 generics to people with no insurance, and we’ll charge an extra $1 for every other prescription to make up for it” or “we’ll absorb the cost because we want these people who have the drugs they need”.
I mean, I understand what you’re saying about screwing over the little people, but there’s got to be a part of you that wants these poor people to have access to the drugs they need, right? Nothing sucks more than being behind the counter and watching a patient walk away without their drugs because they can’t afford it.

Comment by Wal-mart on 2007-11-14 17:14:38 -0800 #

Just want to make a quick post, not trying to start a fire or anything. I work for wal mart, yes the 4 dollar list is not something everyone loves but for the people that are out there who don’t have insurance b/c their job doesn’t provide it and they can’t afford to pay for their own can come in and get a months supply of their meds for 4 dollars, i am proud to help those people out. Also, in my store if you are caught doing anything off the clock you are walked out and told you no longer have a job. The only pharmacists that don’t get OT is full time staff pharmacists and either pharmacy managers. If you are a floating pharmacist you get paid by hour and thus are entitled to OT, but if you are a full time pharmacist you are paid salary. Trust me at my store and the other stores i work at things are done right and pharmacists are treated fairly. I am a pharmacy student with 2 and half years left. Still not sure where I’m heading after school, but if there is an opening close to home at wal-mart i am probably goign to take it.

Comment by Suzyanne on 2007-11-15 00:44:47 -0800 #

No shit.
I almost switched to my friendly-ish 4 dollar store to get the 4 dollar celexa, then found out my other script would be almost 200 bucks (Ultram ER…a useless drug anyway….but 200 bucks?).

Comment by MrIncognito on 2007-11-15 14:08:58 -0800 #

The strangest part of that E-Mail was the single payer remark. If anything, a single payer system will be better for independents – everyone will be reimbursed the same amt. for the same scrip. The government is also way ahead of HMOs on offering payment for patient counseling. Hell, the VA even gives their pharmacists prescriptive authority.

Comment by cubanbob on 2007-11-15 23:04:01 -0800 #

One of the ways to solve part of this problem is to make employer paid medical insurance a taxable income to the employee. Enough people will drop the plans that the medical industrial complex will either go out of business or get a more rational pricing system in place.
Another consideration is for the government to force the drug companies to charge in the US the same price as their lowest price in the EU (western), Canada, Japan and Australia/New Zealand. Let them raise their prices overseas to a level that at the same (lower) price in the US will leave them enough world wide profits to continue their R & D.

Comment by theangryclerk on 2007-11-26 20:42:54 -0800 #

All Things Considered, November 26, 2007 · The Food and Drug Administration is considering creating a new category for drugs — a class that would sit on shelves behind the register.
These would be drugs that need to be used carefully but aren’t complicated enough to require a prescription. The idea is that pharmacists could help people decide whether these drugs are right for them.
Some doctors are opposed to the plan, saying pharmacists don’t have all of the qualifications needed to give out medical advice.
Could you make a posting on what you think of this/ do you think it is working out in other countries like Canada who has had this in place?
Thanks for your time angrypharmacist, may God bless you and keep you angry, i love your posts!!!

Comment by steve carbary on 2008-02-22 16:19:37 -0800 #

Sounds to me like you have been watching way to much of the t.v. show HOUSE!!!!!. Count the god damn pills and give them to the customers, or is that to hard. AND QUIT YOUR SNIVELING.