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14 and Pregnant – The Saga Continues

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Amazing that I still get comments to my rant about the 14 year old pregnant girl. Before all of your pregnant teens jump down my throat screaming “RAPE” (since you all obviously think that EVERY pregnant 14 year olds was raped); Keep in mind that the original post did say that the father of said pregnant girl came into the store with her. I doubt if she was raped the father would be there.

this 14 yr. old WOMAN is not stupid or anything.

Uh, justify that please. How does having a kid when you are not even out of high school considering even remotely a smart idea? Unlike yourself, I would prefer to get an education and get a JOB so I can be financially stable enough to give that kid the best life I could. Somehow I don’t see this person accomplishing that.

14 yr old girls have desires and wants too.

Thats fine, I also have a desire and a want to not PAY for this child because the mother is an idiot. She should DESIRE to use a condom or some of the 100 billion forms of birth control. She should DESIRE to not cave into peer pressure and let some douchy fag tell her he’ll pull out in time. Plus you call her a WOMAN in your previous sentence, and a GIRL in this one. Stay consistent with your terminology please, you are just making yourself look like a bigger idiot than you already do. Choose one, GIRL or WOMAN. I am using GIRL because she is in fact that.

and her parents.. what are they supossed to do be
mad at her the rest of her god willing life??
huh? well if i had a daughter and she got pregnant at 14, i apsolutley know
i would be very upset and disapointed but i wouldn’t show it around other
people. and you would forgive ur daughter if that happened and you know it!

Being tolerant and forgiving is not expressing delight in front of other people. If I had a 14 year old daughter and she got knocked up, I would feel shame every time I went into public with her. Yeah, call me a hard ass but I would raise my child to be smarter than that. The chances of a 14 year old actually being successful in this day and age is close to nil. Not saying that it can’t be done, but most 14 year olds do not have the mental strength and determination to make it. Sorry if you don’t agree, but I’ll give you 100 examples of pregnant teens on the system for your 1 that actually makes it.

people make mistakes wheather they mean to or not they are just PEOPLE not
PROPERTY. and you have prob made a mistake too.

I dont make mistakes that last 18 years and become a financial burden. We aren’t talking about something that is unpreventable either. This is a completely preventable problem that takes a bit of common sense, 2 seconds of prep time, and a basic knowledge. Oh, and once you are on the state program I do consider you to be property. The state pays for you, the state owns you. If the state wants you to go pick up garbage and plant trees for 8 hours a day then you should have to. If you don’t like it, get off of welfare.

plus why is it any of ur
business if she wants to have sex and gets pregnant. its not ur life so why
don’t you just but the fuck out of her business and worry about yourself.
F.Y.I – when a girl first gets a period they turn into a woman. smarty.

Uh, I have to pay for said female and her crotchfruit now for the rest of their lives. All because the mother could not use preventable measures. So yeah, it does effect me, it effects all of us. Obviously from your horrible spelling you are either a teenager or someone who obviously did not finish school because you had a child at an early age. I wont hold this against you however, you just hammered my point home far greater than you could ever imagine.
Thank you for letting me know that when a girl gets a period she becomes a woman. I had no idea. All this time I thought that girls were in fact girls until they GREW UP enough to make smart decisions and support themselves. Getting knocked up at 14 not grown up, and not making a smart decision. This isn’t the 1920’s where you had children (and got married at 14) so you could have WORKERS for your farm. If you had two braincells in that empty noggin of yours you wouldn’t be defending this girl fully knowing that in this day an age an education is everything. If you want to throw your future away over an orgasm thats fine, just don’t do it on the dime of all of us who had a bit more common sense and foresight.

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Comment by Adamwv15 on 2008-02-18 23:58:59 -0800 #

A pragmatic, rational, objective, moderately callous, and completely effective post. I wonder what it feels like to look back on life and realize that the world would have preferred it if you had never existed, to know that the moment that sperm and egg met is a moment the universe regrets.
All people do is make excuses. Welfare programs inhibit Social Darwinism in order to uphold Christian guilt. I say let them fail.

Comment by AmyR on 2008-02-19 05:00:12 -0800 #

Grown up when you get your first period? Pfft, I was 10. Does that mean I was a woman at age 10? Geez, I’m 37 and sometimes wonder if I’m a grown up, now I find out I’ve been a grown woman since I was 10!
Some people’s children…………

Comment by Radish on 2008-02-19 06:37:53 -0800 #

Actually, if the girl HAD been raped by someone OTHER than her own father, it makes perfect sense for him to be with her for appointments and whatnot. She’s still a kid, she needs strong parents, and the grandfather will be the only decent man in the kids’ life for many years, or possibly always. But that second sentence is also true if was consensual sex with another kid or irresponsible older male.
(Most fathers of babies born to teenage mothers are 5-7 years older than the girls they knock up. In most states, that would be statutory rape when the mother is 14. But it’s not rape in the usual sense–girls are very willing to do stupid things to keep the attentions of older men, because that gives them higher status in the eyes of their peers. Hey, I used to be a 14-year-old girl back last century…and the guys I went to high school with are still dating high school girls because they’re easy and don’t expect much.)
And yeah, if she’s expecting us to pay for raising the child via the government, it immediately becomes our business. Don’t want us getting in your face? Stop taking our money. I got nothing to say about Jamie Lynn Spears; she’s working and rich enough to pay for it all herself so none of my business.

Comment by 1yearoldpharmd on 2008-02-19 15:11:09 -0800 #

So THIS is where 50% of my paycheck goes every 2 weeks…What a crock of shit.
In my 3rd year of pharmacy school, we had to take an ethics class. At the end of the semester, we had to pick a controversial topic and argue it with the rest of our small groups (about 10-12 students).
Anyways, I chose “Mandatory birth control for females on State Welfare.” Someone please tell me why this WOULDN’T work?? Obviously, oral tablets wouldn’t (err, DON’T –> see Medicaid’s “family planning” we have going on right now) due to the fact that most patients have terrible compliance issues). My idea was a simple one. Depo those bitches every 3 months. If they don’t show up for their depo-provera every 3 months, guess what, CUT THE FUCK OFF OF MEDICAID. I think its a win-win. This would totally cut down on unwanted births, and anyone who doesn’t follow the rules gets kicked out of the system. And it’d be their own damn fault.

Comment by M2Pilot on 2008-02-19 19:10:24 -0800 #

Oh you horrible brute! You called the coming blessed event a crotch fruit. I sorta like another pharmacy bloggers term, “fuck trophies”,better.

Comment by indietech on 2008-02-19 19:12:45 -0800 #

excuse me? you become a woman when you get your period, huh? and which scientific/medical journal did she get that bold statement from? i didn’t know that just because your hormones start flying around it means you’re suddenly a grown up. sorry, i don’t qualify an 8-year-old girl who gets her period to be a “woman.” i don’t consider most GIRLS my age (21) to be “women.” but if you’re so convinced that you’re a woman at that age, perhaps you should start acting like one. perhaps our parents should throw us out of the house and we should support ourselves as soon as menstruation begins. we should get married right then and start raising families. oh wait. this isn’t 1650.

Comment by Jimbo on 2008-02-19 21:37:04 -0800 #

MANDATORY fucking sterilization or you don’t get “the card”. $5000 bonus cash if you ID the daddy, verified by DNA testing. If daddy is on the card, snip snip. If daddy won’t pay for the little bastard, snip snip.

Comment by Linda on 2008-02-20 18:17:15 -0800 #

I must say, between the people who write you emails like that and the 14 year old that’s preggers, you’ve got quite the argument for forced sterilization.
I have no tolerance for stupid people. Why am I in the healthcare field again?
(PS long time reader…love the blog)

Comment by debbie on 2008-02-21 04:57:37 -0800 #

Crotchfruit! HA! I am so stealing that!

Comment by AllStudyNoPay on 2008-02-21 17:13:32 -0800 #

People that groan to accept 14 year old’s pregnancies are probably the same idiots that support fresh needs for heroine addicts.
It just.. makes my head hurt.
Where are parents??
Keep the good posts coming….You make my day feel so much less painfully hard!

Comment by rph3664 on 2008-02-24 20:58:36 -0800 #

1yearoldpharmd, you must be a man. Are you aware that very few women who get a Depo shot return for a second one? That drug has some very unpleasant side effects – weight gain, headaches, bleeding, etc. – and unlike the Pill, if this happens, you’re stuck with it for 3 months. It’s commonly used after childbirth because they don’t have to think about it while caring for their baby, and has no estrogen so it doesn’t dry up breast milk.
There are people for whom I wouldn’t mind that they be involuntarily sterilized, but its abuses in the past make that extremely unethical.

Comment by gmlpharm on 2008-02-25 19:13:12 -0800 #

The fact of the father being with her I believe to be a good sign. There is nothing I despise more than righteous people without kids who pronounce how “their children will never do this or will do that…”. Having kids makes you realize what an asshole you sounded like before you had them, and how wrong you were to think you could actually control what they do. As parents you can influence what your kids do, how they will feel about themselves, what they are exposed to, but you will not control their every action, and if you think you have control of their actions-you are a fool. But I do believe that we need to help anyone in this situation that has the potential to make something of themselves, otherwise they both (or more) will be on the tab forever.

Comment by Paul Scott on 2008-02-27 09:09:10 -0800 #

Ha, I loved the “girl becomes a woman when she gets her period” comment. Girls can get their period at 8 or 9 years of age. I have also heard of “girls” getting pregnant as early as 9 years old. I guess these would be considered women as well… *rollseyes*

Comment by 1r1shn0m4d on 2008-02-29 07:17:41 -0800 #

The world’s record for youngest parents is a 5 year old girl and a 6 year old boy in South America somewhere.

Comment by sexybitchbiteme on 2008-09-18 00:56:33 -0700 #

I think that it is the choice of the minor to do as she pleases and no matter how well taught she can and will make the same mistakes as everybody else so dont try that If she was my daughter bullshit.
And If the 14 year old girl has a job and her own apartment why not do as she pleases….so do judge anyone if your not them.and if your woundering who I am to say anything aginst you just remember I have never walked your path and you havent walked mine

Comment by k-man on 2008-09-20 08:33:20 -0700 #

The posters here who believe that it is nobody else’s business if 14-year-olds have sex and get pregnant forget one thing. Of course, as others here point out, your wanting taxpayers to subsidize your pregnancy and children make your activities everyone else’s business anyway. But your sexual escapades are also our business for one other reason: if you are under the age of consent, YOUR HAVING SEX IS ILLEGAL. Biologically, you might be a “woman”, but LEGALLY, you are considered (1) a minor girl and (2) too immature to consent to sex. That’s why the laws exist.
Properly speaking, the term “woman” implies having some sort of maturity that, frankly, you just don’t have–and you WON’T have for several more years. Your childish posts responding to TAP amply demonstrate this. Nothing against you personally, but you simply aren’t mentally and emotionally REALLY ready for the responsibilities of sex and a baby. Despite several years of school, you can’t even use proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in your inane little posts.
You’re going to care for an infant? Don’t make me laugh. You can’t legally even care for yourself–and especially not in terms of your overall maturity level. One indicator that you possibly could manage this one day would be your use of correct English in your rants, since employers look for trivialities such as that. Welfare doesn’t last forever, so you will eventually have to get a job one day, you know. Or do you?
Your impregnating boyfriend can go to prison and end up on a sex offender registry for life, especially if he is an adult or more than a few years older than you. (Some states have “Romeo and Juliet” laws that exempt teen boys from prosecution for statutory rape.) In any event, prosecutions are rare–and I for one want to see these laws enforced more strictly than they are now.
Let’s shift focus to generalities, since I used a lot of big words that the immature girls wouldn’t comprehend anyway. It has long been routine for hospitals and doctors to look the other way if an underage black or Hispanic girl becomes pregnant. That is, authorities would not be informed of the girl’s sexual abuse under the statutory rape laws. Such a policy was stupid and has led to the explosion of teen pregnancies we have now. Some hospitals now report births to underage girls to law enforcement, but this needs to be applied consistently nationwide.
To go with that, I believe that if you are considered legally too immature to consent to sex in the first place, you must also be considered too immature to keep the child to raise after you have intercourse anyway and get knocked up. In other words, we must consider girls under 16 unfit parents from the beginning, take away the baby at birth, and place it immediately for adoption with the records sealed. Unfortunately, the law has never been changed to account for this discrepancy. But I can’t think of a single minor girl whom I would trust to bring up a baby 24/7/365. The baby deserves better. And if the girl can’t or won’t name the father for the birth certificate, that is another indication that she should be considered an unfit parent. I hope that eventually mandatory DNA matching will ensure that the father is identified for all births, especially for prosecution for statutory rape.
Genuine forcible rape and incest must be prosecuted, but I guarantee that most of the underage girls getting pregnant are victims of neither. They are simply sluts too lazy to use birth control, as TAP has said. In my neck of the woods I hear about sexually active 11- and 12-year-old girls, so I know.
What these teens posting here don’t tell you is that they think their parents will actually raise their baby for them so they can continue to live their lives and have fun. These girls also think that they will get the kinds of goodies from the welfare system that used to be routine, such as a monthly check, an apartment of their own, and so forth. In other words, Mom will actually care for the baby while the teen girl gets her own place and money every month to spend. Neato! But broadly speaking, none of that has been true since welfare reform in 1996. Some people still haven’t heard the news. We don’t simply declare pregnant 14-year-old girls “emancipated minors” as we used to.
Let me correct something while I’m ranting. There is a misconception that it was routine for 14-year-olds to be marrying and having children in olden times. Not true. US Census Bureau data dating back to 1800 consistently show that until the last few decades, the average age at which women married was around 20, not significantly younger. Contemporary British records for church marriages show the same data. In 1850, menarche (first period, and the onset of fertility) averaged around 16.5 years of age in girls, meaning that some 17- and 18-year-olds then were just starting menstruation. A 14-year-old girl was typically still prepubescent and considered unsuitable for marriage then. Some instances of young teens marrying did happen, but they were the exception and not the rule. Ages of consent were higher in the past, if that tells you anything. In my state the age of consent was once 16. Now it is 15.
“Coming-out” (debutante) parties for girls in wealthy families, signifying their availability for marriage, were traditionally held at age 18, not before. My state, as recently as the 1960s, had a minimum age for marriage of 18 with parental consent and 21 without, later reduced to 16 and 18 (barring a pregnancy). The higher ages were routine in many states once such laws were passed. They fell once the age of majority went from 21 to 18 in most states in the 1970s.
Since the late 19th Century, menarche has occurred earlier and earlier for reasons not fully understood–possibly related to modern nutrition and sanitation. But it was simply not routine in most of the US for girls to marry before 16 or so. What has muddied the waters are the well-known examples of Appalachian country singer Loretta Lynn, who married near her 14th birthday, and Southern rock-‘n-roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis, who married his 14-year-old cousin. Lewis had to cancel scheduled performances and was hounded out of Britain in the late 1950s after the public there found this out and protested him, so that should tell you that it certainly wasn’t the norm. Again, there have been exceptions, but they were just that.
Therefore, none of that justifies in any manner the idea that young girls are entitled to be sexually active and have children over anyone else’s objections. Parents need to get a clue about this too, but they’re too busy being permissive and thinking it’s cool when little Slutney has their first grandchild at age 13.
By the way, parenting guru John Rosemond and others have noted that maturity in children has become worse over the years. Rosemond says that in his judgement today’s 16-year-old has about the same level of maturity as a 12-year-old did a few decades ago, and he advocates raising the driving age to 18 for this reason. So even as girls are becoming biologically mature at earlier ages than in the past, they are mentally and emotionally mature at LATER ages. That doesn’t bode well for underage girls getting knocked up. Or their babies, who will almost certainly be neglected and abused once the novelty wears off and reality sets in.

Comment by cyrell on 2010-02-27 03:32:04 -0800 #

crotchfruit…that is something i have to keep in mind.

Worse then teens who do not think to use a condom in the heat of the moment are the *nearly grown up and only months away from done with studying and having a job*

This girl, eighteen and in the middle of becoming a nurse…

She brags about her boyfriend who hits her, they seperate, get back together because she can not live without him, every other month she had the fear to be pregnant…then she tries to get herself knocked up because it would make him happy because he wants a kid..

WTF? If he wants a child so desperate he should get pregnant himself.

Then she gets pregnant by accident…yeah sure..her exam only months away(could she not wait these few months at least??? ) and the pregnancy full of complications, her boyfriend also job, 20 years but she talks about that he would care for the child while she would complete her schooling.

I would not let these guy care for my child when he smacks the dog against the wall because it is *too attached* and that gets on his nerves when it runs after him…what would happen with the kid? Thrown out of the window because it was too loud????

I think these people are worse then a 14 year old who got knocked up because you might think with 18 and the exams only months away you would have some more brains.

With 14 you would have the *stupid* ticket, but with 18…i would gift these people free condoms and hope they would use them..but hell no, where i live that is forbidden because of *encouraging promiscuous behaviour*

I could go to jail because of condoms..hell no..let them spread HIV and kids because they use the moneys rather for booze instead of safety. But I would encourage promiscuous behaviour if i give them condoms…oh yeah…sure.