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Pharmacy School



What to do when you graduate

·125 words·1 min
The *Angriest* (sigh) Pharmacist wrote a Kick Ass Post that I think all of the students should read.


Real Life Retail 101

·5449 words·26 mins
Pharmacy schools are notorious for filling their students heads with tales of wonderfulness and gummi-bears when they work in a retail setting.

Oh, that gosh darn UOP is at it again!

·2251 words·11 mins
From The Angry Intern, a student of UOP (who is just an Angry Pharmacist in Training) on a “Cultural Competency” class that is given for $55k/yr

White Coat Ceremony

·6424 words·31 mins
While in my absence, I have recieved this email from a student at the University of the Pacific.