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Welcome to India!

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Insurance companies have hit an all time low. Not only do they:

  • Change card info without telling anyone
    • Pay us cost + $1.50 for medications
      • Leave you on hold for 30 min before they tell you the card info was changed.
        • Did I mention they change the damn card information and dont tell anyone?
          But they also outsource most of their call centers to India!
          Now what sort of fucked up shit is that? Here you are, swamped to all hell, trying to get some dildo’s prescription filled for that whole cost+$1.50 only to get some douchebag in India who cannot speak english (or speaks english like a robot)..
          Not only are insurance companies totally fucking over the consumer (it’ll cost you $200/month to cover those whole 20 drugs), and the pharmacist (AWP-35% okay?) but they are also fucking over the working class (you know, the people who sign up and pay these people their paycheck) by employing people in another country rather than hiring the hard working men/women who’s brothers and sisters help pay the power bill. No wonder why they are bragging about huge profits each year, they fuck over everyone in the process!
          So next time you’re on the phone with some (un)helpful customer service rep, ask them where they are located… If they say “India”, thank them for their kind service, and promptly change your personal insurance to one that does not oursource that crap out.

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Comment by Kay on 2006-07-11 13:03:25 -0700 #

I understand the anger in outsource but come on grow up! I can understand being upset at the insurance company but why be upset with the help desk person.
They are doing their job!
They work for a living and can not help that they have accents, try getting people in the phillipines or brazil!
Just grow up and don’t blame people who work for the f’d up companies.
Yes, in case you are wondering, Yes, I am Indian. If you knew anything you would realize why companies outsource. The conversion rate for $1 is to 50 Rupees. Do you understand that?
If you had a business how else would you save money? Forget that, my defense is b/c of how your reaction is to the help desk person. So what if they are somewhere else and so what if they have an accent.
Grow up and do your job. And if you don’t like what you do, leave the stores, go work as a drug rep since you have such a wonderful accent and wonderful way of talking to people.

Comment by The Angry Pharmacist on 2006-07-11 18:57:39 -0700 #

Yes! More hate mail!

Heres a hatemail response to my Indian Customer Service Rant a while ago. I’ll put my comments in. Oh, this was also posted by someone at an IP that resolves to Someone is surfing my website at your local…

Comment by Lucky on 2007-06-05 00:38:01 -0700 #

I have only been in a pharmacy for three years, but I have never spoken to an Indian rep, and I have launched 100’s of calls. Call me Lucky.