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Are you sure you’re really John Doe?

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Heres the situation.
You have a medication ready for John Doe, so you yell out “Medication is ready for John Doe”. Someone comes up, signs for the medication, leaves, only to have you realize that the person picking up the medication didnt speak english, and isnt John Doe. For the rest of this rant, “John Doe” will be used because I dont want anyone to think im a bigot for using “Juan Valdez” or “Mai Hung Troung”.. whoops.
Now this isnt meant to be taken as a statement of bigotry or racism, just a statement of fact. The biggest problem seems to stem from anyone who’s first language is not english. We have asshats who will come to pick up medication no matter what name is called. We have to continously watch for them and tell them to sit the fuck down because they are NOT who we shouted out. It gets better. Due to a lack of understanding, they will just answer “yes” to any question to ask them. How can you fucking not know your own name? Even in 10 tounges I can undersand when someone tries to say my first and last name.. Oh wait, here in the United States we dont care if people are fucking idiots, we only care if they are poor and fucking idiots.
Do you have insurance? “Yes”
Are you Mystery Person X? “Yes”
Do you speak english? “Yes”
Are you an asshat? “Yes”
The whole situation is very frustrating, so because we need to protect idiots from themselves, we require an ID card at every pickup. I cant comprehend how mad I get when I shout out a name (to consult someone on some wierd medication) and I see two people walk up. Not only is this stupid and dangerous, but its really fucking stupid and dangerous!
People make me mad. 🙁

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Comment by Elphin on 2007-01-22 11:56:20 -0800 #

In the UK our patients are just as (if not more) stupid. A young girl came in to buy a pregnancy test and bought one which had two tests in one box. She paid, left the pharmacy and returned in 5 minutes just to check if the test would let her know if she had twins because it’s a “twin pack”. This is true.

Comment by Arnold on 2007-03-19 04:53:31 -0700 #

What do you do if the medication just isn’t helping enough? Like it did before. WBR LeoP

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The Angry Pharmacist
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