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The Wonderful Public






All in the same boat

·15260 words·72 mins
Before I continue on my usual tirade of broad stereotypes, foul language, and shit that makes Drug Topics avoid me like a crackhead the night before a holiday weekend; this post is dedicated to the brave men and women who risk their sanity day in and day out so the ungrateful masses can focus on your petty first-world problems.

Careastatin, 0 refills remaining.

·15980 words·76 mins
Anyone who has been in a relationship (professional – personal, it doesn’t matter) knows that it takes two to tango.

The dreaded RTS

·11372 words·54 mins
What is the public enemy number 1 of any pharmacy?

Vaccines, Autism, and Dipshit Jenny McCarthy

·12071 words·57 mins
By the time you read this, the Vaccine = Autism published by the BJM will be old news (Yes, I do write a bunch of rants at once and have them post at a later date).



·10210 words·48 mins
Patient compliance is one of those words that’s thrown around pharmacy school/trade magazines like singles at a titty bar.


·22313 words·105 mins
Yeah, I know I said 2 posts a month, work has been killing me lately (as it does any pharmacist) so I haven’t had much free time as of late.

Replaced by machines

·17849 words·84 mins
Ive been writing on this site for almost 5 years.

The price of free

·21678 words·102 mins
There is an inherit problem with having zero copays for our “less fortunate” friends.


Cracky McCrackhead Addict

·18162 words·86 mins
A pharmacy without crackheads would be like a Big-Mac without the secret sauce.

The big welfare mother rant.

·32789 words·154 mins
This one is going to be a doozy, so please read the entire post before writing me a 10 page comment about your life story and how much of an asshole I am.

The stupid will inherit the earth

·2926 words·14 mins
According to the scientific trends that every pharmacist sees every day in a retail settings, the future of humanity will possess 3 major characteristics:

Over $1/min to write down numbers

·7724 words·37 mins
I don’t mind if a patient calls up and has a question (except if its when their vicodin is due).


Banning Cell Phones

·5595 words·27 mins
Is there some sort of paint you can line pharmacies with that will block cell phone reception?

Patients who kill your Patience

·7620 words·36 mins
Retail pharmacy (or working with the public) demands one huge element that most students lack.

The word of the day is WORK

·10864 words·52 mins
If anyone would come up to me while I’m filling Rx’s and say “Boy, you look like you’re hard at work” I would just give a casual smile and continue along.

Just give it to my kid…

·996 words·5 mins
It annoys me how some people send their kids in to pick up their medication.

A new name for every provider

·3585 words·17 mins
The way that I was raised is that people have a First, a Middle, and a Last name.

How can you be that stupid?

·1941 words·10 mins
I saw this happen twice today, so I figure that I had better make the issue known.

Ethics and the lazy

·5695 words·27 mins
Contrary to popular belief, there is a ton of ethical crap that goes along with being a Pharmacist.

Loaded lancet devices for everyone!

·2402 words·12 mins
When people bring in their blood glucose monitor to me for help (which I don’t mind really, as long as it was filled here and not Liberty Medical (fuck you)) there are a few things that are consistent as the sun rising in the morning and white bread/Velveeta cheese at a redneck BBQ.

Telling someone they are stupid

·2050 words·10 mins
Its a fine, (if not lost) art to get the point across to a patient that they are too stupid to manage their medication without sounding like an asshole.

Political correctness, terminology, and being retarded

·2996 words·15 mins
I recieved a comment recently from a fan (although I’m not sure if they will still be one after they read this) that took exception to my use of the word “retard” to describe some of the people I deal with on a daily basis.