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Uhh, I dont want that.

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On a roll today. Had a list of shit I needed to bitch about! Onward!
Its perfectly normal for people to bring in their used pill bottles for refills. In fact, we prefer that better than the old “I need my regular medication” or “The one for my heart” bullshit (more on that at another time)..
However in more than one case, I have recieved a pill bottle that really made my asshole pucker. Actually, it wasnt a pill bottle but a cream container.
Now I dunno about you, but if I managed to cram a whole tube of Monistat 7 up my vagina (if I had one), and pulled it out (sucking off a few loose pubes in the process) I would NOT want this to be shown publically. Well, someone decided they did.
So I got presented (handled with a clothespin) a nasty ass tube of Monistat 7 one day. The stench alone warranted a hazmat team to quarantine the area. The tube itself had this greasy like overfilm that I was afraid (actually smart enough) not to instinctly grab. The Rx label looked like it had been soaking in lard (yanno how paper gets clear when exposed to grease). There were a few loose pubes hanging under the Rx Tape. I was afraid to ask what happened to the cap. Although I will say that the tube was 100% completely empty (like her vagina sucked the life out of it).
To make matters worse, I had to unbend the tube to read the name and Rx number (it was folded onto itself). Some people say that there is nothing meaner in life than Cat Shit. I had something to prove them wrong.
There are only 2 things that would make matters worse:

  • She was ugly, very very ugly
    • She wanted the tube back.
      I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Comments #

Comment by SlapDho on 2005-09-17 05:23:48 -0700 #

This rocks. I’ll have to keep an eye out more often!

Comment by pharmD2B on 2005-11-11 16:46:00 -0800 #

These crazy stories are actually making me want to become a pharmacist.

Comment by rxtech on 2007-04-23 10:48:22 -0700 #

this is why we no longer put the label on the actual tube.. we put it on the box now because it just got too disgusting.

Comment by pharm student on 2009-05-01 18:18:14 -0700 #

i’m a bit late commenting, but to add to this, some chick came into our pharmacy, wanting a refill on her nuvaring. she proceeds to hand me her old pouch that it came in WITH THE OLD RING STILL IN IT. i definately had to vom in the corner after that ordeal.