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Help! Bail me out!

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Nobody can honestly say that they dont like culture. Coming from the United States we are a hodge-podge of different cultures all mingled together. However when your culture ends up costing me money is when I start to have a problem with it.
Within the past 10 years or so, there have been a massive influx of pacific-rim type folks coming here. Now thats 100% cool with me, everyone needs a chance for a new beginning, and just because your own country is fucked, why not come here and do the same to ours. Its the American way.
Now I draw the line when you come into my pharmacy looking for 10cc syringes and 18G(!!) needles for which to inject your herbal shit. It bugs me even more when you are asking for these so you can inject your pregnant wife/daughter/goat/etc with this shit.
On more than one occation i’ve seen a few very fucked (medical wise) children being brought in this world. When we ask the mother what happened, she tells us that she was taking this herb or mystical shit that caused all of these birth defects. Now I feel sorry for the poor kid, but I also feel sorry for the state that has to PAY for this womans fuckups for the rest of this poor babys life.
I rate all of said people on the same field as crackhoes with their crackbabies. We have to pay for their mistakes and their fuckups.. So let all now take a big swig of Bicardi 151 while pregnant for the great USA! Because we know the land of milk and honey will cover our ass no matter how stupid we are!