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Medication and Lawsuits

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So now there are some lawsuits pending against Ortho for their Evra Transdermal Birth-Control Patch.
They claim that the patch has a higher concentration of estrogens which can lead to a higher incidence of blood clots and strokes.
There is so far at least 1 lawsuit pending for it.
I got $20 that the woman suing is one (if not all) of the following:

  • Fat
    • Smoker
      • Family Hx of blood clots
        • Low Income
          • Sedimentry lifestyle (just lays there when shes getting plowed)
            • Fits 9 out of the 10 risk factors for blood clot development
              Lets use our heads here. There are implied risks with taking anything with the Rx label on it. Thats why only Doctors can prescribe and only Pharmacists can dispense. If a drug had no risk then it wouldnt be a prescription item now would it? Of course Evra has a higher concentration than an oral tablet, it has to absorb through your skin! If she doesnt like taking a higher dose, then she can deal with taking a pill once a day than changing a patch once a week. News to woman! Smoking causes cancer, water is wet, and the sun rises in the morning.
              People then wonder why the cost of medication is so high in this country. Its because of fucking lawyers and fucking lawsuits and lame-ass people who want to sue for 5.4 gazillion dollars in damages. In other countries, if this happened to you they would say “Well, thats unfortunate, but that is why these are Rx only, you should of known better”. I really do think that if nobody fucked up (like prescribing/dispensing a medication for a blatantly wrong indication) then you’re on your own.
              Listen up people, Rx items are just that, PRESCRIPTION ONLY! Why are they PRESCRIPTION ONLY? its because there are RISKS in taking the MEDICATION! You realize that the FTC (not the FDA) mandates that if a drug is shown on TV, and the drug use is given, they have to state all the side-effects in the mile-per-min speech. Thats why you see commercials like “Ask your doctor if blahblah is right for you” that are 4 seconds long, and “Ask your doctor about paxil and depression.. Commonsideeffectsincludedizzynessdeathimpotencecombustioblahblahblah”… Not many people know that, so now you do.
              People really fucking annoy me.