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Let me consult my crystal ball….

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For once, this is a bitch not about Medicare Part D. Holy crap!
Somethings been really bothering me lately, and im sure it bothers all of you all too.
Patient calls up, says that she is Ms Mary Sue RottenCrotch, and she would like “All of my regulars filled”. No numbers, no names, not even what they are for.
Let me consult my crystal ball to see exactly what you want, because I know that the moment I fill something that you are due for (but dont want), or I miss the one drug you want this month but you got last filled in 1998, you’re gonna call me on the phone screaming. God dammit, I must of slept through that mind-reading class during the last semester of pharmacy school.
Case in point:
I got a call last week from a not-so-nice lady bitching me out because she called in (and she admits doing this) “all of my regular monthly meds”. She didnt want to give us the numbers or names. She’s one of those types thats on like 15 different medications that are all filled splattered all over the month, so theres not a group of 10 or so that she gets once a month.
I go on my merry way trying to find stuff shes half-way due for. Since she has medicare part D now, she has a $1 or $3 copay. I fill like 5 or 6 drugs, and the fucking dumb cocksucking hoe didnt want half of them because “those arent the ones she wanted”. The ones she did want she was about 2 weeks early on!!!!@#!@#! So I had to return half of the shit to stock (and we all know that filling an Rx doesnt cost the store ANY money what so ever, so we’re happy to RTS stuff, damn hoe!) and gave her both barrels on how she needs to call in the numbers next time, and i’ll refuse to fill anything unless she either calls in the numbers or gives me the empty pill containers because i’m not going through all this shit again for a measily $1.50 that AARP or whatever back-stabbing ass-fucking insurance company is paying me per Rx.
Just say no to “all of my monthly meds” unless you REALLY know what you are doing. I should teach a class at the pharmacy school.

Comments #

Comment by Art Vandelay on 2006-03-10 16:48:42 -0800 #

Dude, from one angry pharmacist to another, you rule. I started refusing the “all my meds” shit a long time ago. The line that seems to sink through some of their thick skulls is “the computer tells me what you’ve had filled, not what you need today”

Comment by Shulkman on 2006-10-04 13:34:42 -0700 #

I wish I could refuse to do it. Being a lowly technician, I’ve gotta do what the boss says, but you’re absolutely right. The folks who come up wanting “all my meds” wind up costing the pharmacy more in wasted labor, than you’re going to make off their scripts. Just yesterday I had one guy pull that on us. It took two techs and two pharmacists 20 minutes to figure out what he needed filled, then debate it, and finally agree on it, and then another 10 minutes of him sitting out in front of the pharmacy thinking about whether or not we got it right. I’d love to see this guy become some other pharmacies problem.

Comment by sorchagriannon on 2008-03-22 22:10:30 -0700 #

I have a couple patients I do this for, but I flat out tell most I won’t fill anything without a name/number/used for info. And when they start complaining? “Sorry, but since it cost me money and you are only allowed 6 rx’s per month, I won’t fill meds that you don’t want or need”. I don’t make a lot of friend with the customers (well, the trashy ones), but the older folks that I do help like me, 🙂