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Avandia? Coreg? GSK get your head out of your ass.

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Who here in the audience has zero Avandia, AvandaMet or Coreg on their shelves?
I for one, have zero. I might have a few partial bottles of Coreg, but zero Avandia. Now I remember back in the day when GSK had their shit together. Then one day, I get a notice in the mail that their manufacturing plant has been siezed (not shut down, but siezed) by the FDA. Whoops.
Then the recalls came. Then Avandamet was never to be seen again. I really wish I knew what the fuck was going on behind the scenes. Did 1000 billion people suddenly become DM II and only Avandia would help them? Why were we having no problems getting it before, and now we get a bottle of 30 every other day if we are lucky. Maybe the GSK guys are out sucking Warrick’s cock because now albuterol MDI’s are like 9 bucks a pop!
So I hope GSK is reading this as I write them a letter.
Dear GSK,
Please get your shit together so we can dispense Avandia to our patients. I dont care if you have to sell your soul to Satan to get this stuff on my shelves. Every day we convert 10 patients to Actos over your product. Again, get your shit together so we can dispense this to our patients.
Love and Kisses,

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Comment by best tit on the web on 2007-06-05 21:03:09 -0700 #

I can’t be bothered with anything recently. I’ve pretty much been doing nothing to speak of. Not that it matters.