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Drug Trivia and Rants



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It had the makings of a perfect fairy tale story:


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I cant believe I’m writing this.



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So enough with the serious posts about the idiots of the world.


XL, ER, and SR (Oh My!)

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How many of those at home have gotten an Rx that looks something like this:


DTC Advertising

·6280 words·30 mins
DTC Advertising – Direct to Consumer Advertising.

Why I hate Plavix Reps

·2617 words·13 mins
Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi Plavix reps are on the top of my drug-rep shit list.

Hand-Holding with the last tobacco banning post.

·5311 words·25 mins
I really hate doing clue-bat entries, but from some of the comment/emails I have received regarding my previous post about tobacco sales in pharmacies some/most of you ‘don’t get it’.

Tobacco ban in pharmacies is STUPID

·3381 words·16 mins
Most (if not all) of you have heard in the news about banning the sales of Tobacco products in pharmacies.


If first you dont succeed…

·1483 words·7 mins
As I was taking my customary pharmacy-dookie this morning, I was flipping through the latest Drug Topics when I saw a nice little advertisement for Luvox CR.

Perdue, Thai Hookers, and rolled up Benjamins

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As you all have heard/read; Perdue, the maker Oxycontin (AKA: Hillbilly Heroin), decided to sue the shit out of all of the generic Oxycontin manufacturers and cease production (or some patent shit.

Amoxicillin retardness

·2216 words·11 mins
So I’ve had just about enough of the boo-hoo bantering about the USA Today article about the baby who received 5x the “normal” amount of amoxicillin and would “writhe in pain”.

Translated Drug Rep Speak

·1457 words·7 mins
You will only find this here at “The Angry Pharmacist(tm)”.

Lilly – Get with the program

·1701 words·8 mins
As I have (and we all have) learned in school, a bottle of Humulin R or N is good for 1 month if kept at room temperature or if refrigerated good until the expiration date on the bottle.

Everything is my problem

·3449 words·17 mins
A really frustrating part about retail pharmacy is that everything seems to be “my problem”.


MRSA is going to end the world…

·3350 words·16 mins
Another typical example of the media getting a hold of a medical concept and completely instilling fear and chaos into the unwashed masses.

Addiction vs Dependence

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I know with the latest Oxycontin crap hitting the fan, people are throwing around the word “addiction” like its going out of style.

Oxycontin, addiction, and general stupidity

·9836 words·47 mins
So, it looks like Purdue got dinged like 600 kerzillion dollars because “misleading the public about the painkiller‘s risk of addiction”.

Avandia – Oh why are people so stupid.

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**WARNING! Avandia and other prescriptions are hazardous to your health, and only should be prescribed and dispensed under the supervision of people who went to a collective of 15+ years of college and who KNOWS what the hell they are doing.

The Gospel according to Me.

·3503 words·17 mins
I’ve seem to have made a few doctors upset with my last few posts.

Soma, the Magical Drug

·2994 words·15 mins
So I saw DrugNazi’s little soma display window pictures here


Angryness and Me

·2309 words·11 mins
So i’ve been doing some self thinking as to why I get angry at work.

Drug Reps, part Duex

·1024 words·5 mins
** I got this information sorta second hand, so it might be wrong **

New Sudafed Laws.

·4765 words·23 mins
As of 9/30/06 – a new sudafed law took into effect.

Stupidity, Doctors, and Drug Reps

·2610 words·13 mins
I know I havent updated in a bit, but to be honest I havent been really angry about anything new and exciting to rant about!