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“Medical” Marijuana

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Now the last few entries haven’t been very angry. This one is to make up for that.
How many of us have been merrily working along, to have some fucking douchebag come into your store and ask if you stock “medical” marijuana? How many of you have had said douchebag argue with you when you say that marijuana is illegal to have on the basis of “I have a prescription”.
Let me clear the air here. Marijuana is a C-I substance. It is illegal. End of story. Cocaine is a C-II substance, cocaine is legal with an Rx!
I don’t care if you have an Rx from some quack in some hippie-dirt-eating-town like San Francisco or Seattle. I don’t care if you have a letter from God himself saying “Thou Shalt Smoke The Weed”. Its fucking illegal. Let me repeat it again because you were baked the first time I said it; its fucking illegal. Don’t care what your city says, what your county says, what your liberal fruity-motherfucker mayor says, its illegal. State law cannot relax a federal law, get used to it.
Where do people get off arguing with me about this shit? I could care less if there is a clinic down the road that sells it for “medical purposes”. A quick call to the DEA and that clinic wont be around for much longer, why? ITS FUCKING ILLEGAL TO GROW OR SELL MARIJUANA! Is prostitution legal for people with erectile dysfunction (with an Rx of course)? Think about that one for a while.
Now I know that people are going to blow me shit about how you have “glaucoma”,”wasting”, “blah blah chronic pain”, “blah blah you dont know how it feels” that require smoking out three times a day. My response? There are a whole shitpot full of other agents out there that are safer, cheaper, and work a whole lot better than smoking out. Stop using those lame ass cop-out excuses and stop inviting me to your pity party. Go see a “real” doctor and get a “real” Rx for some Soma or Vicodin instead of going to a quack and getting an “Rx” for some pot. I may not know how it feels to need pot, but you obviously don’t know how it feels to be annoyed while you’re trying to work (you know, work? The thing you don’t do. A job? Ring any bells?)
When you’re 24 years old, reek of pot walking in the front door, then stumble over your words saying that you have glaucoma and HIV/AIDS wasting (when you’re a good 260lbs) and you need some marijuana, it makes me want to kick you in the face and give you a real reason to smoke out everyday. Then you hand me your medicaid card which really makes me mad that you’re doing this shit on my tax dime!
And for god sakes, quit arguing with us about the legality of it! You’re a stoner hippie (still living with your mother) arguing with someone who’s not baked, went to college, has use of most of his brain still, can remember things for longer than 3 mins, and legally deals drugs for a living! In fact, you wont remember this conversation 10 min’s from now (but your glaucoma will be excellent!).
God help us if they decide to make pot legal. If you think Americans are fat and lazy now, imagine when a good majority of the population is sitting around eating Big Macs and smoking out all day. Oh wait, thats our welfare system. Sorry about that.

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Comment by tehdely on 2007-01-31 01:07:27 -0800 #

I’m surprised I’m the first to comment. This post will surely stir up some shit.
It is quite one thing to (correctly) state that yes, marijuana is illegal and no, you will not dispense it. It’s quite another to extend this assumption to marijuana being clearly a less suitable drug than myriad synthetics for every purpose. There wouldn’t be such a strong medical marijuana movement if its efficacy (superior for some conditions) weren’t clearly demonstrated. It’s illegal, you can’t dispense it, the people asking you for it are goddamn idiots: this much is clear. I’d just ask you to do those who really do need medical pot a favor and not insult them and label them as drug seekers. You are using one brush to paint a whole group of people, and I have seen you exercise discretion when dealing with other groups (such as users of pain pills; there are clearly those who need them and those who do not, and you have taken care to distinguish between the two).
In any case, prepare for an onslaught of comments. This one’s a hot potato. Thanks for keeping such an excellent blog.

Comment by patrice on 2007-01-31 08:35:19 -0800 #

i agree with you as i do on so many other things. i sometimes wonder what would happen if they just made all illegal drugs legal so you can “take in moderation” but you can only get said drugs at the department of motor vehicles or police stations. we give a bit they give a keep up the great work man.

Comment by Logos on 2007-01-31 11:24:18 -0800 #

Hope this comment doesn’t make you angrier (is that a word? Who cares, I’m a stoner, people expect that kind of thing from me.)
I’m glad you aren’t my pharmacist dude, your negative vibes are really bringing me down.
I can understand your anger at the stoopid stoners.
Too bad cannabis has never killed anyone from an overdose, maybe if it were as deadly as some of the drugs you package up for people, there wouldn’t be a problem because all the stoners would be dead.
Wouldn’t that be cool?
The only people who ever died from pot were shot by a cop.
The Honorable Francis Young, an administrative law judge for the DEA held hearings back in 1988 regarding the rescheduling of Cannabis from Schedule 1 to a schedule more appropriate, in his summary, he refered to cannabis as one of the safest most therapeutically active substances known to man.
The DEA administrator filed his ruling in the circular file.
I can understand your hatred of stoners who appear too stupid to get it, but the feds classification of cannabis as having no medically acceptable uses and a high potential for abuse is as Judge young stated, arbitrary and capricious. Those are his words, not mine.
I’m curious how it can be that Marinol, a man made THC derivative can be scheduled as C-2 while its natural counterpart is listed as C-1. Actually I know the answer to that question, I’m just curious if you do.
It is like my investment broker told me when she noticed that there wasn’t much diversity in the portfolio, “Some people object, but pharmaceuticals are usually the best investments you can make.”
I apologize for my idiotic brethren. I usually don’t do what you describe, I do however ask the opinion of the workers of pharmacies from time to time. If I ever ask your opinion, I’m certain I’ll know that I’m dealing with you.
Peace my brother,

Comment by rph on 2007-01-31 11:47:29 -0800 #

Maybe you should just relax and enjoy a fattie. Jeesh!

Comment by jerri lynn ward on 2007-01-31 19:01:57 -0800 #

I just spewed all over my screen!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Adney on 2007-02-01 05:48:26 -0800 #

You might want to check out the Jan 22 issue of Drug Topics. There’s a story in there on how pot may help slow the progression of AD. Supposedly the baby boomers who got high back in the 60s and 70s had a much lower risk of getting AD than the ones who didn’t. WTF?!

Comment by Bill on 2007-02-04 09:34:50 -0800 #

I am not a big proponent of the drug war, particularly when it comes to pot. However I think pot is an absurd drug and think pot use is f-ing stupid. The whole ‘medical’ thing is friggin ridiculous – it’s just an end around to making it legal. Every concert I go to has people smoking pot at it. Hell, I smell pot lots of places I go so obviously it’s not hard to get.
IF it’s legal, we’ll have a lot dumber populace and like you said, we are lazy enough as it is.
Please please please, hell, I’ll send you a camera you can keep, go into work one day off the clock and snap some pictures of people looking for Medical Marijuana.
I’ll tell you man, this blog is better than any drug. No matter how bad my day is going, I can come here and laugh my ass off

Comment by Joseph B on 2007-02-04 17:28:57 -0800 #

Its so true! Preach it! Once again your site , gives me a reason to laugh at work.

Comment by Saranonymous on 2007-02-05 03:27:47 -0800 #

Other agents indeed, but I duno about cheaper. 😉

Comment by gunga din on 2007-02-11 08:41:57 -0800 #

Whether people smoke pot is none of mine or anybodys business. I have lots of friends(even pharmacists) who smoke that are not stupid and smoke pot like most people would drink a glass of wine or beer. Its illegal? Thats a cop out who can not think for themselves.Booze hurts much more than pot does and most pharmacies sell the stuff,along with tobacco.

Comment by Derek on 2007-02-18 16:40:57 -0800 #

In reference to Logos, Marinol is actually a C-III controlled subtance. Which is less strictly controlled than C-II controlled subtances like fentanyl (~80x more potent than morphine) and hydromorphone.
Apparently, the World Health Organization is the only body that understands the potential medicinal purposes of marijuana. They recommend rescheduling THC to Schedule IV, their least strictly controlled substance, citing its low abuse potential and extremely low toxicity.

Comment by Matt Garza on 2007-02-18 21:29:10 -0800 #

…Those damn hippies dont even realize Miranol has been made a CIII no longer a CII. Meh what ever he wont remeber in the next few minutes.

Comment by David Smith on 2007-02-20 06:52:10 -0800 #

Thank You,
I thought I was the only one burned out by companies requiring us to be “team layers”, “professional” and “dedicated”.
What we go through as pharmacists can be traced to a fable known as “The Emperors New Clothes”-the story of con artists selling invisible clothes to an emperor with the pretext that the clothing was so fine that it was invisible to fools.
Nobody wanted to admit that they could not see the clothing at the risk of being called a fool. The modern term for this con is known as political correctness. The real name for this is social cowardice. In my opinion, due to this process pharmacists are bullied in to being the town whore for the medical community. “Boy if you had wanted to be a doctor they cry , you should have gone to medical school” Thus put in our place, we endure the travesty that is retail pharmacy. Uh, where are we supposed to hang the red light in pharmacy anyway?

Comment by Cody on 2007-03-02 10:12:02 -0800 #

You sir are the douche. You would give rx pills to drug addicts, if it wasnt marijuana. But when it comes to a harmless plant that illicits appetite and combats severe nausea like no other, you’ll turn them down. Enjoy the conservative pole shoved up your ass.

Comment by flowerchild on 2007-03-03 23:36:33 -0800 #

….Because I would be so much more of a better person if I walked around snorting coke all day simply because its a Schedule II drug and considered legal. And lets not talk about all the junkies coming to my pharmacy looking for syringes and bringing fake rx’s for “legal drugs.” The majority of the pharmacists I work with say the only reason they dont smoke ANYMORE is because of random drug testing and fear of losing their jobs. And seeing that they have obviously made it through pharmacy school must say something about their intelligence. I have been a pharmacy tech for years, PTCB certified and I seem to be doing just fine. Don’t talk to me about “lazy and stupid stoners” because some of the smartest people I know can roll a damn good joint! And with that being said…puff puff pass… 😉

Comment by aurora on 2007-03-07 20:42:30 -0800 #

I must say I’m very sad to see that you can’t empathize with others who have chronic pain conditions. I’m shocked, actually.
Do you have any concept of what it’s like to wake up every morning feeling like your arms are so heavy you can’t lift them? To have to walk to work every day while waiting for a disability decision from the government and come home holding your side sobbing in pain?
You know NOTHING of how horrifying it is to be told you have a chronic, degenerative condition that has NO CURE. None. You know what that translates to? Do you?
It means there’s no hope. There’s nothing that can be done, sorry, here’s some painkillers for that excruciating torment tearing apart your life. Too bad they’ll put you in a semiconscious coma that leaves you drooling on the bed.
Fuck you too.

Comment by Jethro on 2007-04-08 14:38:38 -0700 #

Cool— ’bout time someone stood up to loser stoners !! Those bastards worshipped the “medical Marijuana King” Ken Gorman like he was Jesus. Now that he’s dead (killed by another stoner), they hold this idiot up like a martyr !
— Jethro

Comment by Santa Clauz on 2007-04-12 18:41:59 -0700 #

Author of this article: please kill yourself and do the world a favor. Thanks in advance.

Comment by cddc vsdf on 2007-04-25 02:24:09 -0700 #

fuck you, propagandist cunt.

Comment by BREANN on 2007-08-08 13:53:13 -0700 #


Comment by Kevin on 2007-11-16 14:07:49 -0800 #

I know this guy is rants about an English requirement for pharmacists, but it’s a language that even he’s yet to master. They really should add more writing, grammar, and possibly logic requirements to those PharmD programs. Logic to avoid so many logical fallacies and grammar to help our angry friend find the apostrophe button once in a while. But then again, those new pharmacist are way smarter than his graduating class anyway–and he got in with just a bachelor’s degree. Sad that this is the profession I have chosen, because it’s just filled with this kind of shithead. Now I’ve sunk to his level of ad hominem attack. I’ll let everyone get back to watching Glenn Beck.

Comment by Chuck on 2008-12-21 12:17:28 -0800 #

You would rather people take Vicodin instead of smoking or eating a little cannabis? You honestly believe Vicodin is better for your body? I’m sorry but I’m a pharmacy technician and I know that Vicodin over the years can do irrepirable damage to your body, mainly your organs. If you were to digest marijuana instead of smoking it for pain reliefe, you would be 100 times safer than taking vicodin everyday for the rest of your life. They call marijauan a C-I, but it makes no sense at all, putting it along side heroin is just purposterous. Your clearly a very angry person who has probably never even tried marijuana so its a waste of time to try and reason with you. Pain killers are much more dangerous to your body than marijuana, thats just a fact.

Comment by Angry Doctor on 2009-01-18 09:52:00 -0800 #

Idiot. You are a shining example of the ignorance that has prevented America from being “the land of the free”.
Small minded thinking, without any real experience, understanding or insight.
You may hate pot heads, but really are smokers any worse than alcoholics, or people hooked on prescription drugs? Read some Friedman (not some hippy, but a nobel prize winning economist), hopefully then you’ll begin to understand that just because something is illegal, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Governments occasionally make mistakes too (see the last eight years under Bush… what’s the bet you voted for him twice).
Stop spitting your bile over the internet, you’re a fucking pharmacist, not a judge, politician or even a doctor. You have all this anger, go see a shrink (though he’ll probably just tell you to get high and lighten up)

Comment by Bill on 2009-07-14 13:22:28 -0700 #

How are you a pharmacist and this ignorant? I mean really, what happened to all biochem/chem courses you took? Do you have any reason to loathe marijuana so much, from a pharmaceutical/scientific standpoint? The only thing you seem to hate about it is that it’s illegal. You should know that there are many cases when marijuana would be a better choice, rather then addictive pain killers.

Comment by phil on 2009-07-24 09:14:13 -0700 #

My wifes a pharmacist and did her residency at wash u. i find that pharmacists are ‘trained’ to be monkeys and repeat rubbish like it’s illegal so it’s bad. they’re trained to take state after state exams by memorizing and repeating answers to legal questions and if they’re wrong they won’t get licensed. they’re entire life is knowing what they can and can’t do according to the law. sometimes common sense plays no part. you can buy ibuprofen over the counter and kill yourself. you can drink bleach and kill yourself. you can not eat or inhale enough marijuana to kill yourself. you’ll fall asleep. unfortunately this angry pharmacist has never looked at independent studies showing these facts. keep dispensing prescription drugs my friend. many which can kill you. how many people have you almost killed by incorrectly filling and labeling bottles? maybe none but i’ll bet you or other pharmacists you know have made mistakes that could have been deadly. that’s why you have insurance isn’t it? many dispensaries carry insurance and many pharmacists carry extra personal insurance just in case they do kill someone with a completely legal drug. i hope this medical expert who creates this blog is never my pharmacist. this person likely is so high on his/her horse that he/she will never even read dissenting opinions because he/she knows he/she is right. ignorance is the correct term to use in this situation. not stupidity. thank you for your time.

Comment by Jennifer on 2009-07-24 12:33:15 -0700 #

I am so suprised that you would talk like this and say you are a professional. I am in the medical field and do not agree with you. As bill says before me you are ignorant. I have to say I am doing a speech on medical marijuana and I am thinking that it is way safer than all that perscription drugs are for a human being. Like Bill says the pain killers are addictive more so than marijuana and the withdrawls from the pain killers are worse. I do not agree with just smoking it for recreational purposes but my mother needs it to feel better. She has not lost her mind from it and she does a lot better. I think to each their own and you need to be a little bit more compassionate like our profession taught us when we were going to school. Or did you forget that class?

Comment by Lou Dog on 2009-08-10 22:57:02 -0700 #

Well i actually stumbled upon this website because im pre-pharmacy at my school and i smoke marajuana. I agree that from a professional point of view that something of that sort would be quite frustrating. But then again from a stoner point of view its almost funny. My mom Passed away 3 weeks ago, the irony of it is that her heart probably gave out due to her perscription drugs. So dont get confused between slow motor skills and increased hunger with addictive pain killers and amphetamines. I read most of the comments to your post and the word i picked out to be the most popular and suiting is IGNORANT. Would you rather have had somone come in tweaked out of their mind feinding for more of what you sold them, or the kid who smoked a blunt and bought a gatorade and big mac? I guess what im saying is dont pick and choose the drugs your ok with, your occupation is selling (legal to the United States)drugs, but drugs are drugs, legal or not.
[Drug: A mind altering substance]

P.S. If it was me in the situation and he asked me if we had medical marajuana, i would have replied “dont you think if we had medical marajuana my eyes would be bloodshot” or “We’ll we had some, but i smoked it all”. whether you smoke or not, that shits funny and you would have probably made that kids day. You dont have to be an asshole when it comes to frustraiting situations, maybe you should take some psychology classes.
My unprofessional advice to you is to smoke a blunt of some badass marajuana and go fly a kite or play frisbee.

Comment by :) on 2009-09-26 17:55:36 -0700 #

lol you mad

Comment by Jesse on 2009-10-20 05:37:13 -0700 #

You know, I dont get it. You smoke a bowl, watch Family Guy and eat Taco Bell. Much better than booze….you drink and tend to drive/fight/cause discontent. I have cronic pancreatitis, and was givin 180 norco a month, plus morphine. Got a HUGE monkey on my back, threw out the pills and started smoking weed….not a huge amount, but it works so much better than the pills. I’am able to eat again, at my worst I was 98 pounds. Now I weigh 130, and I feel great. Shit, my doc even told me to start smoking. It just makes so much sence, I feel tons better, and am able to eat without puking 20 times a day.

Comment by Alaskan_Amy on 2009-10-29 23:33:41 -0700 #

It’s true, those who use marijuana are very relaxed about their lives. They’re not into warring or ruling. They’re also very productive people. Entertainment is a billion dollar industry and we know it rules as a sedative for this crowd. The ones ending up on front pages and rehab are the ones who’ve combined opiates, pharmaceuticals and alcohol to the mood altering regime. If they just stuck w/the kief, it would be all good. Sounds like the pharmacist needs to lay off the vodka, all that rage probaly stems from being a dry drunk…sounds like it anyway…I’m just sayin…

Comment by LD50 placebo effect on 2009-10-30 10:31:42 -0700 #

There is ABSOLUTELY no medical use for marijuana that can’t be treated by a legal FDA-approved medication.

These arguments for legalization have been around for decades, and now it’s a far-fetched contention that there’s a ‘medical’ marijuana, which simply provides fodder for 16-year old anti-social whiners, who want an exception to the universal Golden Rule.

For all those non-medical types out there, the argument that it’s used for wasting is poo-bah. Wasting from HIV/AIDS is wasting due to the disease and/or malnutrition. There are HIV/AIDS hospices when one is on the deathbed. There are drug treatments to slow the disease. Go find a pity-party, and stop perpetuating criminal activities. That particular argument is similar to the person who receives a therapeutic liver transplant and continues with risky lifestyle and alcohol intake, and demands another liver transplant from incipient hepatic failure.

Quitcha whining that ‘society’ sets up the illegality and stocks a prison system for marijuana-users.

This is a loser’s argument for demanding availability of a herbal remedy such as ginseng from a ginseng patch, except marijuana is ILLEGAL.

There are FDA-approved drugs for depression. There is EFFECTIVE CBT. There are far more effective medical treatments for glaucoma that do not disallow the user to support the illegal lifestyle.

Comment by Dan the Man on 2009-10-31 04:30:00 -0700 #

You sound like you have lived to long. Have a little forward thinking. MJ was illegal but is now becoming legal in more states per voter request. Obama appears to be setting up policy to look the other way. We as pharmacist should be more opened minded. If you pull out an old Remington’s pharmaceutical Science book, it said the indiscriminant use of LSD should not be too severely criticized. Old stuffy /strict attitudes just chaff my hide.

Comment by Come On on 2009-10-31 05:41:09 -0700 #

It is illegal to cheat on your taxes. It is illegal to speed. I am sure you would not break those laws too. It is illegal for the President of the United States to have sex with an intern in the Oval office? Look at Nixon, some of this anti-drug was under his watch. Indiscriminate use of MJ should not be to severely criticized. Old stuffy/strict attitudes chaff my hide.

Comment by LD50 placebo effect on 2009-11-01 18:29:10 -0800 #

Yea, I’m old enough to have worked with patients that remembered before the stuff was even legislated. Well, maybe not old enough for the Opium Wars. I guess that would be backward-thinking. Still, I experienced way too many years as a teenager, and way many more as parent of teenagers.

To me, using THC (and necessarily its 11-hydroxy metabolite) is just plain irresponsible. And, no, I don’t have to have ‘tried’ it to know what ‘it’ feels like. Just passing the hockey warm-up hut during lunch hour at my high school was enough to know what ‘it’ was all about.

I don’t think my anti-nonmedical marijuana attitude is a matter of being open-minded. For me, it’s a matter of dealing with just one more reality in my work at the mental hospital, or just another reason why some kids that live on ‘that’ side of town are jerks.

And, yes, my 17th ed. of Remington’s addresses pharmacological aspects of drug abuse with a section on marijuana, nitrous oxide, and volatile hydrocarbons. (I remember caring for a young Indian man who’d inhaled something that fried his brain and the village elders would pay periodic visits from the Reservation to pray and leave an eagle feather, while he remained comatose and contracted, foley-cathed, and wearing Attends for the bowels he would never again control.)

The point of mentioning ‘legality’ is that marijuana use specifically has been deemed an illegal substance based on the usual criteria under the Controlled Substance Act. Some of the measures evaluated include: abuse potential, pharmacological effects, history and patterns of abuse. as well the whole abuse schmear from individual psychological dependency and societal significance to scope, supply, and risks to public health, etc..

I look at this in the same light as phenylpropanolamine (PPA) use. In pharmacy school we talked hours on end of dangers of OTC PPA, nominally for stuffy noses in combination with antihistamines etc. and in reality as a diet aid. Heck, pharmacies ran ads for Dexatrim. (Remember, too, the little caramel and chocolate fudge candy that was marketed as a ‘diet’ aid in the 60’s?)

Until I was dealing with a stroke patient on birth control pills and PPA, it was always a ‘matter of personal choice’. This was just after alteplase came out, and were dickering over getting the stuff, and who would pay for it, as well as justifying indication in outright myocardial infarcts, or something less immediately visible but no less impact as strokes. Then, I’d go on the internet and see all sorts of ads for PPA, and spam sent confidentially to one’s home. The ad strategy was all the same; get the PPA from us (there were NEVER free offers!), after all, we’re entitled to free choice to lose weight to look good; all arguments wrapped around the idea to create a ‘need’ for its availability. Just ‘who’ did the FDA think it was, anyway, to limit access? Right before it was pulled, low-budget radio ads for Metabolife occupied the airwaves, among other crap. A market built up around an unethical use of a drug, when we ALL know now that all it did was shortcut healthy lifestyles of exercise and diet in moderation.

Nope, marijuana is typically touted by those seeking justification for indulging in something a little risque. Yep, Billy Clinton did it, and so ‘they’ got it out of Obama that he tried it. And, now, the interest in getting non-violent offenders out of overcrowded jail systems does not make its use any less reprehensible.

Put that in your blunt ans smoke it. Breathe deeply but don’t inhale.

Comment by Melissa on 2009-12-09 14:51:19 -0800 #

This entire blog is unbelievable… I do NOT smoke marijuana but my brother with End Stage Liver Disease did. With ESLD there is severe pain, nausea and loss of appetite. Yes, he could have gotten pills for that, but guess what… those medications would damage his liver even more. Guess what is not metabolized through the liver thus causing no damage… MARIJUANA! However, all of you people that choose to spew misinformation and display an utterly disturbing lack of compassion will be thrilled to know that we found out yesterday that he will not receive his transplant required to save his life.. Why because he occassionally smoked some marijuana on really bad days so he could continue to function and stay healthy enough to make it through a transplant. Yes, he could have taken legal pills that would have damaged his liver to the point of possible death. He chose to protect his liver instead…. What was that pothead thinking (oh yeah, probably “I want to live”)… Give me a break people…. If it were not for people like you I would not be losing my 35 yeard old brother. Think before you speak most of these posts caused me a great deal of pain to read.
In case anyone is wondering, I found this blog during a search to find a transplant hospital in the US (preferably not the East or West Coast) that might admit him. However, since we spent a month at the hospital we are now before they told us NO…. he has very limited time left without a liver. I want to try to get him some where else, so if anyone is aware of a transplant hospital that would admit him despite past minimal marijuana use (he is clean now) then let me know. ( I will periodically check this blog) Thanks for your time.

Comment by Jenna on 2009-12-21 09:03:40 -0800 #

Obviously, you have never suffered from severe chronic pain!!!!! Oh yes, I am given prescriptions for Percocet or Demerol when needed for my chronic migraines and my fibromyalgia. But it isn’t like I can take them all the time because as you know from being in the “Medical Field” the more often you take those meds, the more tolerant you become to them! Therefore, I have to suffer through most of my daily pain until I finally reach a point where I can no longer stand the pain before I will take one of those pain relievers. Needless to say, I have been taken out of work due to my disabilities. So, if there is a possibility for marijuana to help me on a daily basis and allow me to become pain free, maybe I could become more productive and maybe have more control over my pain levels and be able to reduce my giant levels of depression/suicidal ideations. So, take your high “morals” and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine!!!! And by the way, I may have smoked pot two or three times when I was in my early 20’s, so it is not as if I have been a marijuana smoker all my life. Besides, I only recently found out that there may be the possibility to use it to reduce my pain levels through out my entire body. So, I am considering the pros and cons of my possibly using it in the near future. Oh and, it has been my experience that it is much better to spend time with someone who smokes pot than it is one who drinks alot. I have never found someone who is smoking pot to be physically violent to others as my dad is when he is drunk, and I personally haven’t heard of car crashes due to someone being high being anywhere near the level of car accidents due to alcohol. In my opinion, if anything is legalized, I think in a statistical sense it should be the alcohol.

Comment by Alextra on 2009-12-24 06:01:44 -0800 #

You probably feel the same way about Marinol. What an ass.

Comment by Lauralou on 2009-12-29 15:22:33 -0800 #

For the douchebags that are ignoring the fact that Marijuana is ILLEGAL, and spouting its praise, I want you to stay with me now…




As a pharmacist, you follow the higher law of the land. And the federal law is that Marijuana is ILLEGAL.

It isn’t a issue of if they’d like to prescribe it or not. It’s an issue of wanting to keep their jobs/license/right to practice.

If you want to smoke the gonja, that’s fine. Get it from the corner dealer like the rest of America, and quit yer bitchin’.

Comment by Lauralou on 2009-12-29 15:29:50 -0800 #

Once it’s no longer a class 1 drug, I’m sure it’ll be easier to get a script and LEGAL.

But if you’re at risk of losing your license/right to practice, yeah, you bet your ass I’m gonna be old and stuffy in upholding the law. Federal law trumps state and local law.

IF you want to smoke Marijuana, get it the natural way, from your local dealer. Leave the illegal activity to people who don’t have anything to lose.

Comment by merrick on 2010-01-06 20:49:49 -0800 #

you are generalizing and you are ignorant. 🙂

Comment by merrick on 2010-01-06 20:51:35 -0800 #

You are generalizing and you are very ignorant. 🙂

Comment by J-bone on 2010-06-25 12:57:19 -0700 #

How long ago did the gov. make it illegal?
Did they know what medical conditions it treats?
its a new age

btw, the legality of something shouldnt determine its right/wrongfulness, especially in this case

Comment by bob on 2010-08-04 17:08:54 -0700 #

You sir are an ignorant dipshit. Not only is THC safer than alcohol and most OTC drugs, but it is beneficial to ones well being.

Comment by james on 2010-08-04 21:23:44 -0700 #

It seems as though this thread has been dead for quite some time, but I recently came upon it and decided to share some of my thoughts.

To begin, for all of those saying it is illegal, that is completely irrelevant to the message most of the people on this forum are trying to convey. Slavery was legal at one time, as were the hunting down of “witches” many years ago. Legality is a pathetic excuse for those against marijuana, clearly demonstrating there lack of ability to think outside the legislative box.

I am a pharmacist and am a proponent for the legalization for the use of medical marijuana. Many people have stated the obvious arguments, such as comparisons to much more dangerous legal drugs (i.e. alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, etc.), however comparing marijuana to other legal drugs would simply revert back to my original argument on the aspect of basing my opinion on legalities.

The medical use of marijuana could alleviate the need for many prescription narcotic addicts to continue to destroy their bodies (most of which, liver) and rack up our extremely inflated healthcare costs. You want to reduce the cost of healthcare?? Marijuana is, in my opinion, one of the easiest ways to do so. It is a SAFE alternative to many other medicinal agents that cause more harm in the long run (OD -> respiratory depression -> ER -> no insurance -> government foots the bill); (liver faiure -> hospital -> liver transplant -> extreme healthcare costs associated with transplantation and post-op prevention of rejections). Marijuana can be taxed if legalized, helping to also alleviate some of our country’s debt.

Some may argue that the economical perspective of legalizing marijuana has nothing to do with the medical aspect of its use, however I am just pointing out an added benefit. =)

Pot does not make you stupid. Many of those who smoke pot were already predisposed to the stupidity that it is so commonly associated with it. I have smoked pot since I was 16 years old, and was valedictorian of my high school, received a 4.0GPA in undergraduate with a bachelors in chemistry, and maintained a 94% average in pharmacy school.

The negative view of marijuana is simply associated with the fact that it is illegal. And I pity the above pharmacists who are so ignorant to use the “law” as a basis for their opinion on the medical effects of marijuana. You should be ashamed of yourself for having so much book knowledge yet so little practical logic.

Comment by LD50 placebo effect on 2010-10-03 15:57:17 -0700 #

Sorry to hear of death due to liver disease. Not only is it painful for the patient in liver failure, it is devastating to watch a beloved person pass. As human beings it is very difficult to not want to do everything humanly possible to ease suffering and avoid additional ‘torture’ in the last stage of life. But, marijuana legality is not going to make the difference between death and life. Most whole liver transplant programs have a long list. Past marijuana use is not a qualifier for admission to the program. One thing that is, is whether the recipient will take care of the organ that others are desperately waiting for and a single person donated.

As for legalization as a drug, it should go through the standard FDA procedures, otherwise it becomes the issue that is now present. Drugs with FDA approval for the indications that legitimate users cite are options, and legal. The legality issue arises because no product has undergone the rigorous testing necessary for approval in the US. In so doing, it opens up the floodgates for illicit and criminal activities associated with the use of mind-altering substances.

Comment by LD50 placebo effect on 2010-10-03 16:14:22 -0700 #

Accepting the ‘culture’ of using a mind-altering substance whether legal or illegal is the issue. Arguing for legalization in the sense of the FDA regulated drug and filling a prescription only at a registered pharmacy is somewhat along the same line as prohibition laws and the response when re-legalized to allow sales of alcohol by only those with license to sell. Nothing is entirely safe. And, the answer is not just being able to sell leaves in a grocery store like ‘Head-On’, or restricting cigarette sales to those older than 18 years old nor is it worthwhile to establish a precedent of providing it free or otherwise to whoever wants to partake. Shame is not a player, and neither is an argument that ‘I used it and didn’t suffer ill-effects and managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA, etc.’ As pharmacists, our duty is to the public and society. Individuals for whom marijuana would be the only alternative in pain control should have access to the drug in a registered pharmacy, not just any unregulated farmer out to gain personal benefit from a legal loophole to providing a safe and effective drug substance intended to mitigate pain and suffering.

Comment by zip on 2010-11-18 11:31:20 -0800 #

You replied to this person’s post, and didn’t even read it. The illegality of marijuana did make the difference between life and death for her brother. He made a good decision in treating his symptoms with a safe substance, and because of the illegality of the substance, was denied a transplant.
He died not because of the marijuana, but because of the illegality of marijuana.

In fact, I don’t know that he died, and hope he did not, but since this post was not followed up, I fear that the ignorant policies did in fact cause him to lose his life.

Even with the illegality stifling research, study after study and expert medical opinion after expert medical opinion conclude that marijuana is safe and therapeutic.
The states have to legalize marijuana one by one to force the hand of the federalis, because current policy is based on ignorance and greed, not science.

Comment by Vincent on 2011-03-20 03:53:03 -0700 #

This guy is a fuckin douchebag. Fuckin typical gullible anti-pot guy who believes all the bullshit bout poy n jerks off to the above the influence commercials,

Comment by Jake on 2011-04-19 15:00:18 -0700 #

I would bet the farm you a) never get laid, b) Have a shit job bottling medication, c) are an overall ignorant, arrogant asshole. Just a hunch. I’d love to hear your opinion on opiate based pain killers and the Oxycontin epidemic, and overdose deaths from prescription medication in general.

Comment by Ashin Kusher on 2011-05-05 15:39:28 -0700 #

Thumbs up if you’re a pharmacy student, smoke a shitload of weed, and still score as well as your square peers.

Comment by mari-J’n on 2011-08-12 16:42:45 -0700 #

just smoke a J bro and relax

Comment by George on 2012-01-25 15:37:37 -0800 #

Wait, is this guy really saying that the legalization of marijuana would make everyone super lazy and worthless? I have a question for you then….if its legalized will you start smoking it and stop going to work? If so, you’re nothing but a hypocrite. If not, the point’s moot. And saying that other drugs like Vicodin are “safer” than pot? Idiots like you are the reason the rest of us can rest assured that it will be legalized eventually….your only argument against it is bullshit! Legal prescription painkillers create drug addicts and ruin lives…I’d like you to find me one pothead who has withdrawal when they can’t smoke…or one who would suck cock on the corner to get his fix. I won’t old my breath in the meantime.

Comment by George on 2012-01-25 15:41:08 -0800 #

In case it needs clarification, that was directed at the author of the original post, aka the angry pharmacist. I posted it under this comment because I was angry and pushed the 1st reply button I came to…

Comment by George on 2012-01-25 16:04:04 -0800 #

Again, I hear no valid argument against medical marijuana. Yes there are legal alternatives, but not better ones! I take celexa for depression and it works wonders…..while making me so tired that I feel like I need amphetamines to accomplish anything……and completely erasing my sex drive. I’d love to stop taking it so I can stay conscious and have a fucking orgasm or 2 on my honeymoon but it’s also addictive as shit….I shake, have panic attacks, cry, and throw up if I miss 2 pills. Pot has NONE of these side effects, is non addictive, and when eaten has absolutely no inherent health risks. Still want to argue that legal scripts are the better choice? I’m sure you’ll try. No doubt you’re also a drinker….probably drink and drive now and then…but yeah you’re a much better person…

Comment by Godly on 2012-06-14 11:00:29 -0700 #

You stupid ignorant fuck lmao “A quick call to the DEA and that clinic wont be around for much longer, why? ITS FUCKING ILLEGAL TO GROW OR SELL MARIJUANA!” they are obviously well aware of any clinics and whatnot you dick muffin it’s just that it happens to be legal in certain states. Might not be where you’re from but that doesn’t matter really. They would just be like sir is this a prank call lol

Comment by Disabled and hate it. on 2012-06-29 05:17:54 -0700 #

” Federal law trumps state and local law.”
Why do so many people believe this? Even the DEA believes this. It simply isn’t true.

Comment by Disabled and hate it. on 2012-06-29 05:35:14 -0700 #

“To me, using THC (and necessarily its 11-hydroxy metabolite) is just plain irresponsible.”

What did you copy and paste that from, because it doesn’t even make sense in the context you are using it. Are you seriously comparing PPA to Cannabis? I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Marijuana is illegal for one reason, and one reason only. One man’s (Harry Anslinger) desire to make a career for himself out of nothing. It continues to be illegal for many reasons, one being the threat it poses pharmaceutical companies. Fact: In 1619 the Virginia Assembly passed legislation requiring every farmer to grow hemp. Hemp was allowed to be exchanged as legal tender in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. Ever heard of Reefer Madness? Watch it, it’s hilarious. It was also taken very seriously by the public. It is what has ultimately molded you into the ignorant ass you are today, either directly or indirectly. lol

Comment by Tim on 2012-10-13 17:59:31 -0700 #

You have every right to be mad. You are a pharmacist. If Marijuana were to ever be legalized, you would be out of a job sir.

Comment by Dan Math on 2013-08-30 18:36:37 -0700 #

I have had epilepsy since I was 8 I had grand mal seizures since I was 13 I had some on and off success with prescription drugs and a few bad side effects like kidney stones (Oh MY GOD KIDNEY STONES!) but started smoking at 16 and stopped my seizures from happening for long periods of time because of the CBDs. Now I’m 19 and have a Medical Marijuana card I don’t act like an idiot and ask walgreens if I can get some Green Crack but I know the laws and the current laws are terrible I don’t want to have to decide between going for my pharmacy tech (where they drug test) and stop smoking weed thus risking my seizures coming back I have been seizure free for 2 months. or have to decide whether to keep breaking the law and smoking pot until I make my 6 month mark and can get my license. The other issue I have with what you say about pot is how the prescription (synthetic) drugs are better than pot. ok for some things yes but not epilepsy thats for sure. A patient normally has to take depakote 2-3 times daily to keep their epilepsy threshold up. where as pot is in your system for a month and I can still get residually therapeutic effects from pot up to a week after smoking last that mean 2-3 joints a week and I don’t have to carry a bag of pills everywhere I go POT HAS GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK! I have scars from falling and almost died multiple times from my seizures so please don’t rant and rave angrily if you don’t know the personally lives it’s touched

Comment by Meisa on 2015-03-03 09:56:07 -0800 #

So, you can’t become a pharmacist somewhere in California when you have a medical marijuana card when you have seizures? Just that sentence I wrote gets me pissed the fuck off. They say follow your dreams, if you have adhd, abscent/ grandmall seizures, and possible eating disorder also with out (thc) in your blood stream wtf do you do? Apply for mental disability? Fuck no I don’t want to. I want to be educated and work in a profession. Alcohol and narcotics are far worse then whatever marijuana we are putting in a pipe and lighting. First off, out of all experiences i’ve had with (adhd) medicines such as, amphetamine pills and the amount i’ve consumed for 9 years. Just being adhd at a young age till a teenage year sucked. When you are sick of the headaches, aches of not eating right, also the depression you get not being equal to a regular individual makes you feel like a fucking freak. The effects of painkillers are fucking disgusting and vicoden makes me want to puke up whatever little left i have in my stomach. I just want to have a regular fucking life smoking green. Entertainment business I would like to get in I don’t know where the hell to turn. I’m experienced with acting, singing, making lyrics, math, and accounting. I want to be a professional and not live off the fucking government but what the fucks to do smh.

Comment by Drahcir Nevarc on 2017-06-13 07:13:43 -0700 #

“There wouldn’t be such a strong medical marijuana movement if its efficacy (superior for some conditions) weren’t clearly demonstrated.”

Yes there would. Stoners will use any pretext they can to justify their vice.

Comment by Drahcir Nevarc on 2017-06-13 07:15:47 -0700 #

“I posted it under this comment because I was angry”

Weed been making you angry again.

Comment by Drahcir Nevarc on 2017-06-13 07:19:01 -0700 #

Weed making you homicidal, I see.

Comment by Drahcir Nevarc on 2017-06-13 07:20:03 -0700 #

Is that the kind of language you use around your kids?

Comment by Drahcir Nevarc on 2017-06-13 07:21:27 -0700 #

I taught logic for several years to undergraduates at the UK university where I did my Philosophy PhD. His logic is fine.

Comment by Drahcir Nevarc on 2017-06-13 07:23:09 -0700 #

“The only thing you seem to hate about it is that it’s illegal.”

He finds stoners annoying. Judging by the stoners commenting on here, I think that’s entirely understandable.

Comment by Sherrie on 2018-12-15 09:42:45 -0800 #

OMG! You are an idiot. Soma or Vicodin. I don’t take any of these things and never have. But my daughters nightmare with Soma would make your hair curl! Prescribed! She ended up committing suicide. You don’t sell it, that’s fine… but your recommendations are completely irresponsible.