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Argus, the $1.50 hooker of the pharmacy processor industry.

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Heres a simple question.
Take a company, say, Argus heath systems. A huge company that processes Rx’s for such big names as Humana, Health Net, Blue Shield. You would expect a company of this size to have their shit together when the first rolled around.
Nope. Guess again.
Not only was Argus’ servers down for the whole day, but when you could process an Rx through you would sometimes get rejections for a completely different patient than whom you transmitted for! Talk about frustrating.
Lets write them a letter.
Dear Argus,
if you are reading this fix your shit. Myself and every other pharmacist is tired of covering your ass when your servers take a dump. Spend the extra 100k on some decent hardware and some people who know what the fuck they are doing so you can provide a service that the people who PAY your bills (Health Net, Humana, etc) would be proud of. As it is now, if I were a PBM you would be the LAST person on my list to do my Rx processing. In fact, I’m going to be writing letters to all of your customers telling them how much you suck, and how they should go to CareMark or any other Rx processor who has their shit together. I dont care how big your load is, I dont care how many Rx’s you do a day. If you cant handle the load, then terminate half of your clients so you can do a GOOD job with the few you have remaining. You make more money per year than I make in my lifetime, and for that you should provide a stable service even on the first of the month.
This is 100% true, so dont try any funny business with any slander/libel threats. You know your shit was broken today, you said it on your overloaded phone line recordings. Now be a man, admit you suck, and apologize to everyone who spent an extra $100 in retransmission switch fees because of your fuckups.
Love and Kisses,
The Angry Pharmacist.
PS: You better send Health Net a fruit basket, because their managers and staff are not happy with your preformance, and I sure as shit made that known to everyone whom uses you for Rx processing. You give them all a bad bad image. Shame on you! Bad Processor! No cookie!