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“I’d have to be on welfare to afford that car!”

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There are a bunch of things in life that make my blood boil. However one takes the cake.
I’m working as usual, when out the front window I see some huge luxury SUV roll up with the 1,000 buck a piece spinners. Woman comes out dressed in total bling (rings, jewels, etc). Kids come in all dirty with dirty ass clothes and proceed to tear the store apart.
Woman then hands me a state-aid insurance card.
Now if you were on the state welfare program, why in the fuck would you be driving an SUV that I could barely afford and spend all of your money on bling for you and not your children? Boggles my mind.
Then you sit there and ignore your kids tearing apart my store until I yell at them. Then you have the balls to shoot me a nasty glare for correcting your kids.
I hate you! Since by law I cant charge you any copays for these Rx’s, i’ll make you wait 1000 hours for your Vicodin and Soma and Prometh with Codeine (did I mention she didnt cough once while in the store).
Amazing. Simply amazing.

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Comment by Karen on 2006-03-23 13:00:26 -0800 #

Hi…..future pharmacist here and I loved reading your rant. I look forward to more. Have a nice day!

Comment by Melissa on 2006-10-05 11:41:26 -0700 #

I also am a future pharmacist and although I do work at the McDonalds of pharmacies, I have noticed this fact too. Mostly in the drive-thru because it is a known fact that poor people are lazy. Also, they pay their 50 cent copay with a $50 bill. I guess it’s easier when you carry all the money you own on your person.