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People, Stupidty, and You.

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This goes out to all my Pharmacists and Techs out there who really do hate people. This is a pretty hateful entry with lots of bad language, sexual imagery, and general bitching.
Its hard for me to comprehend how dumb people are. I’m not being uppity here, but honestly concerned that there are a buttload of people who fail at basic life skills.
When your vial says “Take one pill daily” it means “Take one fucking pill daily you stupid son of a bitch”. I cant count how many times ive had to go down and explain to dumbshits what “once daily” means. Now this isnt the common “morning or night” question (which is actually valid), its the “you mean in the morning and at bedtime?” question. Heaven forbid we make these dumb idiots do math and divide any number by 24 to figure out that ‘every 8 hours’ really converts to ‘three times a day’.
I’m surprised more people dont die from medication misuse, really I do. You wonder why medication costs so much in the US? Its because the same idiot that cant read the fucking bottle can sure as shit call a fucking lawyer and get 800 trillion dollars for being (wait for it)… STUPID and never work again in their life. Its the American Dream.
Another really stupid question involved medication that says “Take 1 tablet at bedtime”. Now idiots come to me and ask “Is this with dinner?”. If you sleep after dinner, then sure, why not. Its to be taken at bedtime. People dont comprehend the word “Bedtime”. If you sleep during the day, then take it then. I explain it to people as “When you get in your bed, take this pill” (“But what if I take a nap?”) DIE DIE DIE!!@#!@#!
One dumbshit actually came up to me and asks if Ambien (an Rx sleeping pill) will cause sedation. No asshole, it’ll make your prick grow until it smacks you in the forhead and your balls will explode. Any penile enhancement drugs are sure to get some humorous comments. My favorite is:
Patient: “Can I get this over the counter”
Pharmacist: “Maybe if you take two you can”.
Ooooh! Wheres my rimshot!
Guess what. These dumbasses dont understand what ‘once daily’ means, but they sure can pop out the children like Pez. It makes me sob when the woman is out boozing during the first and second trimester but seems to act all concerned “whats entering her body” during the third trimester. Sorry toots, the game’s over, you be screwed.
It requres a license to drive a car, and to dispense medication, but not to have a child. Something is obvously wrong.

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Comment by RxCat on 2006-10-12 07:41:34 -0700 #

When I was an intern I worked with a pharmacist who had a great analogy for the general public. He said that the population is like a drug….10% active ingredient and 90% filler. 10% of the population has a clue what’s going on the other 90% are just taking up space. If you work in retail long enough you realize how true this is. Its sad that you have to put “remove wrapper” on the label for suppositories because there will be the inevitable idiot who doesn’t. What a sad commentary on the times we live in.

Comment by Alf on 2006-10-13 18:43:35 -0700 #

I just found your blog today. I had no idea pharmacist blogs existed. I am laughing my ass off. I needed to read this after my shitty day full of stupid people. Keep blogging.

Comment by Pharm Student in Toronto on 2006-10-13 19:02:51 -0700 #

If I read three times a day (before pharm school), I’d just take it spread out during the day when I’m awake, and probably not space it out 8 hours apart. I can understand why people don’t really know what to do with their drugs sometimes (like, can I have alcohol with my antibiotic) because they might know as much of science as I know of business (very little). But that once daily thing, yeah…

Comment by C. Rohr on 2009-04-28 19:43:31 -0700 #

….just a random piece of information for you. The average IQ in the United States falls somewhere between 90 and 98ish, with mentally handicapped being somewhere aroung 60-70. (i tried to verify the IQ standard, but everywhere says different.) SO…most people in this country are barely over the limit for mental retardation and according to the Journal of American Medical Association, “46% of American adults cannot understand the label on their prescription medicine. ” So yes, people ARE stupid.

Comment by Angry Realtor on 2011-06-20 15:19:25 -0700 #

Just wanted to say I love your site. I have nothing to do with medicine but I deal with idiots all day.
Idiot: I’m calling about the house.
Me: Which one?
Idiot: The white one.

Comment by Ashley on 2019-11-22 00:49:49 -0800 #

I’m not sure if replying to a post so old will even be viewed. I am a nurse practitioner but I was an RN first and practiced for several years before going back and getting my MSN (but I have several friends and two cousins that are pharmacists and a husband that’s a doctor) and I randomly came across this blog. And I particularly like this post for 2 big reasons. My husband and I have often said there really are a lot of idiots out there and, like you, I don’t necessarily mean it to be mean I just truly feel like people are lacking in social skills and common sense these days. I also really liked The part about Women popping out kids like pez dispensers. I have often had discussions suggesting that if you cannot afford to take care of a child meaning your on Government assistance then you should be fixed. I don’t mean permanent sterilization I just mean your tubes tied. It cost approximately $5000 to untie them and most of the time these days it is successful. I have a friend who had hers untied to have more children she’s not on government assistance so that was perfectly her right. So I feel like if they got fixed while on assistance if they could pay the $5000 to have them untied they could go on to have children but while receiving taxpayer dollars they should not be able to keep popping out babies that they can’t take care of when people like me spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have my children and yet I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and feel very proud to be self-sufficient and independent hopefully I am installing that and my children. The children that cost me thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars just to conceive and I worked and paid for that. Now, I know it’s expensive to have your tubes tied and is also considered major surgery but apparently most of these people that keep popping out babies are not capable of taking the birth control pill each day… I guess they get confused with the “once a day”. Lol anyway I never comments on anything but I couldn’t stop laughing about this and I agree. And even though we are not exactly the same profession we are both in healthcare so I certainly respect and understand many of your posts.

The Angry Pharmacist
The Angry Pharmacist
Started this site in 2005 out of frustration that pharmacy school does not prepare you for dealing with the ungrateful unwashed public. Was hugely popular until life called and I had to take a break. Now I try to provide low brow potty humor that applies to the pharmacy population at large. Except you clinical fucks, go play doctor with your white coats and snobby attitude.