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Not a Rant, but a welcome

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I’d like to publically welcome Mandy of “Drugs ‘R’ Phun” ( to the links on the side of my page.
She started a really really neat thing, “Bad Name of the Day”. God, she has no idea the stuff I see every day. I’ll have to write them down and just list them all in clumps.
Go visit Mandy’s site. Shes angry, funny, and will fit in with myself and the drug nazi.

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Comment by Crystal on 2006-10-21 18:35:32 -0700 #

We have a family at the pharmacy I work at, who believed that the sensible thing to do to the 3 kids was name them Quessymphone, Quesintime, and something equally bad that also began with “Ques”. We’ve also got a pair of twins named Jazzmin and Jozzlin.