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How to make your pharmacy career less painful.

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Some asshole who shall remain nameless was giving me shit about my lack of posts (man, get a book published and you somehow think you’re God or something), so heres another gem for you all.


Be a dick, get a gift card!

·28767 words·136 mins
A wise man (OK, its my employer, fine) told me that the smartest investment a business can make is in its employees.

Most trusted? Since when?

·15468 words·73 mins
Everyone has heard that Pharmacists are one of the most “trusted” professions.


We wish you a merry Crackmas!

·1041 words·5 mins
Here are a few things that I have written to celebrate the overly-medicated holiday season:

The MD’s guide to an RPh

·13925 words·66 mins
Lets face it, part of our jobs is dealing with Doctors of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Replaced by machines

·17693 words·84 mins
Ive been writing on this site for almost 5 years.


Lets unionize… or maybe not.

·11403 words·54 mins
As I was reading a drunken rant by The Angriest Pharmacist about unions, I started to think as to why haven’t pharmacists formed a huge union to fight the evil employers about working conditions, etc.

Over $1/min to write down numbers

·7682 words·37 mins
I don’t mind if a patient calls up and has a question (except if its when their vicodin is due).

A Clinical Pharmacist Error.

·7609 words·36 mins
Once in a while I get a rather bitter comment from a “Pharmacist” who just got his shiny new degree and license and thinks he knows it all.

I am Fatsomyalgia

·2349 words·12 mins
So I haven’t poked fun at The Angriest Pharmacist in a while.


Oh you silly internet people!

·978 words·5 mins
For all of you out there who thought that my posts yesterday was an April fools joke, guess again.

Sweet Victory at Last!!!!

·2770 words·14 mins
You know that feeling you get when you work really hard at something,

Taking my red-wagon and going home.

·1431 words·7 mins
Now before all of you Chain guys and gals send me anthrax and bombs in the mail, let me say a few things.

What to do when you graduate

·122 words·1 min
The *Angriest* (sigh) Pharmacist wrote a Kick Ass Post that I think all of the students should read.

USA Today Article

·6179 words·30 mins
So I believe I am the last one on this gravy-train of pharmacist bashing that the USA-Today is onto.


Yay, moral hate mail!

·1776 words·9 mins
The entire tirade about retail pharmacy is here

Real Life Retail 101

·5418 words·26 mins
Pharmacy schools are notorious for filling their students heads with tales of wonderfulness and gummi-bears when they work in a retail setting.

Beware of the dreaded shart!

·1487 words·7 mins
I am going to give you all a very serious warning to a very serious condition that pharmacists (and techs) are prone to.

Pharmacists are NOT DOCTORS!

·30911 words·146 mins
Reading the DrugNazi’s site, I came upon this gem of a rant regarding a comment from ‘Dr.

Perils of checking out the hotties

·278 words·2 mins
Mike sent me a comment regarding the post about the Certainties part Duex and hot chicks walking into your store.

Pharmacy Certainties

·1401 words·7 mins
There are some things that go on in a pharmacy that are set in stone like the sun rising in the morning.

Angriest Pharmacist?

·1857 words·9 mins
So it turns out that someone is trying to ride on my coattails.

The Tech Call

·1058 words·5 mins
On a more lighter side of things, I have noticed a certain phenonemom in my years and years at the pharmacy.

My Hero, Jim Plagakis

·964 words·5 mins
There aren’t many people who I would call my “hero”.

The Gospel according to Me.

·3486 words·17 mins
I’ve seem to have made a few doctors upset with my last few posts.

The Pharmacy Challenge

·805 words·4 mins
So since the last week or so have pissed off a bunch of people, I have pulled some old not-so-angry posts from the unpublished archives of TAP for your viewing pleasure.


Real Live Pharmacy, 101

·1637 words·8 mins
I feel that I was ill-equipped for ‘real life’ in pharmacy school.