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Mountain out of a Molehill

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Uh, I’m confused.
People are all up in arms because of an angry (*gasp* No! Me? Angry?) post about The Angriest Pharmacist’s Site and how its name/slogan is/was so close to my own.
People have been writing about Legal Options among other things. Lets look at this:

  • That post was written on 9/4/07 at 12:52pm. So in other words, I was at lunch (read: sanity break) during a totally chaotic day after a three day first-of-the-month holiday. Of course I’m going to be angry. Other pharmacists were probably sobbing in the restroom or eyeing those fentanyl patches and the heating pad.
    • I specifically said in my post that I don’t hate him, nor am I going to do anything. I was just pointing out some observations in a very angry and pissed off way. Angry? Pissed off? Me? Never! Oh, did you realize that the word ANGRY is in my domain name?
      • I pointed out that he ripped off my domain name. He admits he did. Statement of fact, not bitter hatred. As long as people dont confuse us I really dont care. If they do confuse us, then I’m sending the pissed off people his way and saying that I didnt do it.
        • I rag on Insurance Companies, Argus, Drug Reps (i really hate drug reps), Mail Order Pharmacies, Doctors, the Public, Welfare Recipients, Non-English Speaking Nurses, People Who Write Lists Starting With Capital Letters For No Reason, NA/MA/PharmD/BS/etc and myself. Now where in your head did you somehow think that ragging on someone from my own profession is somehow out of line or that a “War” is going to start? If you want to be offended, wait until I get fired up about Mail Order Pharmacies, then you’ll have an excuse.
          • I don’t hate “The Angriest Pharmacist”. I read his website, it makes me chuckle. If he lived close to me we could have beers and hate on people together. Sure there is going to be some low-balling and snappy remarks thrown across the table at each other in good fun, but isn’t that what is fun to read? If you can’t rag on your own profession then who really can you rag on. Oh, drug reps, sorry.
            So yes, as said by The Angriest Pharmacist, I will just have to “cope” with his domain name (which to be honest, I really didn’t care in the first place. I’ve known about it since he started. I was just in a really bad mood (yes, i know, so unlike me) and decided to make a rant about it). However he will also have to “cope” with realizing that I am the original Angry Pharmacist on the internet (which I really doubt he’s challenging that statement). I mean seriously, people really read way too deep into the whole rant as some sort of legal issue or think they have to choose sides. Seriously, not an issue. If I was ranting about a Drug Rep blog nobody would even blink but for some reason they did this time. If you wish to read mine, more power to you. If you wish to read his, more power to you. If you wish to read both of ours, hell yes! Just don’t read DrugNazi’s (he wont return my requests for a drink-a-thon, 😉 )
            I mean the war between ER and non-ER docs is a way better read than angriest and myself. I mean I can use that information and have a doctor rag-a-thon for a good solid year.
            Compared to ERTechDude’s rant, my rant looked like a love letter. I need to work on that.
            Actually, as I look back on the archives, I dont believe I have ever made a single rant post targeting one person (only classes/professions/etc), so I believe that is what threw everyone for a loop. Enough rambling, you all get the point. I’m sorry if I confused some of you all.

Comments #

Comment by fred on 2007-09-07 06:11:31 -0700 #

If I recall correctly, unless your domain name is trademarked… you have little legal recourse in regards to domain name disputes.(but.. i don’t think you care anymore).
I could be wrong.
besides… it’s just a blog.

Comment by Brandon on 2007-09-07 12:29:18 -0700 #
Check it…What the hell is going on?>

Comment by Hope on 2007-09-07 13:09:05 -0700 #

Dude, this is just SAD. We obviously need better cable or something, anything to prove we have lives outside of this blog. Seriously.Maybe you should post the names of good liquor stores or something, keep us occupied.

Comment by Drugmonkey on 2007-09-07 22:27:47 -0700 #

Holy crap here come the lawyers. There really must be too many of them around.
Of course I will be suing you for telling people not to read my blog though…..:)