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My Hero, Jim Plagakis

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There aren’t many people who I would call my “hero”. So this is really saying something when I write this.
Jim Plagakis, you are my hero. Seriously.
For those of you with your heads firmly implanted in your anus, Jim Plagakis is a writer for my favorite pharmacy-shitter magazine, Drug Topics. I’ve birthed many brown children while white-knuckle gripping the glossy colorful pages of Drug Topics. Jim works retail, and from what it sounds like, a fellow independant.
Jim recently wrote an article here where he.. well.. you have to go read it. Its a classic. Not only does it totally shut a doctor down in the name of common sense, but he gives Humana a well deserved backhand across the face. Damn Humana, why havent we all dropped it yet?
He has taken the essence of my anger here with retail pharmacy, distilled it down and removed all the swearing, cussing, sexual references, and other things that make my mother blush (yes, she does read this), and publish it in a nationwide magazine.
Jim, if you catch wind of this; I would love for you to guest write on here! Please Jim, write on angrypharmacist! You’re angry! People love you! You, like me, tell it how it is! We are the patron saints of retail pharmacy! My email is [email protected]. Yes, i’m plugging your site and being a total pharmacy fan-boy over this. If I’m ever in Texas, we need to go DRINKING (not drinking, but DRINKING).
Yes, this entry isn’t all that angry, but I’m prepping you all for my rant on entitlement. This one will insure me a firm E-Ticket in Hell for ragging on the elderly.

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Comment by Pharm Student in Toronto on 2007-02-22 06:12:01 -0800 #

What kind of doctor prescribes Keppra and Diastat? My goodness… I think their drug information source is drug reps.
I’m reading JP’s post on “Big Pharma Disrespect–drug companies soliciting on the telephone? Ghetto.

Comment by Nocturnal Doc on 2007-02-22 13:46:01 -0800 #

Interesting. I thought maybe it was just our local neurologists that were prescribing keppra like water.

Comment by whitecoat on 2007-02-23 07:21:29 -0800 #

Thanks for the link. This man is fascinating. It’s such a relief to read about other pharmacists who feel like I do… and expresses it. Face-to-face, it sometimes feels like we’re all protecting our professional egos. Gosh darn it all, I’m a human, too!

Comment by Pharmacist In Michigan on 2007-02-23 11:13:25 -0800 #

Jim sounds like the older version of you…less swearing, nonetheless still full of piss & vinegar. I like it!!!
Sounds like a typical Michigan doctor scenario…here’s one more for the list… true story…
A patient a couple of days ago brought to our pharmacy an Rx for a sauna…yes, a sauna!!! He suffers from back spasms and apparently muscle relaxers weren’t doing the trick, he explains that to the doctor and bammo, this quack writes an Rx for a sauna! Says that’ll help with the back spasms… He of course asked the doctor, “what am I supposed to do with this, go to a sauna?” “No,” the doctor stated, “it’s for YOUR HOME.” The patient, as well a I, were blown away. Of course the patient knew that this was impossible, but wanted to bring the Rx in to prove his story true (because there’s no way I would’ve believed it unless he showed me the Rx). The kicker is that the patient is on Medicaid…on one hand, both the patient and I shared a chuckle; but on the other, I thought what a jackass doctor…he wants our taxdollars to go toward a damned sauna in their home? what an idiot…what next, Sleepnumber bed Rx’s for insomnia patients and Caribbean cruise Rx’s for the seasonally depressed??? My GOD!!! I’ve been a pharmacist for 6 years now and personally, that’s a tough one to beat as far as stupid Doctor tricks goes! I’ll never see anything quackier than that for the rest of my career!
As a joke, I told the patient to bring the Rx to a licensed contactor and have them send the bill to medicaid!!!
no wonder why we pharmacists drink heavily 🙂

Comment by CyberPharm on 2007-02-24 06:06:28 -0800 #

What wholesaler delivers
on a Saturday??
I think JP has his notes
mixed up on this story.

Comment by Hope on 2007-02-24 14:29:39 -0800 #

Sorry to have to tell you this, but there are doctors in the capital region of NY who have written off their hot tubs as a medical expense – from standing all day. I wish I were making this up!

Comment by Barry Solomon on 2007-02-27 14:56:43 -0800 #

Hey..this is a great website.
This from a guy who will be getting the 50 year award from CA state board for 50 years
licensed in CA.
I am passing on the web

Comment by PaulineWZ on 2010-12-22 12:30:50 -0800 #

I really have to say, that I think your title is misleading. Your title should be..”the practical pharmacist” or the “common sense pharmacist” or the “this is what a good pharmacist looks like”. Yeah, we can be angry and there are lots of things that are absolutely crazy that go on, but we are also compassionate, see the big picture, and are practical in our profession. We understand professional judgement vs. personal opinion. We don’t take anything personally. You and I and Jim are pharmacists made of the same cloth so to speak. I’m sure there are a few more out there, I happen to know 2 others. In my 18 years in retail, I only know 2 like us, that’s sad. It is what it is, and you say it like it is. Keep it up. I highly respect that you are not JUST an angry pharmacist.