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Ugh, back to work.. :(

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No, the silence you saw on this blog was not me killing myself, nor drinking myself into a scotch induced stupor with the DrugNazi/Monkey/Whatever he is this week.
I was out of state for a week enjoying some family time. I’m not going to say what state, but I’ll just let you know that its not one of the ‘looney’ states.
I’m dreading work tomorrow. I know i’ll have about 500 messages for me from patients in a panic because they didnt take their post-thanksgiving turd yet. I already know I’ll have Celgene on the phone pissed off because I dispensed a Thalomid Rx right before I left and didnt call it in to report it. Yeah, because thats not a HUGE waste of my fucking time. Plus I know that I screwed something up sometime during my vacation and get yelled at via the patients about it (YOU SHORTED ME SOMA EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE ON VACATION!)
Oh.. DrugNazi: I thought of you as I sat there smoking my pipe and drinking a half bottle of Ardbeg 10y this last weekend. I thought “Ha ha! poor sap is probably working!”.. And I was right.. 🙂

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Comment by disgruntledrph on 2006-11-26 21:38:33 -0800 #

We all deserve a much needed vacation once in a while. I had to work my first Thanksgiving ever. It was the first and it will be the last. I have never been more disgusted with the human race. I expected to fill alot of ER scripts and doc-in-the-box scripts. I never thought I would have looneys (sp?) calling me on Thanksgiving Day asking me where they could go to get a “special coating” on their “cough” tablet that makes them gag. For the love of God…..even if I did know where they could go, they weren’t open on Thanksgiving Day. The idiotic questions kept coming. I reached a point I stopped answering the phone for a while. Told the techs to do the same. Didn’t stop someone from leaving a forgery on voicemail however. Yeah, I guess they scoped out the place and figured out, not the regular RPh working, so think I will try to get me some Lortab today to go with my turkey and dressing. I am glad I could be there for all of those people who had to go to the ER because they got a bone stuck in their throat or had indigestion so bad they thought they were having an MI, but don’t call me about your loved one who ate too much dressing, cake, and pie and his blood sugar is now in the 400’s. Love this blog site. It has really been therapeutic for me.

Comment by Art Vandelay on 2006-11-27 03:51:07 -0800 #

All I have to say is…..I HAVE TOMORROW OFF SUCKA! enjoy your workday….whhhhooohhhaaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa…..

Comment by NNP on 2006-11-27 14:02:37 -0800 #

try the Macallan 12 single malt…numbs the pain quicker n makes u feel happy………..i got work in 1 day n i feel nausious already….hence…i need a refill…lata…