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Patients who kill your Patience

·7620 words·36 mins
Retail pharmacy (or working with the public) demands one huge element that most students lack.

Arg, funny entry went poof.

·124 words·1 min
Alright. I tried to lighten things up a bit by posting a funny entry that I did over a year ago but never made public.

Ads, bills, the usual

·1175 words·6 mins
One of the problems with writing entries that piss off a big portion of the online community is that you draw a ton of people to your site.


I hate Movable Type

·406 words·2 mins
Decided to change the layout on the site to something with less pictures.


Ugh, back to work.. :(

·509 words·3 mins
No, the silence you saw on this blog was not me killing myself, nor drinking myself into a scotch induced stupor with the DrugNazi/Monkey/Whatever he is this week.

Angryness and Me

·2309 words·11 mins
So i’ve been doing some self thinking as to why I get angry at work.

Welcome New Author!

·167 words·1 min
I’d like to take this time to introduce another angry pharmacist that will be posting his frustrations to this site.



·476 words·3 mins
What you are to read may offend and even will piss you off.