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Amgen: Fucking over the little guys one wholesaler at a time.

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Got a call from a fellow classmate of mine. He had quite a large bitch that he wanted me to make “public”.
Turns out Amgen is not shipping any of their dropship items (Enbrel, etc) to pharmacies UNLESS the pharmacy orders it through one of their “approved” (read bribed) wholesalers. His independent wholesaler was not on the list. I got in contact with said wholesaler and they told me that Amgen basically told them to go piss up a rope, and for the pharmacy to switch wholesalers.
Now for those of you not in pharmacy, Enbrel is a drop-shipped item. Meaning you order it through your wholesaler, and Amgen ships the medication directly to the pharmacy. The wholesaler does not stock the medication. It goes from Amgen -> Pharmacy. All the wholesaler does is handle the billing aspect and money exchange, thats it. Has nothing to do with this ‘pedigree’ mutual masturbation clusterfuck.
I have no idea if this applies to other Amgen that wholesalers stock (like Epogen).
So, the small independent pharmacies, wanting to stick to their loyal independent wholesalers, cannot order any Amgen products any longer. All because some motherfucking douche decided to get some bribes from McKesson, Kinray, and HD Smith. Fuck Amgen.
I’ll let you know how this turns out. He’s got every independent phoning, emailing, and threatening to cut off Amgen completely unless their wholesaler gets added. Of course i’m not helping Amgen either.. 🙂

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Comment by #1 Dinosaur on 2007-04-25 13:12:56 -0700 #

You need to learn how to say what you really mean. Keeping your feelings all bottled up inside like that isn’t good for you.

Comment by Ben on 2007-04-25 13:46:11 -0700 #

FYI, Kinray services ONLY independant pharmacies. They probably signed up for this Amgen crap so they can continue to supply their INDEPENDANT pharmacies with Enbrel.

Comment by Angry Male Nurse on 2007-04-25 20:20:48 -0700 #

“People wonder why pharmacists drink….”
Come now- I know you fuckers do more than “drink.”
Whose got the worst drug problem of all doctor specialties?
Whose got the worst drug problem of the nurse specialties?
Nurse anesthetist , then psyche nurses. (Maybe because everyone runs around calling us undereducated morons)
Whose got the worst drug problem of all the specialites and subspecalties of pharmacists?
You guys have got nothing but yourselves.
No disrespect intended, I love pharmacists. In general I have found you guys to have very dry, intelligent senses of humor.