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Here we go again

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Angry noob,
Disability often begins on welfare then migrates to the longer term SSD. I know you dont know this since you have yet to walk yourself through it.

I never plan to walk through it. Plus, ask any pharmacist and you’ll find out that there are a shitpot more 25 year olds on SSD + Welfare than welfare alone.

Glad to see you looked up endo. Most doctors do know what it is, did you read they dont somewhere? The problem is getting diagnosed (surgery). As you can imagine, a woman going in with the symptoms of “pelvic pain” doesnt tend to raise a whole lot of red flags. Doctors often do nothing until one is totally disabled or infertile. But it is not because they dont know.

You saying that right there tells me that most doctors dont know what it is. If pelvic pain so bad that it makes one disabled, it tends to raise a red flag for something not normal. Chronic pelvic pain, or disabling pelvic pain isn’t normal. Obviously you and I have enough common sense to realize it, and we’re not “doctors”.

I think most any endo patient would agree with what I said to you. Point being, there could actually be a valid reason.
Lets say this was the case, it would probably be a hail mary as many women know after pregnancy things can get worse. But it all depends on what position a person is in at the time and how much education they have about it. Then it is personal choices which obviously are always up for disagreement.
Would be a pity if someone were to judge and make fun of someone in such a situation for choosing to try while they can with the hopes of it helping their condition as well as possible plans for hysterectomy afterwards to solve the problem completely allowing one to return to health.

However if you cannot take care of yourself (being on welfare) because of this. You are in no position to do a ‘hail-mary’ call as to if a child is going to fix you, or make you worse. Sure, having a child could magically fix you, but if it doesnt? Not only is your quality of life going to get worse because of your condition, but you are also bring a child into the world which you arent going to be able to take care off to the best of your ability because of a botched judgement call.
So you sit there, in disabling pain, watching your child grow up, unable to do anything or act as a ‘normal’ mother. You call this helping? I call it hell. I bet you like to sit there with a garden house in your hand as your house is burning down. Thats what it would feel like.
Sure you can have a hysterectomy afterwards and be done with the whole thing, but now not only do you have to be able to support yourself (you cant, you’re on welfare remember), but now a child. I’m in the camp that if you choose to reproduce, you best be financially and morally fit to raise that child to the best of your ability so it too can get a job, succeed at life, and not become a burden like most children seem to be now days.
If us (the taxpayers) are footing the bill for someones life, then I think we should be able to judge all we want. If she doesnt like it? Get off of welfare or dont have a child.

Let me spell this out for you
Hysterectomy is any womens best shot at ridding herself of endo, endo often causes infertility,
Pregnancy to have a much wanted child ->hysterectomy isnt as bad of a plan as
no hysterectomy/no hormones/hormone failure/surgery failures -> stay disabled for ten years until you cant have children anyways and then opt for the hysterectomy.

How about:
If you cant afford to have a child -> Dont have one
If you are unable to have a child due to a condition -> Dont have one
If you require outside medication to get pregnant -> Dont have one
If you have a good chance of not being able to have a child due to a condition, and having a hysterectomy would fix that problem rather than suffer for 10 years because you’re he-hawing thinking about reproducing (which you probably couldnt anyways) -> Have hysterectomy
Its simple. If you cannot afford something, you dont buy or obtain it. Its like being on welfare and driving escalades.. wait, bad analogy. 🙂

Im glad this gave your blog some more fodder, surely it will entertain someone.
Self proclaimed nurse.

Actually everyone is quite bored with this already.

Comments #

Comment by Brenda on 2007-01-21 18:36:42 -0800 #

First of all a hyst does NOT fix endometriosis. I do not know where you got that ancient notion from, however, endo is rarely on just the uterus when a woman has it. Point two: a lot of women with this at times disabling disease did work as long as they can, and then try to do so from home. Please, before you go off on a disease, do a little research.

Comment by Tonya McIntosh on 2007-01-22 00:37:05 -0800 #

I do agree that some people do take advantage of welfare but when a woman is disabled by a disease whether it be endo, or ovarian cancer (and I know that the 2 are different in a lot of ways but they are both debilitating diseases right?) You go to work and end up sent home because you can not do your job or you can’t go in at all, then what?? you can’t miss too many days because you will get fired. So a woman is just trying to do what they think is right and get some kind of help from the government which you have been putting your tax money into for years at your own job and maybe even your husband. Ok you say get a hysterectomy so you can work….what about the cost of it some insurances won’t pay it all or if you go through with a hysterectomy and it doesnt help at all….you are paying for a hospital bill and they surgery didnt even help and now you cant ever have kids at all…I just dont think that one person has all the answers everyone is different and have different bodies. I don’t agree with getting a hyst just because you know you can’t have kids anyways how would you know that for a fact….I have a son and had a hemorrhaging cyst on my ovary and then diagnosed with endo 6 months after he was born. You will never know what endo puts you through until you actually go through it. Thanks I am done know or I will keep on.

Comment by The_Great_Dumpkin on 2007-01-22 10:41:18 -0800 #

I sure hope that you never cir cum to a debilitating disease.
You seem to be quick to give out your advice but, in reality you have no idea. Just remember what goes around comes around and Karma (Whether you believe in it or not) is a bitch.
In other words, if you keep up your shitty and piss poor attitude toward your fellow man, Then I have no doubt you will end up disabled and alone.
Seems a fitting end to someone of your stature

Comment by Stephanie on 2007-01-22 18:57:53 -0800 #

I have endo, I’m 19, and I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Yeah it causes crippling pain at times, but I’ve also done really well treating it with birth control. Secondly, about how every girl with endo would agree with what you said, I certainly don’t. There is no way that I would have a child just to hopefully cure my disease or have a child so I could get a hysterectomy. I already practically raise my 2 baby cousins because their mother is a drug addict whore and gave them up to their grandparents and father. It’s pretty much the same thing as having a child and not providing for it or caring for it like you should.

Comment by Bill on 2007-01-23 17:19:58 -0800 #

“How about:
If you cant afford to have a child -> Dont have one
If you are unable to have a child due to a condition -> Dont have one
If you require outside medication to get pregnant -> Dont have one
If you have a good chance of not being able to have a child due to a condition, and having a hysterectomy would fix that problem rather than suffer for 10 years because you’re he-hawing thinking about ”
This was excellent, definitely made me crack a smile, particularly the first one. This might be the most Politically Incorrect thing I’ve seen since Borat

Comment by TERRY on 2007-01-26 15:51:45 -0800 #

what would prevent me from circiling re fills for my norco rx since my Dr. leaves the refill parts 0 1 2 3 4 5 all not circled i could circle one who would find out but i would never alter a rx where does the paper rx go after it has been filled.