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Turns out that the DrugMonkey and I are in a little bit of hot water at a popular’drug information group’ message board as viewed Here
Guess we’re too bitter for the peons who happen to frequent a message board dedicated to buying pain medication from online doctors. Gee, thats an ironic twist isnt it?
From the site

Our goal is to help you locate the best legal sources for prescription drugs
and to offer the best information about buying meds online.
We offer a free site based on member feedback
We can help you – We need your help
Online Pharmacies, Online Doctors, and Referral Services
US, Canadian & Foreign Pharmacies
Best Pharmaceutical Sources
Free Pharmacy Watch Group

Plus my personal favorite:

Where are the best sources for hydrocodone, oxycodone, and other strong pain meds?

Enough said.
Now I get plenty of hatemail from asshole druggies like these. Why do I call them asshole druggies? Because who else buys their fucking pain medications from an “online” doctor and an “online” pharmacy? I’ve seen terminal cancer patients able to see a doctor and have a family member pick up their pain meds for them. No excuse.
I can see the doctor consulation IM dialog now:
Druggie: I have back pain doctor
Doctor: On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is your pain?
Druggie: 345!
Doctor: Oh, that is bad. I think you should see someone local
Druggie: I cant! My pain is toooooo bad!!!!@#!@
(har har har, little does he know that i’ve been kicked out of every pharmacy/doctors office in town for early fills, harassment, and other shit that pharmacists bitch about)
Doctor: Will I will give you some Vicodin and Soma.
Druggie: That does not work! I need perc0cet and Diazep4m and S0m4 and V|agr@!!!
Doctor: That’ll be $45, and go to this easy online pharmacy (who will ask you no questions, contain no history, and is ran in someones basement with diverted hospital stock) to get your drugs!!!
Druggie: Thank you doctor! You are the most ethical, prestigious, and a pillar to your profession!
Doctor: Yeah yeah, Credit Card Charged, NEXT!
Oh, and whats even better, is that if you read the message thread they talk about diverting pain medication (the ones that fell on the floor) and who accounts for inventory. LOVELY! And these douches are giving the DrugNazi and I a bad time? Im surprised nobody has written a how-to on there about altering prescriptions.
Now I know a good majority of you pharmacists out there just wanna go and blast them off of the internet. Now usually i’m all for skimming the turds that float to the top of society, but I must repeat what the DrugNazi said:

Go over and read their board if you must, but please, don’t start a pointless flame war. I would much rather turn the wrath of the drugmonkey army loose on those that are truly evil, like Republicans. Remember these people are doing us a favor by getting their fix through the mail, as opposed to endangering our licenses with bullshit reasons why they need that early Soma refill.

Comments #

Comment by Bench on 2007-01-21 06:12:18 -0800 #

ROFL !!! I went and read the board. Shame on you AngryPharmacist. That goes ditto for you DrugMonkey.
Almost everyone rants about their job once in a while. Ask any shrink and they will tell you that it’s healthy to let off the steam. It’s the ones that don’t vent that gave rise to the term “going postal”.
How many times have we heard on the news, or read in the paper these words: “He was such a quiet neighbor ….”
DrugMonkey and AngryPharmacist help those of us in the profession deal with the crap. Seriously folks, how often would you keep coming back to read sweet, sunshine and light posts ??? Answer: You wouldn’t.
PS … I like to know where I am on the food chain so when survival of the fittest becomes the rule, I know I won’t be one of the first to go. DM and AP assure me almost daily, that there are people out there stacked up way below me on said chain. That’s a piece of knowledge that I enjoy having.

Comment by Vicodinfairy on 2007-01-21 10:06:26 -0800 #

Oh, this is funny stuff. Here’s a newsflash girly-docs only get about 6 months of pharmacology. I know this because two of my close friends are physicians who call me often to ask questions about crap they didn’t learn in school. I on the other hand had 3 years of physio and pathophysio. Why didn’t I go to medical school, you ask? I didn’t want to peer into the depths of someone’s coochie or search their flesh folds for hidden ulcers. But, please, go around telling people that bad cramps=endometriosis=have a baby and you’ll be cured!
Fabulous. Simply awesome.

Comment by J on 2007-01-21 16:57:10 -0800 #

Ya, the Angry Pharmacist is judgemental about these people being addicts…. followed promptly by a conversation about how they could sneak narcotics out of the pharmacy in their pockets. They make a great argument! Damn tweakers.

Comment by beesnest on 2007-01-22 05:29:25 -0800 #

You’d be surprised what we find in those coochies and flesh folds. It’s like looking under the sofa cushions for loose change. Some people actually use their hoohoo as a discreet storage device- no one would ever think of stealing from it, right?

Comment by Ally on 2007-01-22 18:16:19 -0800 #

I don’t think the junkies will be able to comprehend your blog.
In response to some of the posters who wonder if their personal pharmacist thinks that way of them….YES, we all do. Every time you call and request an early refill with another lame excuse, we roll our eyes. Every time you waltz into the pharmacy without a care to pick up your Oxycontin for SEVERE pain, we judge you and talk about you after you leave. Believe that.

Comment by FUKU on 2007-01-23 06:37:26 -0800 #

Your a fucking dick…get your facts str8 or shut up bitch! You sure your not a “junkie”? you seem to know soo much about and the people there. Just to get your facts str8 (and you should know this) you cannot get a schedule 2 med from an online or edoctor

Comment by Bill on 2007-01-23 17:10:51 -0800 #

Well, I’m a member over there and at first, i found your tone pretty irksome. However after reading on, you are largely on track with your comments. However, it’s completely unfair to say all people over there are junkies or anything of the sort. All I’m saying is that there are some folks who use online services for the convenience and not all OP users are trying to get hydro or anything of the sort.
There’s a lot of questions if you look long enough about people trying to find cheaper items internationally.
To that end, it’s truly a shame that folks come in and try to scam you all. It’s a shame you get lied to. It’s a shame about a lot of similar problems and I’m not condoning them. But note AP, I’m not flaming you nor am I concealing who I am or anything of the sort. I’m actually kind of glad I came across your blog, it is pretty interesting overall even if hyou’re only 98% correct about some of your material 😉

Comment by Kelly on 2007-01-24 09:41:57 -0800 #

Hey Bill: You’re an idiot.

Comment by Redhawk on 2007-01-24 09:58:29 -0800 #

Oh, and since I fully suspect you don�t have the guts to post any negative feedback on your site, I�ve taken the liberty of posting your little screed on newsgroup along with my response.

Comment by Bill Long on 2007-01-24 10:21:17 -0800 #

“…who else buys their fucking pain medications from an “online” doctor and an “online” pharmacy”
How about chronic pain patients who can’t get adequate pain relief because their doctors are either chickenshits or selfish pricks. Many, if not most of the people who frequent suffer from chronic pain. If you read some of the discussions you’d know that.
The American Pain Foundation estimates that 50 million U.S. citizens suffer from significant pain daily, but only about a quarter of them are getting adequate treatment.
That’s because the DEA campaign against prescription drug diversion has stigmatized patients in need of pain medication. DEA intimidation tactics against doctors have created a climate of fear, with the predictable result that many doctors now won’t prescribe opiates at all or are only willing to prescribe amounts that are totally inadequate. The DEA is killing chronic pain patients by intimidating their doctors. Many more people die from not having the prescription pain medications they need, than die from the drug abuse the government is trying to prevent.
One of the major causes of those deaths is the overuse of OTC NSAIDS like acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) by people who are desperate for pain relief. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that 200,000 cases of gastric bleeding occur each year, resulting in nearly 20,000 deaths.

Comment by Hear It All The Time on 2007-01-24 13:58:28 -0800 #

You are right on the spot with your comments about
I have been watching that site for years and it’s amazing the number of lazy fucks that post all day long about their pain, oh my…..the ER wouldn’t give me what I want, etc. etc.
To be nice I’m sure there are a few who are legit but when you see posts like “Where can I get oxy” or “My doctor says I should take 3 Vicodin a day but I need at least 10”, Jesus Christ on a bicycle talk about self medicating. Don’t they know if the treatment regime doesn’t work call or see the doctor and try something else.
Another subject posted that has me rolling on the floor laughing are those fucks that chase down the FedEx or UPS delivery guys looking for their “packages”. They post constantly crying about the lack of updates on shippers websites. They call the shipping service centers customer support people every hour on the hour “looking for my package”, and when they don’t get the answer they want it’s “Those fucking assholes at UPS can’t find my package”.
Keep up the good work, your site is my first read everyday!

Comment by Bill Long on 2007-01-25 10:56:04 -0800 #

Ah yes, *Hear It All The Time* is another great humanitarian.
*the number of lazy fucks that post all day long about their pain*
So, people who are in terrible pain and can’t get adequate relief are just *lazy fucks* who don’t realize that all they need to do is call their doctor.
Have you been living in a cave the past few years? The DEA’s Gestapo tactics have been quite effective in intimidating doctors to the point where millions of people are suffering from severe pain every day. They are not skimming the cream off the top. They have thrown the baby out with the bath water.
*To be nice I’m sure there are a few who are legit*
Oh, how charitable of you to say that. You mean there not ALL junkies and scammers?
*Another subject posted that has me rolling on the floor laughing are those fucks that chase down the FedEx or UPS delivery guys*
If you had any clue about what’s it’s like to suffer from severe, unrelenting pain every day, then you might understand the anguish that would cause someone to obsess about pain meds to the point where they are posting on message boards *all day* and worrying about when their pain meds were going to arrive.
But I guess as long as it’s not you who is suffering you can make fun of those people. You can call them all junkies and scammers. You can cling to your illusions about how easy it is to get proper treatment from a doctor.
You can continue to be ignorant of the tragedy of untreated pain. As long as it’s not you who suffers.
But someday it just might be you and if that happens I hope everyone you look to for help shows you exactly the same attitudes that you have displayed here towards others. Others that you really know nothing about.

Comment by shelby on 2007-01-31 14:20:20 -0800 #

I am a Nurse that is why I cannot use My real name.
Sorry I agree with Bill
The Fda and Dea constantly
go after the weakest to
Justify thier existance
They have recently
taken on Docters and Pharmacist people in a
position to help and speak
out for patient rights
and thier job is not longitivy thier job is
quility of life. I am
not in pain but I hope if
I were some one would help

Comment by jacinda on 2007-02-23 13:17:11 -0800 #

i’ve had two golf ball sized cyst’s removed from my sinus’s.(two seperate occasions) i looked into drugbuyers. i don’t consider myself a druggy fuck. i thought i would die from the only argument is this. my doctor would not prescribe medication for pain. i took enough advil to pickle my kidney’s. drug buyer’s saved my sanity as well as my kidney’s.

Comment by mike on 2007-03-03 00:39:09 -0800 #

After reading this article I was kinda pissed cuz of all the shit I read about, but then I realized it was just some kinda entertainment bs and got over it.
It is kinda funny I guess.

Comment by Mary on 2007-04-17 14:50:59 -0700 #

You know….reading all of this makes me so sad. It reminds me over and over again of the emotional pain caused by a few doctors with your same attitude.
I suffer from chronic, unrelenting pain associated with many different syndromes. This is not my fault – I never asked to be sick nor have I caused or brought this on myself. So, not only have I had to endure the physical pain…but the emotional pain caused by medical professionals with attitudes such as yours.
Shame on you, angrypharmacist and your buddies spewing out hateful comments against those you do not know. One day you will have to answer for your actions and words.

Comment by John on 2007-05-09 06:57:21 -0700 #

Hey JERKOFF ANGRY PHARMACY QUEEN!!!! You ever thought that many people have been to the doctors for there pain? These people have been turned down for pain pills that actually work because the doctor does not want them to become ADDICTED to Vicodin. Or the Dr. is scared to give a prescription for Vicodin for whatever reasons. If you do not believe this happens on a daily basis then you need to do some research. Some people actually NEED stronger pain pills then the Tylenol you can buy at Walgreens. The problem is they cannot get them from there Dr. so they turn to other alternatives. Which is buying them on the internet. It’s amazing that you can buy Tylenol 4’s OTC in the European countries. But in the wonderful USA, you have a hard time getting a prescription for these. This country is so far behind the other countries in the world of medication. If you are a doctor, who are you to tell me how bad my pain is and what you should prescribe for me? The answer is, you cannot so quit trying. Stronger pain medication should be available OTC. It never will be because then you would not need as many health care workers(cant have loss of jobs in th US). Alot of companies would be out of business. No question that these medications like Vicodin, Tylenol 4’s should be made available OTC. Unfortunately to many people’s hands are in the pocket so this will never happen.

Comment by Jason on 2007-07-04 13:31:20 -0700 #

I don’t know if I would go as far as making codeine or especially hydro products available OTC; however sites like is an obvious side effect of our crappy healthcare system. There are obviously going to be people that abuse sites like this, but there are more people than many people thank that are using it when their doctors have failed them over and over and over.

Comment by Ricardo on 2007-07-17 20:25:39 -0700 #

I have not ordered pills online yet. I have had 2 spinal surgeries (level 2) and I am still in chronic pain and unable to work or even have a good day. It has been over 2 years now like this and my life is pretty close to hell most of the time.
My doctor keeps trying to lower my meds, but then I always run into a problem by doing something stupid like baby sitting for 4 hours, or driving for 1 hour. My doctor thinks I should be OK now and yet I can’t drive a car for more than 7 minutes. I always use up my meds too early because of the flareups. When is this going to stop?
I agree with some of what you said, but until you experience chronic pain… you don’t know what you are talking about.

Comment by Jason on 2007-07-19 16:36:48 -0700 #

I’m sorry to hear about your situation Ricardo. Have you tried a different Dr.? Dr’s are supposed to make the quality of our lives better. To do that they HAVE to listen and not think that every pain patient is just trying to get more meds to get high. Dr’s can’t feel the pain that you have to live with EVERY SINGLE DAY, so it should be their obligation to give the patients the benefit of the doubt when they say “I am still in terrible pain, this current regiment isn’t good enough” and work with them to make their lives better. If that involves giving stronger meds or more of the same med then so be it.

Comment by DB- Member on 2007-08-21 08:17:46 -0700 #

It’s nice to see a few take a stand for and the legite ones..Think I can sum it up with this, What goe’s around WILL come back around!!!. So, all of you so called, assholes, running off at the mouth, pretending to know peoples motives for seeking alternative on-line help, you will getr your chance to ride the other side of the track’s one day. Then, we can see how you can endure the pain..Oh, but then…those of you PHARMACIST out there, well, I’m sure you will have the means & motive to SELF MEDICATE, ha?…And i’m sure when it comes down on your ass, you will too. So…when it’s your turn to suffer, then you can tallk your shit about “drug-seeker’s” and shit!!!!!.

Comment by des on 2007-08-24 19:34:08 -0700 #

I agree with some of the things that you have to say about people buying from online pharmacies. However, I, for one, DO buy meds online from overseas pharmacies, where I don’t have to see a doctor. What kind of meds do I buy? Anti-depressants. Why do I buy them online from questionable sources, instead of going to a “real” doctor or a “real” pharmacy? I don’t have any health insurance. I have the option of purchasing COBRA for $400+ a month, but frankly, I can’t afford that. I am 25 years old, a full time college student, and a full time employee at a medical facility. I don’t go to online pharmacies seeking painkillers or controlled anti-anxiety meds, I just want my damn birth control pills and my anti-depressants. That’s all. So please keep that in mind when you talk about people buying drugs from OPs. Unfortunately not everyone can afford healthcare (even those of us, like me, who work FULL time). It’s just too expensive.
Have you seen Moore’s film Sicko? I have used steri strips on myself a number of times when I seriously needed stitches, because I couldn’t afford the hospital/ambulance bills. Once when I had an accident and was unconscious, a friend called 911. I was taken to the hospital, roughly ONE MILE away from my house, and seen for a few hours in the ER. I left AMA as soon as I was conscious, but you know what my bill was? $1000 for a one mile ambulance ride, plus another $700+ to be seen in the ER.

Comment by Lola66 on 2007-08-25 22:41:06 -0700 #

Thanks Bill and others who understand. We know that you stupid assholes like Angry Pharmacist talk shit when we leave and call the doctor, blah blah blah because you stand in the middle of a never ending supply which you can (and admit you do) manipulate to self medicate whenever you feel like it. Those of us who suffer and spend much time and money to find a doctor who wants to help us (which you in turn label doctor shopping) just to have you criticize them and spread negative suspicion about them to the pharmacy board thereby pressuring them to not help us resent your pious close mindededness and do wish that you will be treated as we are or better yet have to watch someone you love suffer because of all the propaganda you spent so much time promoting. On second thought, I don’t wish this pain and life on anyone innocent of what you are doing, but I do wish you would quit your job today because obviously helping people which should be the first priority of your profession and why you should have chose it in the first place is the furthest thing from your mind. Maybe a Nazi torture squad leader would give you the satisfaction you seem to be searching for. Signed, bitter at prima donna, self righteous, ignorant pharmacists and their so called medical professional or “healer” counterparts

Comment by Bobbito on 2008-07-23 17:41:53 -0700 #

i HATE TO SEE SOMEONE AS CLOSE TO, YET SO FAR FROM THE HARSH REALITIES OF PAIN SUFFERERS. lET ME SET YOU LEG ON FIRE AND GIVE YOU 1 CUP OF WATER…BUT YOU CAN OLY USE 2 TEASPOONS A DAY……WHEN I COME BACKK TOMMOROW AND YOU HAVE A EMPTY CUP i WILL REVILE YOU AS A WATER FREAK! p{EOPLE GET BOUNCED ( THAT OLD MED/SCHOOL/FRATBRO SHUFFLE WHEN THEY KNOW THEY CAN’T HELP YOU BUT WHAT THE HELL…IT’ ANOTHER CO’PAY ENOUGH OF THOSE AND YOU WON’T HAVE TO DRIVE LAST YEARS BMW. TSK TSK…SO WHEN EACH DOC GIVES YO 10-12 PISSY LORTABS 5S FOR SOMETHING THAT REALLY NEEDS OXYCONTIN OR SOMETHING STRONGER.. SO YOU GO TO ABOUT 5 OF THESE CO-PAY-PRICKS IN A MONTH AND GUESS WHAT! BAYUM!!!! YOU JUST BECAME A DOCTOR SHOPPER OR A DRUG SEEKER AND ARE NOW GUILTYOF TERRORISM AND DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. PEOPLE GO TO OCS CAUSE THEY HAVE NO CHOICE. PERIOD DAMN PROFFESSIONAL DOCTORS LEFT WITH SCAR TISSUE GROWING LIKE a cancer in my belly for about 12 out of the last 22 years while i was jumping up and down screaming help pain pain !!! they reffered asnd referred so wondrously They and people like you are abominations to a “profession that is falsely charcaterized by cop-massion and caring and has been reorganized around profits, how to not get hassled by some dildo in a suit who thinks he’s a cop cause he got sent top accounting school and the FBI was full so he wreaks havoc on all us dangerous OPIOIDATIERS!!! I woulkd gladly trade you may pain so that you could sit and melt down over the moral diemma of whether to r4emain true to your empirical knowledge that drug are bad m’kaaayyy? I hope every disc in you back expands to the size of a bus tire…..just long enough to educate you on what it is like to be an evil doper. Then I hope they return to normal and leave you with no lasting effect. OR BETTER STILL I hope that scarring from surgery enwraps. entraps, embraces like rusty steel the nerves in your belly that enervate you testicles, your belly, the sub femoral crease area and the interact with the deep nerves and you get to experience colon cramps that involve yuour abdominal musculature and leave you literally when thos 12 T3s run out and you can’t find any Donnagel PG. YES! That is how long I have lived with this since you could buy parapectolin or Donnagel pG to ease the WDs when your Dopctoe allowed a 230 lb man 1.3 7.5 milligram lorcets a day. Goid you don’t know how Woodstockesque it is to actually crapp blood cause the damaged nerves cause such severe involuntary cramping of the saerrous coat of the colon that it actually ruptures blood vessels and you have to make a very embarrassing trip to the ER while judgemental people like you try to GOMER you but fianlly realize that surprise!! You’re are real. Try to figure out how to cope with the surgeon who did your last surgery having oprdered exactly 1/2 your presurgical dosage of analgesics and you end up physically threatening nurses in the recovery room because you are so blinded with PAIN-GENERATED RAGE. i LEARNED A LONG TIME not TO TRUST JUDGEMENTAL PHARMACIST (ESPECIALLY YOPUNG FEMAILE WANNBE DOUBLE NOUGHT SPIES PHARMACISTS. I WISH YOU ALL PAIN AND YOUR FAMILY PAIN. BUT UNLIKE US I JUST WANT YOU TO BE A BETTER PERSON BY A SHORT STINT OF IT AND NOT HAVE TO WONDER HOW MUCH LONGER YOU ARE GOINGF TO HAVE TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD LIKE SOME OF US DO=WHEN WE HAVE TO MEASURE WHETHER WE WILL EVEN CARE IF WE LIVE THRU THE DAY BASED ON THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAVE SUFFICIENT MEDICATION TO CONTROL OUR PAIN AND THE STRESS OF DEALING WITH NAZIS LIKE YOU WILL NOT EXCACERBATE IT ANY WORSE. pLEASE FORGIVE TYPOS I CAN’T HOLD MY GRANDCHILD AND MY OPIUM PIPE, CRACK PIPE, HYPO RIG AND TYPE ALL AT THE SAME TIME……

Comment by Anonymous on 2008-08-17 20:18:54 -0700 #

Awesome post Bobbito! I frequent and I am not a drugee, junkie, whatever you want to call it. I have real anxiety, I used to get my meds through a doctor till I moved to a new city and could not find or afford to find a doctor that would prescribe me the same meds. I’ve had to go to a county doctor and they have some stupid policy about not prescribing benzodiazepines. So really what options do I have left?

Comment by Google Account on 2008-08-26 21:06:43 -0700 #

I have read your blog before and think it is cute. To a certain extent. It stops being funny when you start making sweeping generalizations about a group of anonymous people exchanging information on drugs, alternative therapies, doctors, as well as their own personal experiences.
If you adequately scanned the site, you would see that there are a lot of decent people there who are trying to help others in need, and don’t necessarily advocate the use of scheduled medications (which you arrogantly assume is the only reason someone would use the site).
I have learned more about many of the drugs that I have been prescribed by fellow members of (with adequate citations to establish credibility) than I ever would in my doctor’s office. Why? People like you should not be involved in the healthcare profession. Surely you did not start out this cynical? And to back up another poster’s assertion, it is a lot cheaper to get most non-scheduled medications from outside the U.S. than it is to shop at Walgreen’s or some Mom and Pop shop.

Comment by Sabrina Jones on 2008-08-29 23:36:50 -0700 #

Ouch! LOL. Kind of harsh, aren’t we?

Comment by Doctor on 2009-03-06 03:53:06 -0800 #

With such an educated crowd why the hell would we need doctors anymore.It might be part of the Obama’s plan to reform the health system! Anyway the blog gathers the most and the worst drugs seekers out there.

Comment by Lilly on 2009-03-23 11:40:23 -0700 #

The cruelty, arrogence and lack of knowledge is what leads to a community like drug buyers. I read it, and no doubt there are addicts on there. However as a hospice nurse I assure you that at least 60% of doctors and pharmacists do not understand chronic or unrelenting pain.
I have had numerous patients, in their last days/weeks of life, who were screaming in agony. When I would suggest changing or increasing narcotics: i often heard ” they don’t really feel pain, it’s a neurological reflex” or my favorite ” i don’t want them to become addicted”. Yep our big problem is terminally ill people addicted to narcotics. Make sure you lock your doors folks! If this is the attitude to patients who are terminal, I shudder to think what is happening to those patients who have conditions that lead to chronic pain and meet these docs.

Comment by Mark Jenson on 2009-04-24 13:57:23 -0700 #

I have never been to the sites you are talking about. But I found your rant disturbing. As I all most died from a stomach bleed from an over the counter NSAID.
I just had no clue as to what was happening to me, it was swift and deadly. I was not eating them like candy. Just sometimes as the directions showed.
The thing that I find scary is after three days in the hospital (two in intensive care).
Two nurses and the doctor that saved me told NSAIDS
Kill more people than all street drugs, and other pescrtion drugs combined.
16,000 people a year.
I am sorry I sorry stumbled across your page.
Remember all of us put with up with a lot BS at work. Plus you work with public.
You sound like you do enjoy job very much at all. Try something dffernt life is to short to be angry.
I was close to finding out.

Comment by AngryNP on 2009-06-06 09:41:38 -0700 #

I have one question for the “AngryPharm”. Why would you go into the Pharmacy field when(if you had any common sense) you would know that there will be drug seekers, addicts, etc who WILL come in! I am a Nurse Practitioner in an ER and worked as an RN for years before I became and NP and we are in the field of helping others “the greater good” may not like them or agree with them, but if you want to keep your license, you damn well better not EVER be heard talking about a customer, rolling your eyes, etc…You obviously only got into your field for a paycheck and that is what is wrong with this world. One day you will slip up with your eye rolls and snotty remarks & maybe the customer didnt see it, but the customer BEHIND you did and reports you…you might start crying and oh noo…Im losing my precious job of pouring pills in bottles, because all I do is SERVE the DR WHO WRITES THE SCRIPTS AND SERVE THE ADDITS YOU HATE SO MUCH…so before you point fingers and call people peons…you are actually their servants, you do exactly as they order, and you follow the Dr’s rules…you aren’t drs’ even though Pharmacists often tend to try to play god because they feel inferior… Maybe you’ve already lost your license and arent a Pharm anymore, maybe thats why you are the angry pharmacist…with all this time to write on a blog!

Comment by theangrypharmacist on 2009-06-06 10:46:28 -0700 #

What’s going to be their complaint? “Oh, I was trying to get my pain pills filled early and the meanie pharmacist rolled his eyes at me”. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll fly. You know what most pharmacies and their bosses would say? “Your pain pills arent due yet”. But judging how you are writing, I assume you are one of those “NP” who just roll over and write for whatever whenever to get the patients out of your hair. What you just wrote is the most hypocritical thing out there coming from an NP:

you follow the Dr’s rules…you aren’t drs’ even though Pharmacists often tend to try to play god because they feel inferior

Seriously, stay in the ER feeling like you’re somebody writing for #20 vicodin while playing “Diet Doctor”. Make sure you thank your pharmacist for saving your ass after your numerous mistakes (although you work in the ER, you’d be surprised at how many NP’s fuck up orders for amoxicillin or childrens motrin).

Comment by Rizza08 on 2009-06-10 07:47:42 -0700 #

Here’s a thought. Mind your own business. Are these people hurting you or your family directly? I don’t think so. While many on this site are likely seeking drugs illegally, there are quite a few who are actually people that need these kinds of medication and cannot pay or go through the red taped laden process of going to a doctor, etc, etc. Not all the world has tons of money to pay. Even if you have insurance, certain drugs like Viagra most likely will not be covered.

I needed an ED medication as a result of my incompetent doctor prescribing me a SSRI that has terrible side effects, specifically erectile disfunction. I went through the regular routes of getting viagra and when I pulled into the Walgreens pick up window, I was told the cost was 96 dollars. My insurance covered 2 dollars. It was for six pills.

So I went to and found the cheapest and most reliable international online pharmacy. I bought 20 pills of generic (Indian made) Viagra for 50 dollars including shipping. They arrived at my place in a different country with no problems and they work like a charm.

Why don’t you take a step back and think about the many legal and REAL reasons many people use that site; to find which online pharmacies are the cheapest and most reliable. Until this country figures its’ healthcare system out, people will continue to use the internet in this fashion.

As far as illegal drugs go, it doesn’t matter what measures you put into effect, people will use them. People will sell them, people will buy them. Period. If you want to rant about this site, you might as well rant about drugs in general. Might be hard for you though as you are so high up on your soapbox.


Comment by Cheryl on 2009-07-15 00:30:36 -0700 #

I agree with Bill Long. I’m one of those desparate people with chronic pain. Why do you assume everyone is the same?
It is very hard to get pain medication, even though my pain is so bad I often think of suicide.I figure I will suffer until I die. But you, Angry Pharmacist are so cruel to people who suffer why?

I understand if you don’t like the system, but like Bill said, it is the drug war that has created this. Please grow a heart.

Comment by Cheryl on 2009-07-15 00:35:49 -0700 #

Now I have to repond to Hear It All The Time

I too have followed Drugbuyers, and I don’t see a lot of whining about UPS. Primarily, when people say that, they are worried that they will be ripped off. I’m curious why you are so interested in Drugbuyers if you think they are just a bunch of junkies.

It’s interesting how you interpret things the way you choose to see them. Find a new hobby. How about reading to blind elderly people?

Comment by Cheryl on 2009-07-15 00:41:22 -0700 #

Mary wrote “shame on you” and you responded with “Hey Jerk-off Pharmacy queen” You must be the biggest asshole in human history. There is no intelligent debate here. Don’t bother to respond, I won’t be back. (However, I sure wish I could see you after a terrible accident that causes you a lifetime of agonizing pain. And I never though I would wish that on anyone.

Comment by RphSlave on 2009-07-16 07:15:51 -0700 #

I dont assume everyone is the same. In my area there are legitimate Dr’s and patients who are prescribing meds. However there are shady docs as well. Why is it that 1 foot dr in every patient he sees writes for Lortab? But the other foot dr once in a blue moon writes for it? Why is it with some dr’s who are established with patients will write for pain meds and that person consistantly is with that dr. But with some people, they gang up outside a “dr’s” office at 7am in the morning at least 50 ( NOT JOKING) and hang outside the office all day long, blocking traffic, etc and then they try to come into my pharmacy to fill thier habit?

I had one person come to me and ask “Do i Fill Rx’s from FL” Im not in FL. Im about 4 states away!! And I said no, simply because there is no established relationship with dr’s in FL. I asked him why are you going to FL? I can suggest some dr’s here. He wouldnt answer that question. Then he asked about some dr’s around this area and I said it depends on what the script is for, etc. He got mad and said it was prejudice. Nope not prejudice. I didnt go to school to help dr’s destroy communites and people’s lives.

So if you are legit and go to legit dr’s, trust me NO one will suspect you of anything. But if you come from FL wating 240 Oxycontin filled, or if you dont say you have insurance, but we find it only to find out you got 90 Vicoden filled somewhere else, or if you go to the Pill place at 7am, then yeah…you wont get far with me.

Comment by Kyk on 2009-09-11 17:28:05 -0700 #

Pharmacists need to read the piece of paper, count out the pills, hand them over the desk and shut the hell up.

Nobody asked their opinion. They’re pill counters, and their moral agenda on certain drugs isn’t required.

Hohoho, big man. You stand between me and my prescription. Better play “troll under the bridge” to make your day a bit more interesting at my expense.

Tell you what.. STFU and hand me my medication. When you come into my job, I’ll show you the same courtesy, minus the attitude.

Comment by orca99 on 2009-09-29 04:00:04 -0700 #

Wow a nasty temper to write something like this. He should experience chronic pain and try the whole runaround with doctors.

And what is so bad about an junkie getting his prescription filled for say every three legitimate pain patient that gets theirs? The alcoholics get theirs legitimately, why shouldn’t these too?

I fact I would rather have one pain patient getting proper meds at the expense of ten junkies getting high, than risk one pain patient being stripped of his medicine.

And you pharmacist, do your job like everyone else and fill the prescriptions.

Comment by Jane Doe on 2009-09-30 11:54:33 -0700 #


He/She (the angry pharmacist) is just a “typical wannabe” doctor. No sense in taking her/him seriously.

Comment by Dave on 2009-09-30 13:55:52 -0700 #

Kyk…you’re an idiot!

Comment by shyanne on 2009-10-01 15:42:53 -0700 #

Often a tell-tell sign of drug use/abuse is the abuser pointing the finger to someone else, anyone else. Most people would not have such anamosity towards others unless there is an underlying reason.

Comment by Russell on 2009-11-12 06:56:11 -0800 #

Dear Angry Pharmacist,
Instead of you wasting your supposed well educated mind reading why don’t you spend it trying to learn something about something called Chronic Intractable Pain Syndrome. The reason I say this is because from the wording you use in all your post you are not a well educated man or you could use better wording than all that flame throwing coming out of that Pie Whole you call a mouth.
There is a web site called that may teach you something about what pain patients go through, because it is obvious you don’t know squat and don’t want to.
I broke my back 35 years ago, I’ve been through every test known to mankind. I’ve had enough steroids pumped in to me to grease 3 or 4 cars oh yes and by the way they burnt up my endo system. Those and the stress from working all those years in such excruciating pain, yes I worked pain and all for 24 years as a communications engineer. Finally at the old age of 42 I was diagnosed with osteoarthrosis that’s a crack in my spinal fusion in case you don’t know. The old doctor that finally found what was causing all the pain said hell young man your back was never fused it broke before it had time to graft. This all because the Army put me back on full active duty after 3 months off for a L4,L5,S1 fusion. I know more about pain than 90% of the pain doctors I have seen they want to know how I have become so well educated about the spinal and the endocronology system with a GED. It’s because I spend a lot of time reading educational sites instead of reading about someone who apparently hates his job and the people he serves he can do nothing but bitch about junkies and dope heads. Those that know the most shout the loudest. Either you are an addict or ex-addict that got caught dipping in his own candy jars and now has to take piss test all the time to keep his job or you are just a plain addict that can;t figure out how to beat the system to dip into his candy jars.
Either way you are a waste of good oxygen that someone who enjoys their work serving people could use. Do us all a favor and shut the hell up and get yourself some help.

Comment by true on 2009-11-19 21:13:29 -0800 #

whats wrong forged scripts for vics gettin ya pissed?

Comment by Alextra on 2009-12-24 05:46:07 -0800 #

No he’s not.

Troll under the bridge – perfect analogy of a pharmacist.

Comment by sandy on 2010-01-30 11:23:05 -0800 #

WOW, and you’re just a lowly pharmacist – maybe thats where your true anger comes from – you MUST dispense what others ABOVE you prescribe…bitterness is only going to hurt YOU…by the way…it’s generally not the conservatives that would use a site like – they have the money and the intelligence to go to a real live Doctor if need be…no its your stupid, liberal hippie freaks that can’t handle a hangnail much less real life without some type of sedation…deal with it…

Comment by Rev, Enge on 2010-02-05 00:09:14 -0800 #

The Angry Pharmacist is a total piece of shit, albeit well educated and versed, his true nature is easily seen in his posts. He has no business in the medical profession at all with that attitude. I wouldn’t trust him to wipe my Grandma’s Ass. And how dare you accuse a NP of rolling over and writing scripts when you don’t even know her?

One day, Angry Pharmacist, i hope one of us CP “junkies” meets you in the parking lot. Did your snotty eye rolling pussy ass ever think of that?

Comment by Hah on 2010-02-16 02:19:40 -0800 #

And Cheryl is one step below everyone here. Except the blogger.

Comment by Hmm on 2010-02-16 02:29:19 -0800 #

Diet Doctor? I don’t even think I’d go that far. Oh, but that would be so judgmental of me.

Not everyone who goes on DB is some druggie addict. Some are smart, such as someone who wants to have a slower-acting benzodiazepine on hand because their doctor only prescribes them the MORE addicting and shorter acting Xanax and refuses to prescribe something that would actually help with stopping the benzodiazepine. Some people actually go to DB to taper OFF drugs that they’ve become physically and legally dependent on. I was prescribed Xanax by my *pediatrician* originally! Many drug buyers are more knowledgeable about the drugs they take than some doctors.

Open your mind and quit belittling everyone with a different set of problems than you.

Comment by adan on 2010-03-01 20:20:34 -0800 #






Comment by Regular Guy on 2010-10-14 10:02:40 -0700 #

People … come on now …. he’s a friggin Pharmacist for christ sake … you would be pissy to if you spent all day counting pills, ringing up Tampons , talking to people about athletes foot, boils and shit like that. He has to find someone to look down on.

Comment by jiggaboo on 2010-12-22 13:48:58 -0800 #

Did anybody call this guy a cocksucker? COCKSUCKER! I’m going to wait outside a Rite-Aid and wait for the pharmacist to come out to see what car he drives. Then the next time I see his car I’ll flatten all his tires. This blog just caused a pharmacist to get his tires flattened.

Comment by John on 2013-08-03 08:02:35 -0700 #


Comment by sickntired on 2014-03-29 04:48:06 -0700 #

Well now, its been a few years since the first post, and, well, has it gotten any better for the chronic pain patient? Hmm, I for one , and have all the mri’s cat scans, etc, and because the dr I saw for years quit seeing anyone that had pain and actually moved to another office, I had to go back to see pm, and guess what he told me? Hmm so you dont want the pain pump…..? Well then youll have to see the other dr, and ya know what he told me after he said were gonna lower yer meds cuz dea says you should have no more than xxx. He also said, Im not treating your pain, just doing what I have to. Wtf? Hmm, Why am I paying all this money for, remind me. And Im trying to do things the “right” way,.Is it any wonder why people in pain will do whatever they need to do to get some relief. AP get off yer high horse, and as someone here said, You will be on the other side of the counter.

Comment by Johnny Johnson on 2019-09-19 12:20:06 -0700 #

It’s really amazing how people with a high school education or less know more than a pharmacist with a doctorate degree. They don’t just count pills. Taking a scrip in isn’t like fast food. Doctors frequently call pharmacists concerning different meds because they didn’t learn about them. Either way, they are smarter than 99.9% of you eggheads on here complaining. Make it easy on yourself: go get in your 84 hyundai with 2 good tires and a couple of quarts low on oil, put $2.53 of gas in the tank, and try to make it home to your 12′ x 50′.