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This is going to be the last post about I’m just going to point out a few points, paste a few hate mails, and leave it at that. I dont think administrators nor I want to deal with the aftermath of a full on flame war.
Here is where they say how much they love me
Points to make:

  • The Angry Pharmacist and the DrugNazi/Monkey are two different people. Two sites, etc. Please dont get us confused, its probably insulting to the both of us.. 🙂
    • I am a licensed pharmacist in good standing actively working in my state which I reside. I’m not a disgruntled tech, a fired pharmacist, or any sort of shit like that. I have no ambition to go to medical school nor have I ever applied. Why would I want to become a doctor?
      • I’m not short and fat. Neapolitan is an ice cream flavor, not a personality
        • Im a very nice and compassionate person in the store. If you are retarded (or just ‘dont get it’), being nice and friendly on here does not equal I tell it how it is, nice or not.
          • Topics such as these dont help your argument.
            • Having pricing for Soma, Tramadol, and Fiorcet (they all arent controlled, but are commonly used for abuse and not for severe chronic pain) on the top of the forum board dont help your argument either. Chronic pain people know that (with the exception of soma) those (especially fiorcet) arent used to treat chronic pain. I’ve seen Norco for breakthrough with a timed release C2, but never ultram or fiorcet.
              • If you think that just throwing opoids at chronic pain is ‘pain management’, then you have a lot to learn. Pain management involves including a bunch of different agents including Neurontin (or a TCA,SSI, Cymbalta, etc or both) for neuropathy in back/diabetes patients, Ibuprofen/NSAID/Cox-2/prednisone/Decadron/etc for inflammation, etc. Timed released agents for baseline pain vs short acting agents for breakthrough pain, analgesic equivalent conversions (in mg of morphine units) of all the oral/IM/IV agents, figuring out how much timed release to give based upon your breakthrough frequency rate, etc are all a part of ‘pain management’. All of this has to be tailored by a doctor who needs to SEE you, not just see your text. They also need to be looked at by a REAL pharmacist who talks to you, not just accepts your credit card and fedex’s your shipment.
                • I worked in pain mangement for hospice. I was the one who would scream at gunshy doctors to prescribe C2’s so these poor people could die in peace and pain-free. So dont think I dont know what i’m talking about when talking about pain control. The doctors would say “those are addictive!” i would say “so what?”. Ever give Ritalin to an elderly so you could increase the morphine dose to control pain without making them sleep all day? I have. Ever been personally thanked by the family of the patient because their loved one died without pain? I have. Ever have patients shake your hand and thank you because for once they slept a full night pain-free? I have. Dont talk to me about not knowing about chronic pain or pain mangement.
                  • Think about what you are doing and preaching. Out there a dumbass politician with no medical knowledge is looking at online doctors/pharmacies (ie: and others) and thinking “diversion, save the children, reelection”. You have forum topics about drug tests, online pharmacies, online doctors, harassing the UPS man for your ‘shipment’, etc. Doesnt look good. Now think of what this politician is going to do? Thats right, create more stupid ass laws to stop this sort of stuff. This means locking down controlled drugs even more which makes my job (and a doctors) even harder. So the people who need these medications to survive have to deal with the aftermath due to the people who take these drugs for less-than-ethical purposes. Thats a pretty shitty deal if you ask me.
                    • Making threats to take my webpage down isnt very smart. Because if the site goes down due to attack, my hosting provider and his ISP are going to want to know who did it. I point them to forum thread above and the subpoenas start flying. I dont think you or want that kind of attention from lawyers and law enforcement (even though what is doing isnt illegal in the least, its a hassle for everyone involved). Huge red-flag for everyone associated with over a topic that you dont happen to agree with.
                      • Online pharmacies may be convenient, but online doctors with online pharmacies are shady at very best. It may be legal to the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law. International importing of controlled medication is just asking for trouble. Doctors are supposed to make an educated decision based upon your symptoms, and doing it over email or a computer is just plain unethical. If you’re in chronic pain you need to be followed by a “real” doctor in person, not killing your liver with vicodin from some online quack and some fly-by-night pharmacy. You know as much about the doctor as he knows about you, thats pretty damn scary when you trust your health and well being to someone who is just text on a computer monitor.
                        • I have nothing against the people who run They do what they want to do, provide a place for people to discuss. If thats what floats their boat, thats great, but what goes on there could possibly have an impact on my patients and my profession, and thats where I get upset. My hats are off however to their administrative staff for putting the kebosh on the threads about the DrugNazi and myself.
                          • There are people on DB who are legit, however when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. All these strict narcotic laws weren’t passed because of the actions of legit patients.
                            Enough Jerry Springer-like “Final Thoughts”. On with the hate mail!!!

                            Your a fucking dick…get your facts str8 or shut up bitch! You sure your
                            not a “junkie”? you seem to know soo much about and the people
                            there. Just to get your facts str8 (and you should know this) you cannot
                            get a schedule 2 med from an online or edoctor

                            I can spell ‘straight’, so no, I am not a junkie. Yes, you cannot get C2 narcotics online. However if you had enough brainpower to read the main page of, it does in fact say:
                            Where are the best sources for hydrocodone, oxycodone, and other strong pain meds?
                            Im sure the answer to this question would be “A Pharmacy”, but im sure it goes a little deeper than that.

                            I sure hope that you never cir cum to a debilitating disease.
                            You seem to be quick to give out your advice but, in reality you have no
                            idea. Just remember what goes around comes around and Karma (Whether you
                            believe in it or not) is a bitch.
                            In other words, if you keep up your shitty and piss poor attitude toward
                            your fellow man, Then I have no doubt you will end up disabled and alone.
                            Seems a fitting end to someone of your stature

                            Cir cum? Woah! I have enough positive karma to forgive Saddam, Hitler, and the DrugNazi. I bail people out of jams day in and day out. I advance people medication at no cost to them to keep them out of the hospital because their doctor took a week to okay the refill request. People love me at work, and I use this site to blow off steam at my fellow man. I keep my fellow man alive because he is too ignorant to call in for a refill a few days early vs a day after he’s out when the bottle states 0 refills remaining.

                            Oh, and since I fully suspect you don�t have the guts to post any negative feedback on your site, I�ve taken the liberty of posting your little screed on newsgroup along with my response.

                            Thats great. Most of those patients probably go to a legit doctor, and get pain medications from reputable sources. Im sure a good majority of them would agree with what im saying, since this online doctor/pharmacy shit just supports the passing of stricter laws that make it harder for them to get the pain medication that they need. So I hate to say it, but your little plan to get angry mobs of chronic pain people after me might backfire.

                            “…who else buys their fucking pain medications from an “online” doctor and an “online” pharmacy”
                            How about chronic pain patients who can’t get adequate pain relief because their doctors are either chickenshits or selfish pricks. Many, if not most of the people who frequent suffer from chronic pain. If you read some of the discussions you’d know that.
                            The American Pain Foundation estimates that 50 million U.S. citizens suffer from significant pain daily, but only about a quarter of them are getting adequate treatment.
                            That’s because the DEA campaign against prescription drug diversion has stigmatized patients in need of pain medication. DEA intimidation tactics against doctors have created a climate of fear, with the predictable result that many doctors now won’t prescribe opiates at all or are only willing to prescribe amounts that are totally inadequate. The DEA is killing chronic pain patients by intimidating their doctors. Many more people die from not having the prescription pain medications they need, than die from the drug abuse the government is trying to prevent.
                            One of the major causes of those deaths is the overuse of OTC NSAIDS like acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) by people who are desperate for pain relief. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that 200,000 cases of gastric bleeding occur each year, resulting in nearly 20,000 deaths.

                            If you are in true chronic pain, and your doctor wont prescribe you anything stronger than Vicodin ES, then you need to find a doctor that knows something about medicine. Plain and simple. Skirting a gray-area of the law with an online doctor and online pharmacy is not only going to force more laws to be passed to limit narcotics (via your beloved DEA), but in the end result going to harm more people who are in chronic pain. So by going to these online joints you’re shitting in your own bed.
                            But what do I know? I only spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week calculating how long a 30 day supply of soma (90 divided by 3 is a long lost art) will last to the same person every day (because they dont remember they called) , and hearing excuse after excuse after excuse on why they need their pain pills early (none of which are ‘they arent helping’ and they never seem to lose their BP/DM meds). Oh, and its never for the C2 narcotics either, because they cant be troubled to go into the doctors office for a new handwritten Rx. Yes, these doctors do write for C2’s. Yes, these same doctors do have chronic pain patients who are on C2’s, have a good quality of life, and who are never early on their medications. Yes, there are pain management clinics and doctors who actually listen what I have to say because they know that I talk with the patient a whole lot more than they do.
                            So thats the end of it (I hope). I hope I made my point clear.

Comments #

Comment by somepharmacyguy on 2007-01-24 22:47:58 -0800 #

From now on, be sure to get one of the techs to start your car at the end of the day…just in case.

Comment by Angry Scientist on 2007-01-25 06:50:21 -0800 #

Angry Pharmacist
I need your help. Instead of doing the sensible thing (getting a PharmD) I went and got a PhD in Pharmacology thinking I was going to cure cancer or something. If someone had blogged as an angry scientist back then I would have known better. Long story short I am now considering going back for a PharmD and I am interested in Hospice work. I have spent a little bit of time volunteering at one. What do you think? any advice?

Comment by canoehead on 2007-01-25 08:14:04 -0800 #

Consider the source, and get a bigger delete button.
Keep up the great work.

Comment by Bill on 2007-01-25 15:36:53 -0800 #

I can’t imagine anyone taking issue with a thing you said here – and btw, Excellent post.

Comment by Marc Mayhew on 2007-01-30 11:09:16 -0800 #

I find it hard to believe that the ONLY “fan mail” you’ve received has been from people who muddle context, misspell words, and who use profanity. Are you afraid to post your well thought and articulate messages from users? Smacks of agenda promotion to me.

Comment by Musician 7 on 2007-02-03 17:32:49 -0800 #

I disagree that there are Doctors willing to prescribe controlled substances. I have had severe pain and went for hypnosis and bio feed back and did not get help from either. I went to a pain management Dr. I went to about eight Dr’s. They all said they would not write anything but Paxil which every one wanted me to take. I am not depressed. My family Dr retired. I always took my pills responsibly. I have severe migraines and severe de generative disc disease. The advil and aleve type meds made me suffer such heart burn I was sick for days. The only time I was treated with respect was in Michigan when I went to see my dieing father and had a migraine and was treated at his hospital. That young Dr said he never saw such a severe migraine. The preventative medications have failed me. There are many of us that cannot get our medications and we are not addicts. The pain management Dr told me he will not prescribe any controlled meds to his cancer patients. I swear all this to be true. I only take medication when I am in severe pain. My liver and kidney function tests are normal.I am a senior citizen and should not have this worry. Bless you for taking care of people.

Comment by JoAnn on 2007-02-05 10:42:27 -0800 #

I want to thank you for being open and letting me know what you are about. I for one have used that site and i also have used my local pharm. 99 percent of the time. I dont know what i would do without her. In fact you sound alot like her. At any rate, keep up the good work and continue to stand in your convictions, you are correct you know? thanks

Comment by Sue Haine on 2007-02-09 12:18:01 -0800 #

Loved your writing… truly. And content!
You are articulate and clear, and I “get” much better your points about and online pharms (which I have used).
I am scheduled for surgery soon and hope I have a pharmacist like you.
The DB Board would flame me, but I like your style.
KUDOS to you!!!

Comment by tara on 2007-03-13 19:42:15 -0700 #

Dear sir, Finally! a pharmasist who sees a human being with problems, not a junkie. I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, and have had 2 failed surgeries on my back. Doctors have disregarded my constant complaint of pain, since 2002, because I am simply too young to be in any real pain, therefore I must be faking it.(I am 26)the pain has ruined my life, marriage, career, and motherhood. I cannot pick my five year old up, and am terrified to have another child due to the pain it would cause. So am I a drug addict for trying to find pain relief online??? We are military insured, so all the doctors I have access to see the same records and refuse to believe me. Its reallly sad that I have to try to “buy drugs” illegally, just so I can play ball with my son. Tara–VA

Comment by Michael on 2007-03-18 15:19:10 -0700 #

I was recently banned from the DB website because I voiced my opinion about the legitimacy of online pharmacies and “consulting services”, ie, doctors that will write a script for anyone with a medical record documenting their vitals. Bottom line is as a recovering addict and as someone who lives with an anxiety disorder… and yes I have to wtihout benzo’s, there is no justification for enabling people to obtain medications throught these venues. But somehow DB feels like “self medication” is better than finding a compassionate doctor. When I used to “doctor shop” I found plenty of docs willing to write me scripts for anything I wanted, accept for C2s of course. I’m sick of hearing about how this is the only source for chronic pain patients… that’s BS and we all know it.

Comment by Stacy on 2007-05-25 16:46:41 -0700 #

I used to be one of those people that HAD to sue the ROP’s, because my Dr wouldnt prescribe anything that made a difference.
She finally referred me to a pain clinic. They gave me a COX2 inhibitor, and an anti depressant. They had stopped writing SHC II scripts about 6 months before, even with a dictation of what meds needed to be prescribed, she refused to follow thier plan.
I suffer from debilitating spinal arthritis, and Degenerative Disc Disease. At the time something was better than nothing at all, or another script for Celebrex and Elavil. (Gosh forbid I should be in constant pain and sad at the same time)
It was actually an ER Doc who put me on SCHII meds. He told me that if my Dr wouldnt help then I needed to find one who would.
Being stubborned, depressed and in pain I did. I am one of the lucky ones though, not everyone is, not everyone has the means.
I am only 40, way too young to live the life of a 90 year old man with a walker and a cane. It was like having my life back again, I will bless that man as long as I live.

Comment by Lisa on 2007-05-26 20:08:48 -0700 #

Thank the heavens above! I live in the land of plenty and when my SchII drugs don’t work I use the drugs God intended, and also prescribed by my pain doctor. They work the best of all of the others I have, I just wish I could function as well on MM as I do on Fentanyl & Morphine. 😉

Comment by Melissa on 2007-06-09 19:18:51 -0700 #

This is a wonderful, very informative. I read your excuses page and thought of myself when I had my addiction. 🙂
Keep up the good work!!!

Comment by Mike on 2007-06-12 18:35:21 -0700 #

I ws a member of a similiar site and did indeed receive hydrocodone after completing all the required steps. I am a chronic pain patient as well as being diagnosed w/severe GAD, MDD, and IBS. Currently I am taking: Cymbalta , Remeron , Xanax, and hydrocodone/apap. Though I have been getting my meds from the same pharmacist for over a year and never before had problems receiving them early and ws even encouraged by them to call a week in advance or 2 weeks in advance if I had no refills left, they are now suspiscious and even a bit worried and sarcastic. My insurance and refill supply are mail order 90 day for the Cymbalta and Remeron(which Im to reorder 3 weeks before I run out), 30 day for the Xanax and 20 day for the hydrocodone/apap. This is what it states by the Dr., the insurance company, and even if I do the refill over the automated phone system. In the past it was never a problem to get it refilled early and I was ,as stated even told to do so. Now, they not only ask me a several accusatory /suspicious questions when I go get a refill a few days early so I dont run out but seem to barely want to give them to me even when its due. I have always had a good relationship w/them in the past–they would fill it early (any time really) and smile and even remembered my name, voice, face when ever I called or came in. The last time I ws in, I even had to aplogize for calling and checking on the # of refills, as any one standing by could see their very blunt frustration and irritation I seemed to have caused them. A depressed, severly anxious/worrisome , chronic pain patient with the olbigation of picking meds up early right when you see the bottom of the bottle w/the previous instruction to do just that w/smiling faces to almost getting accused of misuse/and denial of meds/ and no more smiles but just glances of suspician/contempt have really gotten to me. As a pharmacist, whats the big deal, why the sudden change of character, what’s the suspician, do you think? I mean a person whos acting anxious and compulsive shouldn’t be made to feel even worse tring to get his meds so he CAN relax and knows he has what he needs for a while and wont be running out at the last minute. in a panic attack or suffering WD and missing work to pick up his medes on the exact day. Im on call for one thing. I may not be able to go to the store much less the pharmacy w/special hours for days on end when I’m on a call. Why do some pharmacist act this way when if it was them or their child they would want to pick it up as soon as possible just to “KNOW you have it done- not about to run out – more than enough if something comes up(you have to leave town or whatever can happen in this life). Any thoughts? Why the change of mind you suppose?

Comment by snakeflake on 2007-06-16 22:55:27 -0700 #

I dont know what really started this flame warand I am not realy interested. I do have a beef with some pharmacists. you mentioned that you never see a patient tryingto get he bp meds early. Well I am diabetic and I work as an environmental scientist. Many times I have to work in very remote places (NM/US border)that do not have a walgreens or cvs on every corner. I have on several occasions asked for scripts to be filled a few days early knowing that when I run out I will not be able to refil untill I get back to civilization. these chains generally havea generic answer. “you can refill at any walgreens, cvs, rite aid. I am not sure how much geography it takes to become a pharmacist but were I go it is imposible to get to one of these chains. I now only do buisiness with smaller local pharmacies. I explain my situation to them before I ever fill a prescription. Most are understranding and oblige me. Of course I do not abuse the priveledge. OBTW, I also take T3s and klonopin. These brave souls have never given me a problem. The large chains have strict policies that they will not bend. For that reason I will never do business with one again.

Comment by Al Carlisle on 2007-06-19 05:15:06 -0700 #

My Md is not bad about writing scripts out.
But he needs to find out what is causing my brain to hurt so much.But I can see this trying to take peoples money I got a so called password and username but there is no one thats ever going to help me sign in and that there is cause for dispute and fraud.But These MFuck dummings can’t see out the front door when the door is open then I also see thses online MD fees.
And here could be the next thing in the future I hope not Is a gd MD like I have my decide that making 120.00 for everything are almost everything he could do to get the 120.00 per client would be better and not so dam much work just to sit on his fat ass and say sure here you quilfy for loritabs,kadians,diazipams

Comment by Al Carlisle on 2007-06-19 05:16:59 -0700 #

My Md is not bad about writing scripts out.
But he needs to find out what is causing my brain to hurt so much.But I can see this trying to take peoples money I got a so called password and username but there is no one thats ever going to help me sign in and that there is cause for dispute and fraud.But These MFuck dummings can’t see out the front door when the door is open then I also see thses online MD fees.
And here could be the next thing in the future I hope not Is a gd MD like I have my decide that making 120.00 for everything are almost everything he could do to get the 120.00 per client would be better and not so dam much work just to sit on his fat ass and say sure here you quilfy for loritabs,kadians,diazipams

Comment by Beverly on 2007-06-20 19:57:46 -0700 #

I want to thank you for all you said. My mother was a nurse, my sister and neice are nurses – Sister also involved with Hospice and my nephew and his wife are cardiologists. I had to take care of my mother and family (including younger brother sister and dad) through my mother’s 5 surgeries so it was to school and home to be a second mom. I watched my husband go through 3 back surgeries and he is in as much pain now as then. We are both 61 – highschool sweethearts married 42 years with four children. I have had two relatives that had back surgery – ended up in a convalescent hospital where they eventually committed suicide. Back surgey scares me to death. Three auto accidents, broken tail bone, two herniated discs, sciatica and pinched nerve are my symptoms and even though I have found walking and swimming sometimes helps I am never a night without pain. 6 different mattresses. If you are lucky to find an older doctor with the compassion shown by my family, you are extremely fortunate. Most of these young doctors won’t prescribe anything and the fact that I am allergic to aspirin and NSAIDS really leaves me with very little options. I asked my mother one time when I was concerned about becoming addicted to Darvocet N100 after being on it for a year and 1/2 what were the things I needed to watch for. She said if I never took medicine when I wasn’t in pain I didn’t have a problem. She said if I didn’t have to increase the dosage to obtain the same affect I was probably all right. I have been on and off pain meds for years and never did I violate her rules. I have on my worst days never taken more than 5 pain pills and since my husband was disabled with his back surgeries I have to work and keep the home fires buring and still I can’t find a doctor who even understands that with my pain and panic attacks I have actually considered suicide just to find some relief. I can’t leave my children so I won’t go down that road but there are times when it seems the only solution. Go after the hard core users – I mean cocaine, heroin, street drugs, etc. but please, please let me get up in the morning and go to work without having to fight the pain all day. Please don’t let me have a panic attack because the responsibility is always on my shoulders. Thank God I am a Christian Woman because sometimes just praying over and over again will allow me a few hours of sleep. God Bless you for trying to bring to light the issues that we legitimate pain sufferers have to endure that make us turn to DB just to live some semblence of a normal life. We have had the “quality vs Quantity” discussion many times and both my husband and I have a pact that if it gets so bad for either of us after 42 years we would rather find peace together. Thank you again for having the conviction and courage to voice your opinion. You are in our prayers.

Comment by TM on 2007-08-10 08:13:42 -0700 #

I have had to use db in the past. I have multiple herniated discs, ddd, arthritis, spinal stenosis. I am now preparing for lumbar surgery. But to be honest, the doc’s on db don’t give a shit about me or my medical problem’s. The consult’s i recieved work very, very quick and to the point,what do you want, how many. They are only there for the almighty dollar. I have since went to my family doc, and he prescribes oxycontin, and percocet for break-thru pain. I was convinced that they would not do this because of dea. My point being that if your pain is true, they will write for you.It just makes me wonder how many true chronic pain pts. really use db, compared to recreational user’s and drug dealer’s that use the service.

Comment by Robert on 2007-08-23 20:47:06 -0700 #

Your last post made sense, I’m a member on the DB board. I simply go there to find out new info on chronic pain. I guess there are alot of haters out there who want to complain about things and you were that person sorry,
your comments about real pain control are true because i have real chronic pain I.E 4 failed spinal fusions. and the medicine and the dosages were on, as far as what you commented about. Not everybody on DB is angry with the angry pharmacist

Comment by Constantly Chronic on 2007-09-15 11:31:43 -0700 #

I find it hard to believe that anyone would be so discriminating and throw all people seeking online pain relief meds into one category as – addicts/junkies/ects..
I for one see that as nieve as someone whom is predjudist againt one form of race/religion/sex ect.. I for on am a person with one kidney remaining which is failing and currently at the 48% function and counting down daily. I had a work related accident in 1999. I have had a spinal fusion, re-spinal fusion and then surgery where the Doctor removed the hardware for the fusion performed due to the fact my body was rejecting the metal. I currently have disc-degenerative disease, another disc going and put my life on the line every day seeking relief. Lets face it here if my liver goes from pain relievers then there will be no kidney dialosis nor implant in the future for me. Yet Yes I have had to run to the keyboard and boards like seeking pain relief in the past and possibly will need their assistance in the near future. Without Pain relief for my constantly chronic and severe back pain would suicide be the next option? I get the epidural injecions every 6 wks, currentlty looking into other options and still have to rely on pain meds. I have even considered a 4/5/6/7…surgery. What ever it takes to live a pain free life. I do not want to have to rely on pills anymore. I need to find something, anything to take the edge off the excrusiating pain everyday. If not for board I think my tombstone would’ve already read 1965-2005. I did what obviosly I thought neccessary to continue to live a somewhat normal life and have no shame. I would be damned then and now if I let any Doctor/ Specialist/ Surgeon tell me I did not hurt the way I do without my hydrocodone. I know what works for my pain and if I had to trusted my life to the .coms that didn’t give me the hassle the local doctors do to get the pain relief what life would I have had? I see that pathetic on the local doctors here to help people such as myself more then pathetic on my part. I was willing to die for pills god knows where they came from because I was already suicidal without the meds at hand. I want to shake the hand that read my records faxed in for the consultation that prescribed those meds whether they were licensed or not. Keep fighting the good fight for those of us who refuse to be told how we hurt and on what level 1 through 10!!!!

Comment by Tammy on 2008-03-01 07:43:04 -0800 #

What a great post. I have worked for doctors who are terrified to write scripts for VICODIN (regular, not ES or HP) when someone has just a “hairline” fracture of a metatarsal or a really bad ankle sprain (unable to bear weight). This tends to be the younger generation of doctors. The older ones are not quite so paranoid, at least in my opinion.
When I went thru 2 years of chronic back pain, I went thru every kind of workup possible (minus a CT scan which might have found the problem). No doctor was willing to believe I was hurting so bad in the LLQ of my back 24/7 so they basically told me to “grin and bear it”, take Tylenol, Motrin, etc. One was nice enough to prescribe me some Darvocet – to take once a day. Gee, thanks. So, I turned to online pharmacies until:
Last March, my uterus prolapsed. When I had my hysterectomy last may, my doctor walked in the day after the surgery and said “Tammy, were you have any back pain?” of course I said I was. “He told me I had a softball-sized mass pressing on my spine.
I swear, most doctors think patients are just out for narcotics. The DEA is making it worse. I’m probably killing my liver with the amount of Motrin I’ve taken since I hurt my back 2 days ago (lifting heavy things)a but I’ll be damned if I’m going to call my doctor to ask for “something stronger”.
Anyway, thanks for a great post! You sound like a really great, compassionate guy. Thanks especially for standing up for the elderly who quite often do not get the pain control they need. (Animals and kids are another sore subject with me – I had a hysterectomy and that hurt like hell but you’re going to spay my dog and send her home with nothing??? Ah, a kid broke his leg? Give him Tylenol).
Hopefully these doctors will stand up to the DEA one of these days. These highly educated men and women are afraid of getting into trouble for writing pain pills for sprains, etc. This new way of (not) prescribing medicine sucks. And sorry, Lyrica, Neurotin, Celexa,etc. help SOME but they don’t do that much when you’re in chronic pain.
Sorry for the rant. Take care, all!

Comment by leon on 2008-03-02 07:36:57 -0800 #

we have one great pharmacist, and that is worth gold in my opinion. We have another who is on a power trip and we could do without him, he should not be in the profession. Our good pharmacist is not a drama queen is what we appreciate the most.
I am one for tackling problems before people get sick. Like fixing our water, our environment. Being on drugs is no fun, and should be the last resort. Pain medications constipate, other medications even lipitor can do a real number on the liver, so my opinion is stay away from drugs as long as you can. The fact that ambien is still on the market is an indication of the insanity of pharmacies, and pharmaceutical lobbyists. The FDA worried about laxatives and took them off the market, but they leave ambien which is a deadly compound and so dangerous, I cannot believe mothers with young children take a drug that puts them into a coma. Pharmacist who push this kind of thing I have no respect for. Period.

Comment by You know what they say on 2008-04-18 21:19:51 -0700 #

I agree with some of the post and disagree with other parts.
First, I’m not a pain med user. I still have some tylox left over from when I had surgery 15 years ago. I don’t know if it is still any good, but I hang onto it just in case I have some type of emergency where I need a few pain pills. I have about half of a bottle (15 pills) of valium that was prescribed to me 10 years ago.
I don’t have health insurance, so I have acquired meds such as prozac (before it became available as a generic) from places like India due to the huge cost savings available. I had a prescription, but just couldn’t afford to buy it here. I know that nowadays there are programs such as PPA to help regarding the cost.
I say all of that to qualify myself so that what I say can’t simply be dismissed as the rantings of a drug seeker.
Most of the posts here just illustrate the problems of the pain med addicts. If you are going out of town a week early then you may need your meds early that one time. If you need your meds early every time then there is a problem.
Drugbuyers is a place where a lot of those people hang out and post, but that doesn’t represent all or even most of the users. People like me simply lurk and get the info they need and don’t post there.
I want to agree with one poster who said it looks like you carefully culled out the stupid posts and showed them here. You did include one articulate post. To be really fair you should have included only one or two of the stupid posts and the rest some of the more articulate posts. After all, you only prove yourself weak when you attack a weak opponent. Would you rather win in chess against a first grader or lose in chess to Garry Kasparov?
I want to say that your pain med view as put forth in this post is naive. Of course there are many doctors who prescribe all the needed pain meds, but many don’t. The thing the posters state about the DEA imposing fear and intimidation are true. They do interfere with the best practice of medicine.

Comment by RANDALL P HOOVER,HIS on 2008-05-20 23:11:02 -0700 #


Comment by Jane on 2008-06-19 14:15:17 -0700 #

II couldn’t bring myself to read all of the mean spirited, nasty comments coming from both sides of the debate but it was rather easy to get the gist of it. At least drug addiction is a treatable disease – mean-mouthed know-it-allness is not. Calling people names and making fun of or light of their problems solves nothing. “Drug Shopping” is a classic symptom of addiction, as is convincing oneself that you are in severe pain, when you really are not. Addicts by any name will do what they have to do to get their poison. Perhaps the angry pharmacists should advocate better and more accessible treatment for those suffering with addictions rather than demonizing them. I was in a rehab center once (I’m clean now for many years) that “catered” to medical professionals, among them many pharmacists who used the same rationalizations concerning their addictions as some of the people using In fact, their justifications were exceptionally retarded. As an example, they never used the word “steal” when talking about stealing drugs. Rather, they “diverted” them from the pharmcy shelves or from the samples they were given from pharmaceutical companies. Grow up – drug addiction is everywhere, even in your neighborhood drug store standing behind the counter and wearing the white coat.

Comment by Kathy P on 2008-11-17 18:37:56 -0800 #

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Comment by don rayth on 2009-02-07 10:18:58 -0800 #

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Comment by karl on 2011-01-04 16:44:45 -0800 #

god bless the work you do… I never thought of your ( pharmacist) side of things.. I am a chronic pain patient.. I think… long story short i have a bad back and started taking lorded then percocet now fentenyl.. I was clean for a year I stopped all pain meds and took cymbalta and everyday sucked. everyday still sucks I’m in pain an addict and don’t know what to do… I have pain and it’s easy to say just stop taking anything.. blah blah blah… I just love reading about people who actually help others thank god there are people like you and you are right about drugbuyers it’s for addicts that’s what I am and why I go there I just wanted to say thank you because I am sure you are not told that enough each and every day… take care

Comment by Ed on 2011-08-10 21:49:22 -0700 #

That’s a terciary subject and site; a different world. I do not see you as a person who really wants to rant beyond the dealings you face everyday at your job. Maybe some have been driven there because they gave up on dealing with the revolving door of Doctor’s who will not help them. My guess is a majority of the participants are recreational (I’m being nice). Yet, it was the 3-5 percent of those recreational users (again I am being polite) who caused the problems legitimate law abiding patients have finding help for conditions including treatment requiring controlled substances.