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Oh Boy!

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Ah, you all know that I love a good hate-mail. 🙂

you’re all a bunch of ingrates. like WE’RE supposed to read your minds? ya’ll make a TON of money and have the nerve to have a power trip about it at the same time.

We don’t expect you to read our minds. We assume that you have enough common sense to realize the information that we need right off the bat so we dont spend an hour wasting our time to fill your Rx. I mean who goes anywhere without their insurance card? Do you drive without you drivers license? I realize that people forget stuff at home, but then demand that /I/ call /your/ insurance to get your ID number that /you/ left at home 5 mins away. No, thats not a power trip, thats respect for someone who is providing you a service. Next time you’re at the store and forget your credit card to pay for your food, whine at them because they wont call your credit card company to get your CC#.
I don’t see what making a ‘TON of money’ has anything to do with this. Yes, we get paid normally high wages compared to ditch diggers and waitresses, but they aren’t really responsible for your life are they? They didn’t to go college for over 5 years nor are saving your life when two doctors refuse to talk and prescribe the same thing.
I get high wages for my schooling and my knowledge of pharmacy. I don’t get paid high wages to be your bitch and errand boy because you’re too lazy to either call in Rx numbers or run home for your insurance card.

I’m sure this will either not get posted or it will and the indigent flames will then come…

I would of just glossed over this and blindly approved the comment. However I figured you shouldn’t get off that easy.

Comments #

Comment by Rebecca on 2007-07-20 08:57:54 -0700 #

“indigent flames”
Indignant – expressing strong displeasure at something believed to be unjust or offensive.
Indigent – Poor, needy, impoverished, lacking the necessities of life.
Sometimes it is helpful to know which words we are using before we send them in a nasty message. THIS is definitely the kind of person who can’t figure out what information the pharmacist needs.

Comment by GingerB on 2007-07-20 09:56:34 -0700 #

Glad you’re back!
I was beginning to think one of those retired schoolteachers caught you in the parking lot behind the store and got you with her cane after she read what you wrote about her.

Comment by PinkFu on 2007-07-20 11:57:34 -0700 #

Is this twat kidding?
Let’s get this clear, Jeff: Just because your parents fucked up in raising you and you don’t know how to be a polite, productive member of society doesn’t mean you can walk around being a fucktard w/o blowback. Some of us were raised right and put effort in to not being a total waste of space; that doesn’t mean we are required to take up your slack.

Comment by Rxvettemaster on 2007-07-20 15:44:32 -0700 #

Don’t you just love it when you get some low life shithead that thinks money can justify anything in this world including disrespect to another human being? I’m a fellow pharmacist who used to suffer the everyday pains of retail pharmacy until I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore and deserved to be treated just half as good as the douche bag who wrote that comment. Then I switched to hospital pharmacy which has been a life saver. I came to realize that retail pharmacy was just a cover up for it’s correct title “The Institute for Assholes and Retards”. No offense meant by that to you Angry Pharmacist. I actually have great respect for you for putting up with all the BS. For all of you who HAVE ever been a rotten pile of feces when you’ve been to a retail setting whether it’s a pharmacy or otherwise I’d like nothing more than to take your silver platter of shit and cram it right down your throat 🙂 Happy shopping!

Comment by LeeRoyRx on 2007-07-20 21:04:43 -0700 #

Angry Pharmacist…I would like to see a blog dedicated to inpatient hospital pharmacy. Let me know if you need an author, as I have tons of stories to share.

Comment by DrRx on 2007-07-21 06:17:51 -0700 #

I completely understand. Next time I’m at Best Buy, I’ll forget to bring my CC and see how far I get by asking the cashier to call the CC company for me (oh, I don’t know their phone number either, so you’ll have to find that out…don’t you have a list?”…. As for RXvettemaster…. I completely concur. The money is less, but the stress is also much less…and the respect factor is MUCH higher. If anyone wants to get a job in Hospital Pharmacy (in the SE PA area), let me know…I’m a Director of Pharmacy, with a few job openings right now! 😉

Comment by Steph on 2007-07-21 16:53:00 -0700 #

i totally agree with every word of this article. i have worked and still work in a pharmacy and that happens all the time. yeah, we don’t get paid to be the customer’s bitch, but yet everyone can be an exception when they forget something else(like the cc at the grocery store). that’s right!

Comment by disgruntledrph on 2007-07-21 18:53:45 -0700 #

What is a non-pharmacist doing lurking around this blog site anyway? I hope he reads this…..I am so sick and tired of dealing with people/customers who have an IQ of about 5. If they don’t like what we say, then they need to take their comments elsewhere and get a life and quit hanging out on a website that is meant for pharmacists to vent/rant on. Sooooooooooo typical of the ruuuuuude public. I recently had a female call in to my store manager and complain because my techs were eating a “Frostee” and she thought she was being ignored. God forbid any of us take a break!!!! Eat a snack or go to the restroom. Oh, my bad, that is a whole different topic. Luv this site. Keep the rants coming!!!! Go to -ell if you don’t like what we “pharmacists” say here.

Comment by pharmacy tech gone postal on 2007-07-22 05:24:35 -0700 #

The same assholes are treating the technicians equally as bad, and sometime worse than the pharmacist and we don’t make a “ton” of money. So, assholes of the world, maybe you should be thankful you got your blood pressure med and not a bowel prep, by mistake of course.

Comment by jess on 2007-07-23 04:10:43 -0700 #

“I’m sure this will either not get posted or it will and the indigent flames will then come…”
Maybe they meant to say, “…and the flaming indigents will then come…”

Comment by MLO on 2007-07-26 09:37:47 -0700 #

I have to wonder what ruminations you have on the lack of dialogue between physicians? Even when it would probably cause a case to be solved faster? (Drug interactions come immediately to mind since you are a pharmacist.)
I’ve noticed that there is also an inability to look at research outside of their particular niche. (This is true of every group.)
I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Comment by Belladonna on 2007-07-27 10:54:33 -0700 #

MLO: lack of dialogue between physicians is most likely caused by lack of disclosure by the patient, no?