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Their vote counts as much as yours

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Some people are just idiots. I know that I’ve gone over and over and over how much people suck, and dealing with the public sucks, and how now I never ever underestimate the stupidity of people. However is planning ahead so hard?
Seriously. When you are on some random tweaky $1600/month drug, is it so hard to give me 24 hours notice before you need a refill so I can order it for you? Do you think that standing there screaming at me that you are out of this medication after I TOLD YOU that I needed to order this special is going to help the situation? It’s not like I told you just now, I told you the last 6 times you got this medication filled and we did not have it. In fact, when I spoke with you on the phone when you called in your refill I FUCKING TOLD YOU that I had to order this!
So no, you want it transfered to the corp-o-chain across the street who (guess what) doesn’t stock it either! You call every pharmacy in town to realize that nobody carries this tweaky new drug. Why do you ask? Because I dont like having $1600 sitting on my shelf just because you are too fucking lazy and too fucking stupid to give me 24 hours notice. Thats right, I’d rather spend that 1600 bucks on hookers, blow, and lap dances than to have it sit in a nice white bottle with 90 tablets inside.
So you eventually come crawling back to me, defeated that nobody has this medication in stock. You didn’t listen to me when I told you the 100 times that I needed to special order this, why would I expect you to listen to me when I said nobody stocks this. Do I have liar tattoo’d on my forehead? Or did you somehow read on the internet how all pharmacies stock this medication. You made me realize that the internet has suddenly made 4 years of grad school and a PharmD obsolete and are the first to rub my face into it. I hate you internets!
But no matter how much of an idiot you are, no matter how much you piss me off or humiliate yourself with your actions in front of my staff, I just remember that your vote counts as much as mine when running this country, and that makes me sad.

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Comment by sandi on 2007-10-30 05:39:07 -0700 #

except they don’t come crawling back until three minutes after the ordering cutoff, so now it will be in the day AFTER tomorrow 🙂

Comment by EEJ on 2007-10-30 09:52:48 -0700 #

I whole-heartedly agree!
I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t be better off making people do a simple math problem, or answer a simple economics question on the top of their voting slip.
If you answer the question wrong, your vote doesn’t count.
Just like when stupid people talk, nobody pays attention to their suggestions….because we know they are stupid. Wish it could be that way with voting.

Comment by jeve on 2007-10-30 12:42:48 -0700 #

What about the fools that take themselves off of prescription meds in favor of internet herbs and natural therapies. As a physician this takes up 25% of my day. Explaining that yes you really do have hypertension, and no flax seed oil is not a therapy for this, and the natural consequence of not taking your FDA approved prescription meds is early death. I just wish the internet adds had a liability button, so that they could be held accountable for all this misinformation. Jeve

Comment by RJS on 2007-10-30 13:14:50 -0700 #

Mandatory breeding licenses would help nip this behavior in the bud. Might take 20 years before we reap the benefits though, but I think that’s some long range planning I can really get behind!

Comment by The Ole’ Apothecary on 2007-10-30 17:17:08 -0700 #

This is the most frightening post I’ve read since I discovered the pharmacy blogosphere.
I wonder, however, about the following: if knowledge and intelligence are becoming scarcer than ever, then won’t that situation also contribute to the pharmacist shortage? I mean, this fellow with the Gleevec or the Sprycel won’t be applying, will he?

Comment by Sara on 2007-10-30 19:40:58 -0700 #

That, my friend, is life.
Stupid people need a serious intervention!

Comment by PharmaLisa on 2007-10-31 10:16:55 -0700 #

Here, here! I got chewed out for not stocking Estring. There just aren’t that many women looking for things to stick in their hoo-ha for three months at a time.

Comment by Sean on 2007-10-31 20:57:24 -0700 #

I just want to say great work by the way! So, I am a pharmacy student at one of the “great” schools in the philadelphia area, and have worked in a pharmacy for 4 years. Is it bad that I am a few yers from my license and my pharmacist says that I am the “futurew angry pharmacist” and a “future republican” because I don’t believe that a 16 year old should be getting Vitafol OB Complete, or that fucking medicaid patieints are always “in pain,” and “are constantly being screwed out of their medications.”
But, I digress. I just saw on the news that in 3 pharmacies (the big ones: Walgreens, CVS etc) there is a rally and protest that pharmacies do are discriminating agaisnt immigrants, because they do not have a translator on hand to translate what ” one tablet twice daily after meals” means. So, when I get my MBA/Pharm D. blah blah blah, I should hire 50 translators, trained in mandarin, spanish etc and put them agaisnt the wall and wait for the fucking lazy immigrant who knows damn well what I am saying to come in? I figured this would be good proverbial fodder for your mind to feast on.
Btw, after dealing with a drug addict today my BP was 153, think I should not go into retail…I mean I am only 20 haha.
As always, it is a pleasure reading this, and keep the soma flowing.

Comment by Katie on 2007-11-01 12:21:14 -0700 #

I’m curious what the drug is? Does that make me a nerd?

Comment by Laura on 2007-11-01 14:25:14 -0700 #

we have a lady who does this to us with her tikosyn. what sucks for her is that we have to drop-ship it in, so instead of one day, she gets to wait 3 to 5. does it matter that we tell her we need AT LEAST a week’s notice? of course not.

Comment by Dean C on 2007-11-01 14:38:48 -0700 #

Once again, you’re the man!

Comment by SkirkyPharm on 2007-11-01 20:35:22 -0700 #

some people are just born that way…. may we learn and not become one of them!! those who complain, those who can’t tell “1 hour wait” and come back after 25 minutes…. u do the math! lol

Comment by Doug on 2007-11-02 18:43:21 -0700 #

Is vagina really that bad of a word to say? I mean really, who says hoo-ha but 11 year old girls too afraid of saying the proper term?

Comment by elliottg on 2007-11-03 17:46:21 -0700 #

Yeah, so stupid people get to vote, but so do assholes like the commentor Sean above. I don’t see anyone trying to deny the vote to jerks. Quick quiz: do you think the invasion of Iraq was orchestrated by assholes or stupid people?

Comment by Jennifer on 2007-11-03 17:55:55 -0700 #

so we have a guy who gets about 15 prescriptions a month…of course he is on medicaid…and of course he does not pay his copays. So we tell him he needs to call them 24 hours in advance to make sure we have everything in stock cause we hate doing owes to this low life because he always says he didn’t get the owe.LIAR. Anyways its a Monday night at about 7:30 and we close at 8. (we have already done well over 260 prescriptions and we are understaffed) He calls in all 15 refills and asks…no begs that we fill these all now because he forgot he ran out yesterday and that he is going to die without them. HAHA Hmmm shouldnt he have thought about that yesterday morning when he took he last pilS!!! Oh and he asks if we can wait around because he’s on his way home from work and hes about 30 minutes away. SHIT!! i hate people….

Comment by Sean on 2007-11-04 17:25:22 -0800 #

Umm how do I classify as an asshole?

Comment by elliottg on 2007-11-05 06:59:07 -0800 #

“So, when I get my MBA/Pharm D. blah blah blah, I should hire 50 translators, trained in mandarin, spanish etc and put them agaisnt the wall and wait for the fucking lazy immigrant who knows damn well what I am saying to come in?”
You really don’t know what that sounds like?

Comment by Kebnabi on 2007-11-05 11:48:01 -0800 #

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the word vagina. But “hoo-ha” is funnier.

Comment by Sean on 2007-11-05 19:29:00 -0800 #

I was merely commenting that when I own my own business, that the way things are going, it will be ridiculous. Immigrants are great for the country, hell my grandparents, and I am sure somewhere down the line your family was once immigrants. But what annoys me most is not the fact that they are keeping their heritage, because that is fine. It is just refusing to assimilate to the American ideal. I know that in spanish speaking countries and most european countries, they learn english at some point…so them not speaking it is pure lethargy.

Comment by indietech on 2007-11-05 22:43:12 -0800 #

to solve the whole “but i never got the pills you owe me!!!” problem, my pharmacy saves part of the label (since we have to label the bottle of the pills that we owe them anyway) and stick a little part of it in a book where it says what they’re getting, how much, and the dosage. then they have to initial and date next to it, saying, yes, i did pick these up.