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Lost/Stolen Medication and the Ulcers they Cause

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Did I ever mention how much I hate it when people lose/get their meds stolen?  I mean its a real pain in the ass.  Of course its never the smart people who are willing to pay for their med replacement cost (or the cash customer), its the welfare types who want a replacement for free.

Lets pretend that I go to the supermarket and buy a can of Ragu (“i cant see it!”) spaghetti sauce.  On the way home, I drop it and it breaks in the parking lot.  Can I march right back in there and demand a replacement for free?  Well, if the store was a pharmacy I guess I can.  Remember, everything that comes out of the pharmacy is FREE if you are on welfare, its the American way.  Hell, even if you aren’t on the system they expect trade name medication to be less than $1.

These people don’t even blink an eye when they tell you the lost their meds/got them stolen.  Its like they are saying something completely benign and normal such as “I ate breakfast today” or “I pee’d in the toilet”.  Not even one bit of remorse, of concern, nothing.  “Yeah, I lost them, I need them replaced, how long is it going to be?”.  You know what? Fuck you!  I’m disgruntled because now I have to deal with YOUR FUCKUP.  THANK YOU.

  • You don’t have to deal with the fucking insurance company that throws a huge tizzy when dealing with lost/stolen meds.
  • You don’t have to wait on hold for 30 min with the state insurance program while you are browsing our earring and greeting card selection as your 10 children from 10 baby-daddies scream their heads off.
  • You don’t have to pay the fucking extra $300 to get your fucking Nexium and the 20 other trade name medications (that you don’t even fucking take on a regular basis) replaced just because you are too STUPID or LAZY to keep track of something.  Its all free to you.  You come in, show your fucking state card, and the magical drug fairy shits free medication into vials that I put the cap on and dispense to you with a smile on my face FOR FREE.
  • You obviously are more special than the REST OF US who have to PAY for something when we lose it.
  • Obviously if your medication was as important as your fucking CELL PHONE you would keep track of it.  We all know where the priorities are here.
  • If you had to fucking pay for the replacement, I’m sure you would fucking keep track of them, but OH NO we cannot deny medications to these people; they are POOR.  They NEED OUR HELP.  They obviously didn’t need our help fucking and having all those babies, or need our help spending the money we pay them to sit on their asses.

Wait, it gets better.  Ever notice its their Soma/Vicodin/Norco/Valium/etc that was lost or stolen, not their HCTZ, Lisinopril, Metformin, etc. I mean even if they take Valium once at bedtime they lose it, however their Lipitor is not lost (and its taken at the same time).  But lets not pass judgment now upon these people, because we might offend them if I imply they are fucking LIARS who are just using this as an excuse to get free dope.  No sir, never.  If you are offended by this statement, you need to wake the fuck up and look at the world around you.  Maybe if you would take Prince Valium’s cock out of your mouth all-day every-day you’d keep track of shit better.

Thats right, TAP is throwing down the kids gloves and calling people out.  I’m sick of it.  Its a waste of my time, taxpayer dollars, and just outright reinforcing the lack of personal responsibility/nanny government we are flourishing this day and age.

Comments #

Comment by TMoney on 2008-02-28 22:38:15 -0800 #

You sound like a republican, but I can’t say I disagree with you!~ I’ve tutored at schools and seen first hand a woman who had 5 daughters all under the age of 7 who each had a different dad. YEP, FIVE different daddies! To top it all off, she was about 250-300lbs of fun

Comment by bighair844 on 2008-02-29 04:50:35 -0800 #

Yeah, where i work, every single day we hear: “dropped them on a dirty floor” “left them on the bus” left them at the restaurant” “left them at the hotel” “dog ate them” “dropped them in the toilet” “spilled coffee on them” “got ruined when there was a leak in the ceiling” — it’s so IRRITATING! And, since our patients don’t pay for them, they are replaced without hesitation, lest they call their congressman and complain of how we are denying meds to someone who “fought for this country”. Never mind that they just got out of jail after being arrested for SELLING VICODIN! $#$%$^*#@@!! Seriously, can’t they just lose their atenolol once and a while to humor us?

Comment by SCG on 2008-02-29 04:53:34 -0800 #

Hey TAP,
Ok, so this isn’t really related to your post, but I saw this and thought of you:
I’m not sure if it’s comforting or alarming to have kindred souls in other professions…but at least we don’t have a monopoly on the market of dumbfuckery.

Comment by on 2008-02-29 06:16:27 -0800 #

One word, AMEN!!!! Preach it! I’m on the front row with my hands in the air. You speak the truth young wise one! Thanks for keeping this pharmacist with a big ol smile on her face!!!!!

Comment by james on 2008-02-29 09:05:56 -0800 #

Damn straight!

Comment by Gail on 2008-02-29 09:34:41 -0800 #

Well, this explains why my pharmacist almost died of shock the other day.
I came in with my bottle of medicine, happily turned to paste, thanks to my cat knocking it into a soaking pan, and it sitting, cap side down, over night. I was about half way through the month, and I have to take it every day, so I went to get it replaced. I knew insurance wouldn’t cover it, and the cat wasn’t coming up with any money, so I was ready to pay the 15 bucks it was going to cost for a half month supply.
In any case, the pharmacist acted so shocked when I was like “Yeah, I’ll pay out of pocket” without a quibble. I’m the idiot who left a bottle of pills next to a pan of sitting water with a rambunctious teenage kitten in the house.

Comment by Jaded Rx Intern on 2008-02-29 09:35:06 -0800 #

The one (and probably only) thing I love about our state Medicaid program: they WILL NOT cover lost or stolen meds. The only exception to this is when the patient files a police report, and the state requires a case number before they cover said lost/stolen med.
In all 5 1/2 years interning, I have heard tons of Medicaid whiners with their “stolen” medications, but only one time have we ever had a police report filed.
The rest of the Medicaid program is a fucking headache, but that’s a different rant altogether…

Comment by Gus on 2008-02-29 10:10:10 -0800 #

Our store (an independent) refuses to deal with lost meds. If they loose them, they can go to the doctor, get a new rx, and go to another pharmacy.
As it turns out, since we instituted that policy the number of lost prescriptions has decreased dramatically. Now we have more lipitor lost (or spilled down the sink, etc) than controls.

Comment by tom tamaski on 2008-02-29 10:35:55 -0800 #

Thanks to the democrats for all of these programs that created this mess. You wanted BIG government you got it! A big thank you to the dems for all of these problems you have created!!. And you want Obama to fix this … Wake up and get ready mor more BIG government if the Dems get in.

Comment by tom on 2008-02-29 12:46:38 -0800 #

Doug, I never you were so fucking funny!

Comment by Carol on 2008-02-29 13:29:18 -0800 #

Yup. Dogs have a magical ability to eat only Oxycontin and never docusate. And the idjit never seems worried about the dog dying of an overdose either. Hmmmmmm….

Comment by Debbie on 2008-02-29 13:44:09 -0800 #

My favorite is “I left them on the bus”.

Comment by retail whippin’ boy on 2008-02-29 14:41:45 -0800 #

There are some things that I do over a sink, like brush my teeth, wash my hands, wash dishes, pots and pans. There are some other things that I would NEVER do over a sink. Stuff like repairing a wrist watch. “What if one of the small parts were to fall?” I would ask myself. If the drain were open one of those tiny gear wheels or sprockets might be irretrievably lost. If the drain were closed and the sink contained water, the delicately machined parts might be damaged. I’d be too smart to do something this foolish!
So why the fuck do I get a call about once a week from some drug-abusing welfare moron who lost ALL his/her/their pills when the vial was opened “over a sink full of soapy water”? Isn’t their life saving/sustaining medicine even more important than the inner workings of their Rolex?
Ask yourself if you’ve EVER, even once, opened a bottle of pills over a sink full of water. The answer is probably not, because you realize that YOU’D have to pay for the medicine you spoiled, or do without. Yet as TAP points out, they expect us to pay for their carelessness ……over and over and over, again. Not to mention how insulting this is to the intelligence of the average person.
My all time favorite request, though, is the early refill (usually for Vicodin, alprazolam, etc.) because they’re “going on vacation.” From WHAT? Certainly not from their job!!! How would one who does not work differentiate a “vacation” from the rest of his/her useless fuckin’ life?
Finally, could some MPH/PhD candidate please do a study to find out why those who are on the state tit have such low pain thresholds, coupled with such high anxiety levels, that medication becomes a way of life. What could possibly make them all so nervous? The prospect of being required to get a job is the only thing that comes to mind.

Comment by rezpharm on 2008-02-29 17:13:59 -0800 #

They have such high anxiety because they are afraid that they are going to get caught for selling their kids Adderall!!!!!!!!

Comment by WebeRx on 2008-02-29 21:13:44 -0800 #

I once saw a young mother at Wal-Mart asking a manager to give her a new gallon of milk for free because her son dropped the one they bought in the parking lot and the container broke. No joke.

Comment by drh on 2008-02-29 21:31:22 -0800 #

How often do you think normal people actually lose their medications? I never have. Plus, I have four cats and they have NEVER spilled any of my pills into the toilet or anywhere else. Now I suppose that’s because I DON’T TAKE NARCOTICS. Those are the only pills that seem to get lost, stolen, spilled. I mean, I’ve dropped an Ibuprofen or two down the sink, maybe even an Allegra or Synthroid, but not enough to require a whole early refill.
I refuse to refill patients’ narcotics that have been “stolen”. I tell them that if I can see a police report I might consider it–funny how that ends the conversation. I also don’t refill “spilled” narcotics. I tell them it’s their responsibility to keep them safe–after all they are controlled substances that could end up in the wrong hands and get sold on the street or something…
This was a GREAT rant, TAP. Thanks!

Comment by Elina on 2008-03-01 01:49:29 -0800 #

Who can guarantee they dont sell their drugs?
Who can guarantee you that you are not part of a criminal act when you dispense this medication for free?
I come from Greece where this thing doesnt happen but i am very sure that if we did give out drugs for free, there would certainly be cases like that.

Comment by rph3664 on 2008-03-01 07:59:54 -0800 #

Someone like the people described in that rant, if they DID purchase and use a turkey fryer, would probably do something that would qualify them for a Darwin Award.
Now, to read the rest of the thread.

Comment by EE on 2008-03-01 10:09:03 -0800 #

Major props for this post!

Comment by Done With Retail on 2008-03-01 10:50:17 -0800 #

No sooner did I read this post than someone called and told me me her Vicodin was stolen. Of course she took 15 minutes to tell her story, but I knew where it was leading. Told her there were no refills, my hands were tied unless I heard from the doctor. She was like, “Even with a police report?!” Well, unless the police report has the doctor’s authorization for more…NOPE. Sorry biatch.
You rock, TAP. We need to go have a beer or 2.. or 3… or some tequila.. sometime!

Comment by SCPharm on 2008-03-01 17:41:08 -0800 #

SIGH….After a long day in the bad part of town on the FIRST of the MONTH I log on and here’s such a wonderfully relevant post!! Not to mention the lazy fuckers (who had all damn day to come in) wait till the last 30 minutes we are open to all rush their asses in and try to get “everything I can get filled” before we close. Know why the FIRST of the MONTH sucks so bad? It’s because the government assistance programs all “start over” then! Welfare checks, medicaid refills, all of the wonderful “free rides” out there. You don’t see all the private insurance people running to the pharmacy a certain time of the month, do you?
Anyway, I had a lovely baby momma tonight wait till 10 minutes before we close to fly in the door with her new “state card” (the good old free one) for her son’s breathing medicine (174 days since the inhaler had been filled, but guess that’s not too important?) It doesn’t help that she called 2 hrs before to ask if there were refills “available” but didn’t say she wanted it filled, she was just “checking.” Then she proceeded to buy a few STEAKS and her 200 pount 10 yr old started belting out “B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his NAME-O” right in the window when she was picking it up. (I’ll give you a guess whether she even reprimanded him for being rude…) Anyway I got a tight lipped smirk as a “thank you/goodbye” even though it was after closing when we finished up. I really didn’t want the kid having an asthma attack b/c the mom was so slack…guess thinking like that will always keep me late, huh?
Anyway, thanks as always for being so refreshingly direct regarding freeloaders and their shitty habits. It always makes me feel so much better that I’m not the only one that thinks these things!

Comment by RaguDropper on 2008-03-01 17:49:31 -0800 #

Hey. That actually happened to me once. I dropped a jar of Ragu in the parking lot and the grocery store DID give me a new one for free!
I didn’t even ask for it!
I’m smart and I’ve lost a written prescription before (which makes me stupid, I guess). After I had surgery, my ortho doc kept giving me prescriptions for percocet. I was still working on the first prescription when he wrote me a THIRD prescription. I lost both the second and third prescriptions, but it didn’t matter because by the time I needed more, he wrote me a forth prescription. No one ever knew I lost those prescriptions. In fact, I sometimes wonder what the hell happened to them. I lived in a metro area and left them on my car seat. They probably got stolen, not lost.
I’m double-stupid.

Comment by OHPharmD on 2008-03-01 18:25:14 -0800 #

Good call SCPharm…..
After I too worked the 1st, and stayed 25 minutes late because no one gets sick until 5:50pm on a Saturday night (when we close at 6) or they immediately needed their prescription filled today that was written 2 months ago….it makes you realize how ungrateful these lazy welfare people are. I don’t think I would have such a bad taste in my mouth if ANY showed me some appreciation for the things I go out of my way to do for them. Now, not only does my single, child free income go to support these people, but I have to bend over and take it up the ass all in the name of customer service. Aargh…bring on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th of the month before my next day off!!!!! Hopefully, I’ll get to see my sweet cAsh paying customers soon!!!

Comment by chsrx on 2008-03-01 19:50:55 -0800 #

Speaking of druggies…my rural pharmacy never fails to attract stupidity and ignorance: Here is an actual encounter I had with a customer:
A druggie hooked on hydrocodone has been hopping and
shopping so I called the docs to let them know, and
the docs both proceeded to call the patient to inform
her she is no longer welcome at their office. Well
I’ll be damned if the pt didnt come waltzing into the
pharmacy today with a chip on her shoulder…Imagine a
tall mid 30’s woman trying to sound
intelligent…these are her exact words regarding her
so-called naivete about controlled substances…
” Youknow I ain’t know the rules of engagement in
to the alleged infarction! You know I gots da kids and
I gots to be functional and you know theyz at da
ballpark and I gots to sit on da bleachers, you know
and I caint take that Ot-zy-cont cuz you know I got
dat L-5 diskus problem. Last night when you said it
was illegal to fill that rx, a flash-bulb went off in
my haid, you know, and I aint no specimen to be poked
and prodded you know cuz you know what I sayin? ” ,
followed by a delirious chuckling laugh that continued
for another 53.2 seconds!

  • Profanity was flying out of my head like a ticker
    tape at a stock crash, while I smiled at her the whole
    time, at the same time flicking the bird behind the
    If I become insane before my time, y’all will know
    it’s because I put up with this bullshit everyday!!!

Comment by on 2008-03-01 22:07:38 -0800 #

My favorite is explaining that the medication does not actually cost “Only $5.” when someone wants an early refill b/c of a meds loss. I weep for the day a person comes in b/c they lost their Lovenox.

Comment by Biggest Fan on 2008-03-02 06:30:50 -0800 #

Whomever mentioned “vacation” – I totally agree. “I need to get away” – um, from your free everything lifestyle? I want to know right now what state pays for these people’s vacations – because I want to move there, gain 400 lbs, claim my back hurts too much to work, and live off everyone. 🙂
My personal favorite – when I am revewing meds of people that get admitted to the hospital – is the Provigil. Provigil, last time I checked, was a butt-load of money. As a doc, I NEED PROVIGIL TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT ADMITTING YOUR ASS FOR THE 3RD TIME THIS WEEK FOR A FRIGGIN’ COLD. I NEED PROVIGIL TO KEEP COMING TO SEE YOU IN YOUR PRIVATE HOSPITAL ROOM ALL NIGHT BECAUSE YOU WANT A SLEEPER – OR 2 – WHEN YOU’VE GOT YOUR ROOM FULL OF 27 FAMILY MEMBERS BLARING THE TV – ALL THANKFUL THEY HAVE A PLACE TO CRASH FOR THE NIGHT! Why are physicians giving these people provigil? WHAT DO THEY NEED TO BE not-fatiged for? Why on earth do I care if a medicaid gal stays awake or not???????? Go to sleep for goodness sake – the more hours you sleep, the less time that leaves for you to rush your 14 kids to the ER because you’ve got nothing better to do that day…the less time there is for you to lose your meds over your bathwater full of bubble bath (would ruin the taste of the pills if they fell into bubble bath)…etc…
Okay – that was therapeutic. But, I still don’t understand the provigil!

Comment by retail whippin’ boy on 2008-03-02 10:02:39 -0800 #

Biggest Fan, you and your physician colleagues would be envious of the vacation destinations that have been mentioned to me over the years! Many involve cruise ships; all involve places that are sunny, warm, fun, and (usually) expensive. Naturally, welfare recipients consistently tell me that they are the beneficiaries of the generosity of others, e.g. the boyfriend, the boyfriend’s parents, etc. As the “most vulnerable members of society,” they lack the wherewithal to finance these junkets themselves. How fortunate that the kindness of others always manages to inject itself (pun intended) at the moment of their greatest fatigue, and just when the winter is exacting its heaviest toll by exacerbating their seasonal affective disorder!
There may be a kernel of truth to the “boyfriend is paying” story. But I think careful detective work might shed some light onto the true, and significantly greater, source of the vacationers’ income.
Sorry. I’ve become SOOOOOO CYNICAL!

Comment by ldm on 2008-03-02 11:38:13 -0800 #

A while back, I arrived at the airport at Cancun.As I entered the main area I heard this voice calling me.
I look over and it is one of my Canadian welfare mom and 2 kids.
She said–wow, hope you have as good a time as me and the kids.
I asked how long she had been down, 2 weeks–I could only get enough non-welfare money for 1 week.
ldm in Canada

Comment by CA Tech on 2008-03-02 13:14:12 -0800 #

My favorite thing when I worked retail was when they WOULDN’T TELL YOU they lost it or they were going on vacation. You get the order on the auto-que, you’d try to process it and it would be refill too soon… like, 25 days too soon. Maybe you call the patient and make sure they realize they just picked that up a few days ago, did they mean to order a different drug? Yeah, I would just delete the order and figure they had a brain fart. But then the customer shows up an hour before you get off shift/take your dinner/close and really wants to pick that rx up. “But it was 25 days early.. we just filled it for you 5 days ago.” “Well YEAH but I LOST it (on the bus)/my purse was STOLEN so I need more/but I’m going out of the COUNTRY for TWO MONTHS!”

Comment by retail whippin’ boy on 2008-03-02 13:42:12 -0800 #

Biggest Fan, you and your physician colleagues would be envious of the vacation destinations that have been mentioned to me over the years! Many involve cruise ships; all involve places that are sunny, warm, fun, and (usually) expensive. Naturally, welfare recipients consistently tell me that they are the beneficiaries of the generosity of others, e.g. the boyfriend, the boyfriend’s parents, etc. As the “most vulnerable members of society,” they lack the wherewithal to finance these junkets themselves. How fortunate that the kindness of others always manages to inject itself (pun intended) at the moment of their greatest fatigue, and just when the winter is exacting its heaviest toll by exacerbating their seasonal affective disorder!
There may be a kernel of truth to the “boyfriend is paying” story. But I think careful detective work might shed some light onto the true, and significantly greater, source of the vacationers’ income.
Sorry. I’ve become SOOOOOO CYNICAL!
Beg your pardon.
I forgot to mention the disposition of the children (that she’s so busy caring for that she can’t work outside her home) during the vacation to far-flung, sunny shores. “My mom’s gonna take them for me,” is the usual answer. Well sure, she’s on welfare, too, so she’s DISGUSTINGLY available. Too bad this is such a temporary arrangement. If we could make this a long term deal, then mom could get off her welfare-fattened ass and have a job…….from which she might even get a well earned vacation some day!

Comment by Mainer Tech on 2008-03-02 14:35:24 -0800 #

Whats great is that here in Maine, Medicaid no longer accepts vacation overrides. So when someone picks up their Norco, they can no longer come in a week later saying that their leaving for 2 months. HOWEVER, there was a short boom where everyones grandmother died and they needed an early refill. Hopefully they will implement the Airlines Bereavement Flight rules and require a Death certificate before the override is approved.

Comment by sillyme on 2008-03-02 19:51:20 -0800 #

I’ve had someone on medicaid needing a 3 month vacation override because they were going out of the country. WTF, 3 months, and fucken medicaid was willing to cover it too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the approval.

Comment by the little tech that does….. on 2008-03-02 22:47:29 -0800 #

I always like it when they ask you to “just give them the medicine” because they are in a hurry and can’t I just “take care of the insurance stuff” without them there? I guess I should realize how valuable their time is (obviously mine is not!) and let them go. These are the days I wonder how far back my eyes can roll in my head without permanent damage, not to mention the teeth grinding because where would we all be without good customer service. 😉

Comment by gary on 2008-03-03 01:41:45 -0800 #

you inspire me more than ever to be a phamacist, the money helps alot too. was school hard? classes? the material? were you still able to party? you should talk about your past, love to hear the stories…

Comment by e on 2008-03-03 06:44:24 -0800 #

I started giggling yesterday!!!
Had a patient that dropped her clonazepam in the sink while the water was running and wanted me to sell her more (she was title 19 but would pay cash). The best part was that her MD said no, the ER wouldn’t give her any, but she thought that because I was a nice person, I would give her some. I am a nice person, but I am no sucker! 🙂

Comment by CPhT on 2008-03-04 01:47:25 -0800 #

My favorite is one of my transplant patients who now demands 3 month supplies, since his Medicare plan will allow. He got swapped to Medicare from Medicaid after his transplant. He gets angry over any little copay now, and when he went overseas for 3 months (and must’ve been gone longer, since it was over 90 days for a refill), he got pissed that for about 20 meds, it was about $50 for his copays total, including Gengraf and Cellcept. When he bitched, I got pissed at him and made up a list of his drugs with the copay versus cash price, and the totals. I handed it to him next time he came in, and when he saw $50 vs. $6,500 (seriously, that was the total), and how I said if he wasn’t happy with the $50 total, I could always bill him cash, he shut up real quick.

Comment by rph3664 on 2008-03-05 08:20:35 -0800 #

I once heard about a transplant patient who got his meds through the VA, which at the time of his transplant had a zero copay. When they decided to start a $2 copay, he decided to stop taking his meds.
It was pointed out to him that the cash price for his meds was a couple thousand a month (he didn’t know that) and that if this $20 a month really did create a hardship for him, he could contact the DAV or VFW and they would pay it for him.
He continued taking his meds.
I remember two incidents where a parent yelled at a child, in front of me, for the cost of their medicine. One was a guy who lived in a wealthy neighborhood who didn’t know his own son’s birthdate (and yes, he was the biodad who was married to his mom) and the other was – gulp! – a foster parent! The FP hadn’t received the Medicaid card (foster children in this state are automatically covered on Medicaid regardless of the foster family’s income) and had to pay the regular copay. And the wealthy neighborhood kid’s medicine was less than $10.

Comment by Mellee on 2008-03-07 11:32:44 -0800 #

I am abit offended, not so much about what TAP said, it’s the comments that are pissing me off!! I am a WORKING single mother, I only have 1 child. I am on MEDICAID too. Not all of us are like that. I HAVE lost meds, actually someone I was staying with stole them. It was tramadol, same addicting effects as Vicodin, but I guess it’s not a controlled. They told me I needed a police report. OK I got one! I PAID out of pocket, but was reinbursed later on. You ASSume that because we are on the system we’re all lazy fucks! Do I not deserve a vacation once a year with my son? I DO! I work my ass off full time for next to nothing! I don’t get $400.00 worth of stamps or $300.00 cash, boy I wish I did, my friend makes over $700.00 a month from aid. I could save up for a mighty good vacation…..

Comment by retail whippin’ boy on 2008-03-08 17:05:02 -0800 #

I thought this topic was played, but you just keep winding my spring!
Mellee, here’s two free lessons for you. First, don’t make a political discussion into a personal discussion. Second, if you feel compelled to do so, don’t prove my point for me.
You are the mother of a child that you can’t afford to raise. I understand. People make mistakes.
You lost your meds, no wait, they were stolen. Nice group you hang with! One of your “friends” didn’t give two shits that you were in pain, and copped your meds. Another “mistake”. But I can see already that you’re “turning your life around.” At least you did the right thing and paid for the purloined meds…no wait, I paid for the meds when you got reimbursed. Way to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your life, girl! After all, you probably didn’t even have to ask to be reimbursed, they just somehow sent the money to you, right?
You and your son probably do deserve a vacation, what with all the hard work you’ve been doing, and for a mere pittance, as well. Those benefits you got from the “system” seem so paltry, compared to the 700 bucks a month I give your friend! You surely could save up for a nice vacation with that kind of generosity from the working stiffs. But somehow I suspect that instead of working your way out of the fuckin’ mess you’re making out of your life, and your son’s, you’ll be holding your hand out at the welfare office for “your” $700 a month, too.
You haven’t mentioned the proud father of your son. Unless he has died uninsured, or become disabled since the birth of the blessed child, maybe HE COULD PAY FOR YOUR FUCKIN’ VACATION! That might happen, right after monkeys fly out of your ass! But if he does pony up for that long overdue vacation, maybe he could reimburse ME for the meds I paid for TWICE, and take care of his own family!
Enjoy your free lessons in rhetoric, and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to do for you, perhaps deluxe accomodations when you FINALLY get your vacation in some tropical paradise. Don’t worry about us, we’ll pay the fuckin’ bill for you. We always do!

Comment by Anya on 2008-03-08 23:58:14 -0800 #

I have had retarded moments when i lost my medicine, but as soon as i stopped panicking, i found the medication. Now i keep it in the one place, and have yet to lose it. And if i lost anything schedule 2, i’d damn sure file A police report!

Comment by Lisa on 2009-05-27 06:10:56 -0700 #

Well I can say I agree. But just a couple of weeks ago a friend brought his friend over for drinks. Ive been diagnosed ADHD since 10. I was downstairs with my boyfriend, and they went upstairs for about 5 minutes. Thought nothing of it because I assumed our roommate was upstairs (he actually wasnt, I came to find this out later).

Basically the kid stole my adderall. I kept it hidden in the upper part of the closet far away from plain view. I dont know how this happened. I filed a report but nothing happened because we couldnt prove it. No one knew I had ADHD or that I was taking adderall before then, either. I figured the insurance company wouldnt refill it, because its a controlled substance, so I just waited until my next refill. That was a hell of a month, though, without the meds.

You really cant trust people.

Comment by tim on 2009-06-18 15:07:03 -0700 #

i am a cash pay for all my meds. pay 800 bucks per month for actiq, and 1100 bucks per month for the marinol. I lost the actiq once, but paid for it myself, ofc, because I lost it (after the dr. approved a new script) cuz it was 1st time in 5 years I lost a script. I cannot believe that people getting government paid meds get free replacements! Why do they allow that? too much room for abuse.. diversion, rip offs, etc. And I am a respiratory therapist.. not like I am poor, but not like I am rich either. All need to be responsible for their own screwups methinks.

Comment by LovelyLady on 2010-01-04 16:05:41 -0800 #

Hi I came across your website. When I was younger I worked for a pharmacy that delivered specifacally to nursing homes, hospice patients, bedridden,etc. Of course I was only filling the orders for the med’s like coumadin, waffarin, and other stuff I can’t remember. So we never had to deal with the actual customers.
I wanted to make a comment in regaurd to this original post…Now, the insurance companies should understand accidents do happen and if they start yelling at you tell them “I just fill the script, I didn’t drop, lose or have my meds stolen.”
Another thing, you do have really good customers and I am convinced the good out weighs the bad. Remember, everyone is not the same.Not to brag, but when I go to the pharmacy (or anywhere) for that matter I am always polite. Even if there has been a misunderstanding. Once, I went to get my Diferin filled and apparently after you turn 26 it requires a “dr’s letter” in addition to the script? In order for insurance to pay the pharmacy . So imagine my surprise when she said $200 something. She then explained to me about the age. We worked it out and no one ever raised their voice. See, there are good customers.

Comment by LovelyLady on 2010-01-04 16:24:57 -0800 #

You’re kidding right? I don’t know you, but I am just going to assume you had a bad day. O.k. How do you know she didn’t win tickets to go on a vacation, or someone gave them to her? It’s kind of like observing a pharmacist reaching into their lab coat, scrubs while filling a “controlled substance” script. Now, he could be one of two things….1)pocketing the pills…
2) Discretly scratching his balls. See, you don’t know so don’t go around making assumptions about people. What does this lady being canadian have to do with you seeing her? You could have said, “I saw one of my customers”. That should have been the end.
Wow!!! People….

Comment by offended “druggie” on 2010-01-12 06:42:19 -0800 #

I love the fact of which your rant is

  1. judgmental and heartless to the core
  2. stereotyping various individual of whom may or may not have actually *lost* or had their medications stolen
  3. I LOVE how you add in WELFARE and POOR people, showing merely a tad more of YOUR OWN BIGOTRY/BIASED judgment of your fellow man.

It honestly made my blood boil to read this simple-minded and hate-mongering rant more than likely triggered by your generally egotistical attitude, feelings of superiority when dealing with “the Poor” or “medicaid mothers”…., and more than likely it seems you may regret the career path of which you chose for yourself. Well, that’s okay! Hate your job all you want as long as you do not become a filthy poor mom on welfare. *rolls eyes*

We are all equal. We are all HUMAN BEINGS. Please to be getting that one through your thick skull and stepping down off of your high horse now.

I can speak from the *other side of the spectrum* *GASP!*

I have diagnosed PTSD and severely crippling panic attacks that started when my mother/best friend suddenly passed away of a stroke at age 56. No one saw this coming… oh but wait… *ponders* She was a Registered Nurse but her insurance did not cover all of the NON-narcotic medication that she was taking … and She happened to *of course because she was poor and couldn’t afford it* decide to wait until payday to purchase her BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION….. Too bad she was *poor* or she’d be alive today….. Right? HAVE A DAMNED HEART! A fraction of a % of EMPATHY, CARING, or KINDNESS… It might get you farther than a CUSTOMER SERVICE *yes I said this* job of which you obviously can’t stand due to the “poor folks” who are ALWAYS DRUG ADDICTS! *dies of your stupid*

Back to my situation- I was googling due to my currently UNTREATED anxiety (as opposed to asking a person for advice) just what does one say/do when filing a police report for a stolen/lost PURSE… not merely the meds (one schedule IV narcotic *gasp!*, an anti-depressant, and a sleep med…) but for the pieces of identification, such as: my birth certificate & driver’s license, as I do not want those to fall into the hands of any “shady characters” etc….

So, anyhow- This is where i find YOU. You lump every single “lower class” person being treated with narcotics into the category of “DRUG ABUSER!!!!OMGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” if the person happens to misplace HONESTLY their purse, meds, wallet, whatever- Actually, it appears that within your narrow-minded perception that ANYONE of whom misplaces their belongings, no matter what the ACTUAL circumstances may be– ARE AND IN *FACT* all morons/stupid/poor on welfare seeking “drugs” to abuse, take, give away, or sell? Do I have this information correctly gathered, oh wise one?!? Every patient that you have dealt with is a LIAR and a drug addict from the slums? Way to go, showing your ass by being a close-minded bigot. I bet you have a ton of friends “IRL.” lol … and I’m sure that you are well-respected, most certainly! 😉

So my purse WAS lost last week at the local mall. I had mah kiddz wif me but *LO AND BEHOLD I AM NOT ON WELFAREZ! Does this shock or amaze you any? NOR am I a drug abuser! I have JOB, college education, am married, and don’t even drink alcohol! *pokes your dead carcass* In my case, I was in a rush to get my 5 year old daughter to the toilet asap, as she was holding herself and needed to go, obviously, immediately.

I am human. I wasn’t thinking about my belongings so much, merely trying to rush her to the potty before she had an accident in the middle of the food court (shame mah food stampz couldnt b used thar! *SO ANGRY!*)… So anyhow, to narrow the story down a bit- I take Xanax, Seroquel, and Effexor Xr for my PTSD and severely crippling panic attacks/generalized anxiety. I have been taking the Effexor & the Xanax for several years now and they are miraculous medications and helpful to me. I apologize that I have a legitimate “mental” problem of which a controlled substance helps to treat. I apologize that my mother had to be so poor that she died and I had to witness her take her last breath, therefore inducing my panic/phobias/flashbacks/etc…. therefore seeking psychological treatment for my pains, trauma, and “issues” of which I have experienced ever since her untimely demise. I am sooooooooooo dreadfully sorry that I have endured tragedy in my life and now am on legally RXed & on very helpful narcotics to treat my “issues.” Meanwhile, I go to therapy which has also been quite a blessing in coping with my loss/anxiety/fears/and so on.

Reading this “blog” from the opposite end of the spectrum- No I am not a “welfare” mom or “poor” or anything of that sort & am most certainly not a drug addict. My doctor, i suppose has been in similar shoes as yours in the past because she DID pull up my records of places, times, dates, etc of which I had filled my narcotic medications– just to be sure I wasn’t like some of the patients she had had in the past (she told me that she had treated them for YEARS only to find out that they were seeing more than one dr at a time, filling early, and other such patterns regularly, etc etc and so forth) but but my records had shown that, alas, my meds were never ever filled early, not once over the last year, she’s my only doctor, etc… and this all came about because of my attempt to fill a replacement RX at a small local pharmacy and them bearing the news that it was too soon, thus calling her, thus she talked to me about why they refused to fill it. blah fucking blah.

However, since my doctor reviewed my records and was very happy (guess you guys do see bullshitters a lot…. and that mustn’t be any fun) to see that all medications had been filled at the proper times and only by her. Thus, my medications are to be replaced. The EFFEXOR, SEROQUEL, and the *NARCOTIC* XANAX! Indeed. They need replaced why? Oh yes! HUMAN ERROR! I was busy and placed my bag down, walked away, noticed it’s absence, retraced my steps, and it was no longer where i had left it. SHOCKINGLY ENOUGH– these things DO happen- It can happen to a poor welfare vicodin-poppin druggie mommy on food stamps OR it can happen to a well-educated average sociology student, wife and mom who happens to have a chronic illness and a busy life, who genuinely did lose their possessions and is now lumped into a classist, disgustingly biased, prejudice, bs of a stereotype, or it could even happen to your aging MOTHER or FATHER, a neighbor, ANYONE..!

I will agree, that more than likely, Sure “lost” or “stolen” meds may be claimed most commonly by people addicted to narcotics, seeking them, or whatever… but it happens to other narcotic-taking patients/human beings as well! It could even happen to YOU (but oh wait.. forgot! you don’t take narcotics! too good for medication that works IF NEEDED, right?)

In conclusion, your blog post is very incredibly judgmental and awful. It’s gets an A++++++++ for heartlessness, in my book!

My rant aside- I need to figure out just exactly how to file a police report, exactly what happens once the report is filed, what will happen to help me thereafter, and exactly what I may need to inform them of (despite the fact that I’m certain some jobless poor bum stole my purse and popped all my pills.). At this point is it even helpful to file said report = the main thing I need to figure out before doing so.

I’m quite certain that my sister in law has told me that all they do is take down information on your belongings, medications, money.. and then put it in a file and leave it be.. nothing happens unless a kind, & honest citizen turns it over and/or your shit is found in a dumpster somewhere, or whatever the case may be. Thus hearing that the police would merely tuck my info away into a folder then throw it out after several months– I would like to know if there is a genuine purpose in doing this at all. Catch my drift? Unfortunately, i stumbled upon your hateful holier-than-thou bs and could not resist the urge to comment on behalf of the innocent people that you’ve chosen to stereotype along with the dishonest people. That shit hurts, especially when you’re assumed to be a criminal for taking helpful medications, not abusing them, and then mere human error?

Have a nice day and relax, seriously. When that much hatred builds up inside, not only does it hurt the ones you bash and belittle but you can not possibly feel GOOD on th inside if your soul is so cluttered with negativity.

Please TRY to note that not everyone is in the same exact situation and thus stereotyping due to annoyance or anger does nothing beneficial.

Honestly, my conclusion is that Maybe YOU need a Xanax….. or 10…. then maybe you’d mellow out a bit. lmmfao!

bye bye Good day!

Comment by Sarah on 2010-02-19 15:54:13 -0800 #

Wow, I didn’t think that people as ignorant as you were still around. Let me just start by saying that I am a college educated woman who works full time, owns a business, is married, has 2 children (same father), and at one point in our life we were on welfare. Without that help I don’t know if we could have made it. From what I have gathered, you have decided to lump all welfare recipients into one main category. This category would be the dirty, low life, good for nothing, can’t take care of their children, drug doing, stealing, gang bangin category. You make me sick. You are so narrow-minded that you don’t even take the time to consider where they are coming from, what has happened in their life to lead them to the point that they are at. What about woman who are in abusive relationships and want to get out to better themselves and their children? Public assistance is there for a reason! If you want to be angry with someone or something, then get mad at your state for not regulating the program enough. It’s so unfair of you to think that you’re better then anyone else. I hope that you have a daughter who gets pregnant by some random guy, and somehow she ends up on welfare! What then Mr. Hotshot?!? I guess that would make your daughter a worthless piece of shit huh?! Oh, and one more thing…I am a democrat. Thank God that we finally have a president who is trying to fix this huge mess that the republicans have created. He’s a black president too…I bet that you have issues with that too! I hope that you find happiness in your pathetic little life. Best of luck.

Comment by Athena on 2010-03-21 15:27:34 -0700 #

I have been on meds for 8 years to control pain and never had a problem (some naccotics, some not). I actually had a bottle fall out of my purse (my fault, I didn’t zip it up and it came out of my bag when I put it on my shoulder). I reported it to my dr. and my pharmacy and did not ask for it to be replaced. The Dr. offered to write me a prescription till I see her next to replace those. So not all of us people who take controlled substances do this. I did not expect it to be replaced as I can live without it and if it was I was willing to pay the cost of meds and not have insurance pay for it. Please don’t generalize. I am a full time, successful middle school teacher who happens to live with chronic pain. I rely not only on meds but exercise and living happy to help me deal with the pain.

Comment by Felix on 2010-05-04 14:08:58 -0700 #

Let me get this straight you went into a profession, whose goal it is to help people to get better or at least get some relief. Many of these people are in pain or are just not feeling 100% themselves and you’re criticizing them?? As far as them being too Stupid Or Lazy don’t forget that you are dealing with people that are not well, in the case of people who are taking medications for reasons such as depression, anti-psychotic meds, these people are NOT STUPID they are often incompetent, but there is a difference. As an ER nurse I find your attitude appalling, maybe you should have gone into a different field like garbage man so you wouldn’t have to deal closely with the public since this seems to be a problem with you, don’t go into a field with sick people and complain because they don’t act like a well person

Comment by The Irritable Editor on 2010-05-05 23:43:26 -0700 #

The spelling and grammar of the nutjobs who’ve made these comments (regardless of viewpoint) is astounding. I’m not talking about the mocking, intentionally bad grammar of chsrx. I’m talking about some of the people who are supposedly educated enough to know better.

Comment by Mike on 2010-08-06 09:50:18 -0700 #

Because standing around dropping pills into a container is SO FUCKING HARD. Quit whining you pussies and do your jobs, which is giving me all the free Adderall I need to keep my clients bouncing off the walls!

Obviously there’s shitloads of people abusing their medications or selling it, but people lose shit all the fucking time… that doesnt make every single one of them freeloading welfare moms. Many people who pay 20 dollars or more for their scripts still lose the shit regardless of the cost. They will still abuse it and sell it regardless of the cost. People lose their keys, wallets, money… fucking name it and i bet you people have lost it or damaged it. Think about a pair of glasses… people with glasses will tell you they lose break that shit every once in awhile despite the fact that without them they cant see fuck all. So relax there pharmacists, you could be doing a job that requires a little more than staying 15 mins later or making a fucking phone call. Its your job bitch, you get paid well to do it, so suck it the fuck up. Theres people who work at mcdonalds and have to deal with dipshit customers complaining about all sorts of bullshit and they make like 8 dollars an hour.

Not everyone wants to lose their medications and when they do it can be brutal as you should know… now imagine someone with children or a job… say an add/adhd patient who lost their ritalin…. you know what happens but no u dont care all you care about is having to make a phone call and count out some more pills. What a pussy.

Comment by RJBentley on 2011-06-06 20:07:37 -0700 #

This is an old thread, true, but I couldn’t resist replying to it since the original post and its many comments gave me a peptic ulcer and a few more gray hairs.

If some of those indolent yet wiley individuals can adroitly manipulate the system imagine how much more efficiently a pharmacist can do it.

Recently — make that the last two months in a row — I’ve been shorted on my prescription medication. The medication in question is one used for ADHD or ADD.

I don’t use pain medication and this is the only schedule II prescription I fill. I do get other meds from this pharmacy but funny I’ve never been cheated out of those.

The reason I believe the pharmacist him or herself must be in on the shortchanging of this particular medication is because it is a controlled drug and the pharmacist is the last one to see it and double check it from what I understand of the procedure.

And, no, I have no kids at home who might be in the habit of skimming a few pills from the prescription bottle each month.

I’m not a welfare recipient and pay for my prescriptions the old fashioned way — with cash.

But before I sign off I can already anticipate your response, TAP: that ADD is a crock and I’m playing the “system” to get it. Think as you wish, but maybe you should also think about a different career or, if you insist on staying with your current well-paying (but arduous) profession, perhaps you might consider working within a different, less-irritating demographic.

Comment by Stephanie on 2011-08-12 07:51:58 -0700 #

I think that this site is all a bunch of CRAP! Yes I do agree that there really are people out there that abuse there meds and want something for nothing…but without knowing all of the details how can you be so uncaring…it sounds to me like u are jeaulous of ppl that dont have to pay for all there meds…In my case my i am awaiting SSI because i am unable to work so medical assistance is helping me out..THANK GOD! cause I payed into it my whole life now that i need it i am very greatful for it. My medicine WAS stolen from me 2 days ago..I asked to pay full price but it cost over $300! without my meds I will get really sick. And of course I’m sure more pills come in missing that are controlled substances…well DUH! if someone is stealing meds its useually because they are the ones who are abusing substances! not the ppl that are reporting it, It only makes sense…God forbid something happened to you that u couldnt work and somehow had to take care of yourself with no help…Not everyone one welfare are taking advantage as u claim. Some ppl really do need help and that is what the program is for…THINK ABOUT THAT! and stop being so uncaring. As a pharmacist u should want to help ppl who were victims of “Drug Seeking Thefts!”

Comment by Stephanie on 2011-08-12 08:01:51 -0700 #

i definatly agree with u RJ as well it has happened to me a few different times…maybe if they know something about how these drugs really do help ppl..all they know is that it is possible to be abused…Find another career is right “YAP”… or just mind your own and worry about YOUR job and your Life!

Comment by Samantha on 2011-11-12 01:58:02 -0800 #

Wow. Just… wow.

Like someone else who posted a while ago, I was checking google about police reports on stolen medication when I stumbled across this blog entry. My mother, unable to work because of an ACTUAL, DISABLING disability, had more than 70% of her pain medications for the month (which she takes responsibly and as prescribed) stolen by my younger cousin, with whom we live. She’s going to be in terrible withdrawal (a concept with which you undoubtedly associate only with “drug-addicted welfare moms”) unless she can get her medication back, quickly.

Now, obviously, there are many, many drug abusers out there– hell, my own cousin being one of them –but have you considered that maybe it’s family members like these stealing meds? Also, yes, we lock up all medications in a safe. Which my cousin apparently learned to pick. And, when confronted with the issue of making a police report, they backed off (which is the case of my aunt, said cousin’s mother, who also has several debilitating disabilities, whose medication has also been stolen in the past by my lovely cousin, but who was too conflicted to think straight or act when she discovered it could mean her daughter going to jail).. This shit happens a lot more often than you think.

Fuck you. Find another job that you won’t bitch so RABIDLY about. Everyone’s gonna bitch about their jobs, but seriously, come on.

Comment by Jewell on 2011-12-02 11:03:14 -0800 #

I can understand your frustration with all the people in the world that gets medication for free through the state and then wants free replacements. Although without the state programs that help low income families, alot of pharmacys wouldnt be open. Alot of people wouldnt have jobs. Lets get real!! Even mid class people with insurance have difficultly paying for medication costs. Without welfare helping you wouldnt have a fucking job stupid!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jewell on 2011-12-02 11:09:40 -0800 #

Theres tons of things i dont like to do or that stress me out at work , guess what i have to do them because its my fucking job! Stop crying like a little kid and do what you have to do to get your paycheck.

Comment by Christi on 2011-12-16 17:45:20 -0800 #

Hey there Mr. Smart guy, I have a news flash for you!! It dosen’t matter if your a dem, or rep they are all f*\*ed up!!! Neither party cares about anybody or anything other than money, and how they can get more of it! I hope you remember that it was a rep that put us in this damn mess to start with. I would rather see my dog run this country than any of these ****** so the blame does not fall on one party they are all working towards the same goal “themselves”

Comment by Christi on 2011-12-16 18:30:17 -0800 #

Wow can you say anger-management? I will tell you that I work everyday, have no insurance, and see a doctor once a month. All of which I pay for out of my own pocket!!! I was what I thought a “good person”, and let some people who were down on their luck stay with me. It did not take lone though for me to realize they were robbing me blind, and never gonna work, so I asked them to leave. They never gave me back my house key, and my landlord has yet to change the locks(I can’t change them without his permission), and they came into my home while I was at work, and stole my pain medicance, I have been taking it for over two years, and never have any lost one pill!!! I have been without my medicane for two days now, and I am sick, and in major pain. I am too scared to tell my doctor what happened because so many assholes out there have made it impossible for a honest person like me to not be judged!!! What do I do? I never have been through anything like this before, and was naive to the fact that my medicane was worth money!!!!! Hell until Michael Jackson I didn’t even know what I was taken was considered a narcotic!!

Comment by John on 2012-03-07 23:13:56 -0800 #

The Angry Pharmacist. What a sad, sad life you lead. You “hate your job” – check out your job description, it’s terrible to begin with, but there are people who *do* enjoy their work or at least try to interact with the customers to get more out of the job. Other posts have probably already said everything there is to say about your bigotry, laziness, and obnoxious attitude.

But here’s something else. Newsflash: A HUGE NUMBER OF YOU PHARMACISTS that have the guts to go online and use profanities are exactly the washed up failed-med school college-slacker alcoholic drug abusers that you so vilify. I have met such a huge number of pharmacists/pharm techs that have had the typical hard life of substance abuse for me to think this is more than selective observation. And yet, nearly all of these people seemed nice and cordial to me, if many slightly apathetic/aloof.

People like you “TAP” are not just “bad people” or losers injuring your profession and healthcare in general, you deserve to most horrible fate imaginable. You’re not just heartless, that can be forgiven, you’re one of those people who are professional “god I hate this job that pays well and I have spent years to get into, I will do everything in my power to save 5 minutes here and cut a corner here, so I can get home earlier to my soap opera tv-dinner. Really, even most terrorists are whipped up in a whirlwind of passions and their self-convictions, while you degrade into what you are knowingly, making pride of the fact that you complain about this kind of stuff and can brag about how you’ve got a rotten

Comment by jeff Jones on 2012-03-18 18:03:37 -0700 #

hey guys, ive got a question. I have had a temporary injury (hopefully) to the tail bone recently, and have been prescribed 60 quanity – 10mg oxycodone and quanity 30 – 325mg Soma. The pain is terrible. the medication helps a lot. anyway, more to the point, yesterday I had to go back to my doctor at day 14 on a saturday because I was still in extreme pain and I just took my last pain pill that saturday morning (it was suppose to last 15 days). My doctor sympathized and refilled the prescription for the first time. I left and went about my day. I decided to travel to go see my mom and I use public transpotation. While traveling by bus to her house, I lost my oxycodone bottle somewhere. I assume it could have only been while I was on the bus. I know they were in my pocket before I boarded thee bus. it was not until about 3-4 hours later when I realized they were missing. I panicked. I called the local bus transit service to inquire about a possible lost and found. They did’nt find them. So I searched every possible location I had been and could not find them. I’m so mad at myself for being foolish enough to lose it. On the same day I’d gotten it. I think my injury will be healed in another 2 weeks so I’ll have no need for any more pills at that point. But right now, I need them. I’m not sure what to do. And the doctors office is closed until monday and today as I write this, it’s sunday. I would imagine I should inform my doctor on monday. Anyone had anything similar happen or have advice? Thank you.

Comment by Justin on 2012-03-20 17:08:33 -0700 #

I was a pharmacy tech for 6 years. Both my dad and brother work retail pharmacy and absolutely HATE their jobs. They’re stuck behind a counter counting beans. They have a need to vent their frustrations so they excoriate the poorest amongst us. Besides, unless they own their own individual pharmacy, the cost of pills affects their salary in no way whatsoever. Pills, especially generics, cost pennies to produce.

Comment by AngryAtSelf on 2012-04-16 21:29:10 -0700 #

I am pissed off at myself for this…I pay out of pocket for my meds and take propanolol for my high blood pressure and migraines. I needed just 5 to get me through the week until payday so I could buy the rest. I bought the five after speaking to he pharmacy with no problem. Anyway, We live along a busy street (no driveway) and in my haste to get my daughter out of her carseat before I was hit by a car, I had stuffed the still stapled bag of drugs into my small open purse and proceeded to get my daughter out. Later (I take the meds before bedtime) I went to get my meds out of my purse, and of course, they were not there. I think they probably fell out of my purse and some asshole snatched them up hoping they were painkillers, because we looked everywhere for them to no avail. I will have to take an old lower dose of the meds that i still have until Friday. Anyway, Meds DO get lost…this is a first for me, but it does happen. You don’t have to be on welfare, stupid, or fat to lose it. Haha! Ironically, the assholes that abuse the system and expect the pharmacy to replace these things that they probably didn’t lose are probably the same assholes that found and kept my medicine.

Comment by Helen on 2012-04-29 19:05:57 -0700 #

You are such an angry judgemental horrible person .shame on u. i came to this site to ask for advice. I follow the law and carried my med in the bottle. after leaving a friends home who had a visitor i did not know ,when i got home i was cleaning out my purse. I realized 32 pills. were missing from the opened bottle and loose pills. The only reason i even know how many were stolen along with my makeup mirror was because i had gotten my medication the evening before .I realize there is nothing i can do to
replace them..nor do have attemted to try. Maybe you should see a Dr. or go to anger management classes .You are a pompous ass .

Comment by IAM4UK on 2012-06-07 03:25:40 -0700 #

You most definality sound like a very unpleasant disgruntled Republican for sure. I am guessing you also wear sweater vests and are of the Mitt Rommney varity as well. If you are such The Angry Pharmacist,which actually you sound more like The Angry Nazi Pharmacist,that to most sound like you get a power trip out of belittling ppl for having to take anything that is not a narcotic. Yes, alot of ppl have more than one child and also on welfare etc ect,that does not make them bad,misguided,misfits,that are lazy,it just means that they may in this economy be having a hard time feeding their family and paying for their meds. How do you get off with calling ppl names,judging them and acting like you are holier than thou.I mean for real,you really should look into getting into another line of work,as you seem not be cut out for the retail business not one bit.BTW,it’s our money we do pay on copays to see the dr’s who write those scripts to take to your disgruntled staffed pharmacy to have those scripts filled,either by cash that we actually earn by working or with aide of the goverment,so If It were not for those mostly narc scripts and other scripts you would not be getting a paycheck at all. You are so not cut out for retail,more along the line of you should be working for something like the Social Security Office,heard they were hiring by the way,dumbass

Comment by elei on 2012-07-27 17:57:58 -0700 #

I used to work with pharmaceutical products paid my taxes got spinal injury last year that resulted in heart condition. Cant work very ill have no invome now on medicaid I have carpal tunnel cant hold on to most things l spilled my heart meds will medicaid replace it?

Comment by melynda on 2012-08-12 13:06:06 -0700 #

OMG lol…. of course someones lisinpril or metphormin wouldnt be stolen.. why the fuck would anyone want to steal those… you dumb ass pharmacist.. hey i need a fix. lets go steal us some lisinapril.. high blood pressure medication… or better yet lets get us some metphormin to lower our blood sugars.. ooooooo yay yay yay

Comment by karen on 2012-08-15 11:01:23 -0700 #

hahaha! i now know why the pharamcacy i went to because i couldnt locate my atenelol (sp? yeah, i should know the spelling since ive taken it for 20 yrs but my memory evades me) rx was actually smiling and helpful to me! i do have to say though, ive stopped using both cvs and walgreens due to the longest lines ever, the longest waits ever, pharmacy employees who no longer know how to smile, and have switched to an in-house pharmacy @ a vons store where the pharmacists actually smile and greet you and really can fill a rx within 15 minutes! its sad that us ‘nice customers’ have to deal with cranky pharmacy workers due to their having to deal with all the bullshit customers….so i stopped complaining about it and find a pharmacy who still knows the value of customer service. easy.

Comment by Embaressed4U on 2012-09-25 16:56:43 -0700 #

Im ashamed there are such heartless ppl in the healthCARE field.

Comment by Tom DI Azee Pam on 2013-01-07 02:37:34 -0800 #

Here in the UK if you lose a controlled drug such as Valium etc one must report this to the police, get a crime report number, then you must ask your Dr for another prescription – if your a drug seeker, he/she will know and probably not prescribe you. My pharmacist is very good and would replace mine as I have lost them before. I lost 40mg Diazepam & 280mg Dhydracodeine tablets just 2 weeks ago, replaced within minutes! God bless the NHS

Comment by Ashley on 2013-01-31 16:06:00 -0800 #

AMEN!!!!!!!!!! There are to many of the “stereotyping” “pharmacists” out there! they are supposed to be a helping hand in the steps to get one’s medications to them, NOT JUDGE based on what they do not know! I run into this all the time. I am what you guys call a “welfare bum” because my HUSBAND works 50 hours a week, busting his butt to provide for 3 children, 2 which aren’t his. I actually had a surgery on my back (hernition to several discs in my lower spine, and scolosis)where the doctor completely botched the surgery and now 6 years later, I am stuck with CHRONIC pain EVERYDAY for the rest of my life. And sorry to say, Advil and other NSAIDS do not help even touch the pain I feel! I’m truly sorry for people like you that feel the need to put down customers who sometimes cannot help their condition! Because I am on medicare, I am a “pill poppin welfare mom”? do you honestly think I would rather sit home and stare at walls, then be productive out in the real world?! employers will not hire people with “back issues” because of the liability!!! if you dislike your job that bad, LEAVE!!!! why bitch about what you can’t fix? why put everyone down when they’re not the same?! grow up and do your job or go do something else that does not involve CUSTOMER SERVICE! I at one time did do work, and customers can be right down demanding and rude, but ya know what,I dealt with it! you pick it, you must suck it up. I wonder what the state boards would think of you giving out some confidental information on patients? or even speaking of them the way you are? what about the HIPPA ACT?! hmm…looks to me like your not any better then those “welfare, pill poppin mama’s” this site just infuriates me, so I’ll just simply leave and next time I see my pharmacist, thank them for being such assholes! way to win people over!!

Comment by RNMom2Three on 2013-05-02 08:48:09 -0700 #

I learned my lesson about opening a prescription bottle over a sink the hard way! I dropped my bottle in a sink at work (yes it was a controlled substance). Some fell onto the floor, and some down the drain. I got a pair of tweezers and recovered what I could out of the drain, and picked up the ones on the floor. As a nurse, I’ve heard every excuse there is. I ended up taking the partially dissolved pills, wrapping them in tissue, took them to my Dr. and he wrote a script to replace only the ones that I had found. I was still a little short for the month and had to pay out of pocket, but I can definitely see why this is so irritating to the pharmacy staff and those of us who are actually telling the truth!!

Comment by Smartass on 2013-06-17 22:06:18 -0700 #

Retail Whipping Boy, your attempt to sound intelligent and educated is truly comical. I suggest you look up the definition of rhetoric before you falsely tell people you’ve just schooled them on the subject. Thanks for the good laugh haha!

Comment by Reason on 2013-07-19 12:05:54 -0700 #

Obviously there are major flaws in our medical system, but getting on a website and ranting, cursing and making uneducated statements will not fix the problem. It only makes you look as stupid as the invalids. If you are indeed a pharmacist, you chose to go into that profession even after doing your internships, knowing full well what you would be dealing with. If you should be angry at anyone it should be the government, just as drug dealers are enablers, the government enables and encourages people to have 10 children that they cannot afford. Stop complaining on a website and write a letter to the government.

Comment by MAZZ on 2013-08-22 09:02:41 -0700 #


Comment by Jon Blackburn on 2013-10-14 13:50:42 -0700 #

I lost my scrips for Fentanyl and Dilaudid about 6 months ago, after being extremely frustrated that no pharmacy would fill them.

The next month later, the doc wrote me a small scrip for Dilaudid, after a urinalysis, but the next month, refused to write another one, claiming that the UA showed high levels of hydromorphone and that losing my scrips made him nervous.

I know the UA claim was a lie, if indeed they are accurate, and I was told he would know if the scrips were filled because he would get a copy.

So basically, what do you think the deal is?

Comment by Jon Blackburn on 2013-10-14 13:57:56 -0700 #

I think my scrips were stolen out of my car before I could fill them. But I’m not normal, I’m a combat vet with war wounds.

Comment by Fuck Pharmacists on 2013-11-03 15:41:59 -0800 #

you are a cunt – people lose pills. it happens. I’m not homeless, or a ‘welfare recipient” (speaking of which, your idiotic generalizations aren’t appreciated), I happened to misplace them when I was on vacation, for the first time in my life.

I’m glad I don’t have you at the counter, you stupid fucking bitch.

Comment by scandal63 on 2014-03-31 06:34:59 -0700 #

I think it is really sad that the person whose post started this whole thing has such a horrible attitude about people in different socioeconomic groups. I have worked all my life and I actually have been in a ‘lost my pills’ situation. Ok, it was only 8 prednisone, but my insurance company refused to pay for a refill – it wasn’t the pharmacy’s fault – so I called a doctor (my cousin) and asked him to call in a new prescription for me. But that prednisone could just have easily been vicodin. Yes, it was my own stupidity that caused me to lose that pill bottle – I emptied the bag and thought I had taken the pills out but got home only to find out that I had left them in the bag that I threw away at work. I’m not stupid and I’m not on public assistance. Would it make a different if I were? I don’t see how. I’m human either way and these things happen. If you hate helping people that much, you’re in the wrong profession.

Comment by LittleWing61 on 2014-10-30 19:02:03 -0700 #

If you were my pharmacist I’d start “losing” my pills just to give you that aneurism you’re so close to already because you are such a fucking cunt. A lot of people, like me, work most all their lives and pay a king’s ransom in taxes before an illness causes them to need aid temporarily. You should be fired from your job you judgmental piece of shit. And by the way, people with ADHD and depression etc are far more likely to have trouble being organized and holding onto even important things. Some happy life you must have to be such an angry, bitching twat.

Comment by LittleWing61 on 2014-10-30 19:10:39 -0700 #

Many people who are disabled get medicaid. Who are you to say they cannot take a vacation? Maybe go out of the country for treatment. Fuck you.

Comment by LittleWing61 on 2014-10-30 19:34:39 -0700 #

When I was working from 4 am to 4 pm I went without meds because I didn’t have time to stand and watch 5 pharmacists take 30 minutes to fill 1 prescription. And pulllease on you thinking you’re so intelligent. Two times my mother was given prescriptions for potassium that doctors got the wrong dose and the dumbassed pharmacist dispensed it with directions to take so much she nearly died. Hospitalized twice because no one had the brains to realize the dosage was deadly.

Comment by LittleWing61 on 2014-10-30 19:38:22 -0700 #

people should look up how often pharmacies overcharge medicaid and medicare too. Pretty disgusting statistics. You piss n moan about the poor taxpayer but you don’t mind shoving your hand a little deeper in that pocket than you are entitled to.

Comment by Wings on 2017-03-10 08:35:50 -0800 #

Yup, I’m here necro’ing a very old post!

Personally, I can empathize with both sides of this argument. I found this thread by googling “prescription fell in toilet now what?” because I’ve never had this happen before.

My evil cat decided jumping from the tub onto the top of the (apparently loosely mounted by the builders) medicine chest last night was “THE BEST IDEA EVAH!!!!”

We came home to find the entire area around the toilet covered in broken glass, tons of prescription bottles and OTC bottles, and tubes and tweezers and what-not.

Sunk at the bottom of the toilet (bad sign) were my bottles of Synthroid (thankfully only my 25mcg bottle and not the 200mcg one, so I can manage a day or two with no ill effect) and Cymbalta.

Perched precariously on the toilet seat itself was my Lotrel 10/20. My Gabapentin and Skelaxin managed to evade the watery depths.

I’ve called my doctor already, and am waiting on a call back. The Synthroid doesn’t worry me, I know it’s an inexpensive refill and I wouldn’t bother having the submit it to my insurance (employer provided). The Cymbalta though…I’m not due for a refill for 13 days, and it’s not something that can just be discontinued. I can deal with the neuropathy…I managed it for years before getting on the Cymbalta, because I refuse to take narcotics and be doped up all the time. But I understand the withdrawals from it are pretty severe.

I wasn’t sure if I also needed to call my pharmacist in addition to my doctor, so that’s why I hit up Google.

So I can see the “I need an early refill” side of things. But with that said, I also have some sympathy for the other side. I was a firefighter/paramedic for years (thus the trashed lumbar region, and the fun neuropathy in my feet), and I also worked part time for a private ambulance company that accepted Medicaid and Medicare.

I can’t begin to count the number of times we’d get called out for “chest pains” only to arrive and find their kid had the sniffles and they didn’t have transportation to the doctor or nearby clinic, and wanted a trip to the ER. On our dime, as taxpayers.

Or the guy who would have a Sickle Cell crisis whenever it was time to meet up with his bookie who “worked” across from the hospital. Right after the 1st, of course.

There are always going to be scumbags willing to bilk ANY system to their advantage…But these examples I gave were definitely the minority. Most of the folks we helped were very appreciative. They often did things like showing up at quarters a few weeks later with a freshly baked cake, or cookies, or some delicious casserole. And I know they spent their food stamps to buy the ingredients… they were willing to deprive themselves that month, all so they could show us their appreciation for helping them/their family when it was most needed.

I’d rather focus on those folks as representative of the “type”. Makes my world a much brighter place.

Now excuse me while I go sell my cat for medical experiments 😉

Comment by Bobbi on 2017-06-05 05:49:56 -0700 #

Bullshit, i worked my entire life up until three months ago when i was diagonesed with pancreatitc cancer and then some smartass idiot decides to break in my locked vehical and steal my medication. I have dealt with the police to try to get a police report where i was treated like a fkn crackhead, i wouldnt be on this medication if i didnt have to be for the unbearable pain that i feel everyday of my life. So before all you cocksuckers start running your mouths about ppl getting free medication and lying to thier drs about them being stole or lost you should really think about the ones out here that really need them and who have worked their lives and pated in their dues. Pll like you make me fucking sick and all of you can kiss my ass right along with the police and shitty drs who dont believe in their patients honesty. I know that their are alot of ppl that lie to get their meds refilled but what about the ones that it has really happened to, do you know the pain of having cancer and the misery that comes along with it without your pain meds. No you fucking dont sk dont judge until you know the whole fucking story.

Comment by required on 2017-07-09 13:34:44 -0700 #

I agree with a lot of your ideology and believe this is a huge inconvenience. The idea I don’t agree with though, is the focus on the “vicodine” etc. For someone taking all these, a majority of the medications will NOT cause immediate and significant complication if not taken, the way most opioid or Benz medications will. For most other medications, there is an over the counter or natural alternative which can be utilized, on top of grinning and bearing the symptoms. For pain or anxiety medications though, there are largely zero viable alternatives to offset withdrawal, much less the uncontrolled symptoms. The current regulatory hell and constant negative press, has mad the public as well as professionals extremely bitter towards anything related , or that could in the least bit be related to abuse…assuming the worst in most cases. This does not mean that these medications are not essential and the root of massive problems/complication if abruptly discontinued. Pain patients in particular are horribly discriminated against, even when all goes “smoothly”. They are not only made to feel like a criminal (for seeking treatment/attempting to manage an issue that would cause significantly greater expense/inconvenience to society if they didn’t) but actively “dealt” with as less important; despite the fact that once pain has reached even moderate levels on a chronic basis, it is a serious risk to a persons health with very real consequence.

Comment by Beauty queen on 2017-08-09 07:23:25 -0700 #

Oh and I’m sure you’re a real beauty queen! You are supposed to be a teacher and you are supposed to teach those kids and not judge their parents! So tell me miss “teacher” what did mommy do so wrong because she was overweight? You sound like a stuck up cunt who has your head in your ass and a low level education.

Comment by Joanne on 2017-08-09 07:28:11 -0700 #

You just sound very educated but let me tell you something sir… You don’t know anything about the American people. Yes many of them need to get their priorities in line. It is just ridiculous for you to assume that every person who is on welfare or doesn’t make as much money as you who by the way is not Donald Trump, don’t have the right to have their medications refunded if they are lost or stolen. Many children and or adults need those medications to function and obviously you are one of them. It’s funny that you type behind your computer and act as if you have the solution to so many of the worlds problems when you are probably a shot in who is 8000 pounds eating Burger King while you’re typing and has no job. Stop judging you hypocrite

Comment by Max on 2017-08-30 02:27:21 -0700 #

Wow you said it girl! OP needs medication themselves! Disgusting excuse for a healthcare “professional”.

Comment by Stg4neuroendocrine carcinoid liver, pancreas, kidneys and bones on 2017-12-14 08:28:23 -0800 #

As a pharmacist you are payed to fill prescriptions for your customers. If you can’t deal with customers and keep a smile on your face then there is clearly only one solution. Kill yourself…

Comment by Lostrand on 2018-01-08 19:05:57 -0800 #

So how did this work for you lol

Comment by Ftheangrypharmacist on 2018-01-09 22:27:49 -0800 #

You sound like a person who shouldn’t be a pharmacist. You are a hypocrite. You probably take just as much drugs that are prescribed. You sound jealous. Go suck a dick. It may make you feel better

Comment by 4TimesAYear on 2018-02-15 16:54:56 -0800 #

Oh gee, you expect a thief to be after diabetes meds? BP meds? I think you’re the fruitcake here. Problem is those addicts stealing drugs don’t realize that those drugs can make them loopy, too. But honestly, what do you think a thief is going to take for crying out loud?