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Phone-in Rx’s for Dummies

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Dear Staff of Doctors Offices Everywhere,

There is an obvious lack of common knowledge in Doctors office as to the “proper” way to phone in an Rx.  So I have taken upon myself to give you all a little guideline to hang up in your office so you and/or your office staff don’t become a target of an angry rant on this site.  Consider it my gift to you.

The Angry Pharmacist Guide to Phone In Prescriptions
The Angry Pharmacist (c) 2009

  1. Before you pick up the phone, you must ask yourself a few simple questions:
    1. Do I speak LOUD and CLEAR English and do not mumble (you might need to ask a few office people their opinion of this)?
    2. Do I have the patients full name and date of birth?
    3. Can I read what the doctor has written?
    4. Do I know MY NAME and THE DOCTORS NAME?
    5. If I read what the doctor has written (see 1.3) , can I make out exactly what drug it is, what strength it is, how often is it to be taken.  Even if you have no idea what the drug is, you should be able to use your high-school education to deduce (that’s fancy-talk for figure out) how to take the drug.  If you are unable to determine this, consult the doctor or find someone in the office who can.
    6. Try to sound out the drug name.  Ask someone how to say it if you are confused.  Most drugs names sound similar, so if you are hopelessly confused just be prepared to spell it.
    7. Is there anything here that I might get confused about if asked questions.  Such as a possible 0 looking like an 8 or a 6, or why someone would need #400 Norco with 10 refills.  Giving Ambien (that everyone knows is for sleep) twice daily is obviously wrong as well.
        <b>Having your pre-NewRx checklist, you are ready to call:</b>
          Double check with the patient as to the pharmacy of choice, and also double check to see that you are calling the correct pharmacy.&nbsp; In most phone books, the name of the pharmacy is on the LEFT and their number is on the RIGHT.&nbsp; Use a piece of paper to keep a straight line if you are cross eyed and can&#8217;t seem to follow from LEFT to RIGHT.
          If you are calling a chain or any pharmacy with an automated system, go to the menu entry for a new Rx.
          If you are calling an independent and a LIVE PERSON answers the phone, you are most likely talking with a clerk who CANNOT TAKE YOUR NEW PRESCRIPTION.&nbsp; Kindly ask to speak with a Pharmacist and state that you have a new prescription to call in.
          If you call it in to the wrong pharmacy, CALL THE WRONG PHARMACY BACK AND CANCEL THE PRESCRIPTION!&nbsp; DO NOT CALL THE CORRECT PHARMACY UNTIL THIS IS DONE!&nbsp; What happens is the wrong pharmacy processes it, and blocks the correct pharmacy from processing it through the insurance.&nbsp; We would rather have you CALL and CANCEL THE RX vs having to deal with having another pharmacy return-to-stock and backing the prescription out.
        <b>Speaking with the pharmacist:</b>
          When the pharmacist answers, speak LOUD and CLEAR.&nbsp; There is a lot of background noise in a pharmacy and softly mumbling will get your ass hung-up on.
          Tell them immediately what YOUR name is and WHERE YOU ARE CALLING FROM.&nbsp; Nothing pisses off pharmacists more than when someone is giving a new Rx and they have no idea where they are calling from (hey, they could be the patient calling in a phony).
          Say the patients name in a way that we can understand.&nbsp; You may be proud of your Mexican accent and the way you say Mexican names, but the non-Mexican pharmacist on the other end of the phone has no idea how to spell your ooplahs, n-yays and tongue-rolls.&nbsp; Most pharmacists will want you to spell the name anyways due to the outrageous and stupid names people are making up for their kids now-days.&nbsp; Say it like a white-boy and you should be safe.
          Immediately give the date-of-birth.&nbsp; We shouldn&#8217;t have to ask for it because you should give it automatically.&nbsp; You should already know where it is and don&#8217;t need to hunt/change screens for it.
          Give the first drug, strength, and directions.&nbsp; Speak SLOW, AND CLEAR.&nbsp; You can say it a whole lot faster than most of us can write it.&nbsp; Calling in an Rx is not a race.&nbsp; If you cannot pronounce the drug, just straight out say &#8220;I&#8217;m spelling this for you&#8221;.&nbsp;
          If at any time you use the phrase &#8220;This looks like&#8230;&#8221; or &#8220;I think this is&#8230;&#8221;, you should re-read the section about preparing for the call in, and contemplate having somebody else call in Rx&#8217;s who can actually read and follow directions.
          When finished with the last drug, say &#8220;That&#8217;s all&#8221;.&nbsp; This is not the time for awkward silence as the pharmacist patiently awaits another drug and you just sit silently waiting for the pharmacist to magically read your mind.
          Be prepared to give your name again, since we forgot your name a long time ago, and feel free to ask the pharmacist his name if you have to record that down.
          If the pharmacist has any questions (or the drug isn&#8217;t covered) be prepared to write down what /is/ covered and give the pharmacist a call right back.&nbsp; We don&#8217;t expect you to give us an answer right away, and honestly we&#8217;d rather get a call/fax back than sit on your shitty hold music while you waddle your ass down the hall and ask the doctor in slow motion.
      Following this guide will provide many happy memories with dealing with hard-working and stressed out Pharmacists.
      The Angry Pharmacist</div> </div>

    Comments #

    Comment by Shalom (R.Ph.) on 2009-04-19 14:12:23 -0700 #

    I need to point out that Section 2, Item 3 does not apply at *all* independents. If you call my store and hit 2 for the doctor line, I will answer it personally, not a tech. (And if you hit 2 and you’re *not* calling from a doctor’s office, you better expect to stay on hold just a little bit longer than you would have done had you hit the correct button in the first place. It bugs me when people do this thinking that they’ll jump the queue that way. And by the way, calling for a refill on your own prescription doesn’t count as “calling from the doctor’s office” either, even if you do happen to work there.)

    Comment by Used to be angry pharmacist on 2009-04-19 16:24:43 -0700 #

    Someone send a copy to Wing Chin, MD in the Fremont/Castro Valley area. He speaks 1,000,000 words per second and hangs up right after he thinks he’s done.
    I tried dealing with it a couple of times and gave up. I just told the patient the doctor never called, or the doctor called for someone else.

    Comment by Steve on 2009-04-19 17:06:25 -0700 #

    Wow……you definitely nailed that one. I had someone on the phone from a doctors office that was probably not even sure what state she was in.

    Comment by Mike on 2009-04-19 17:12:06 -0700 #

    If there is one thing I could add to this common sense guide to communicating with your pharmacist, it would be that “Speed is NOT of the Essence”.
    Speak slowly! Because the doctor does it doesn’t make it right.

    Comment by on 2009-04-20 15:14:52 -0700 #

    The doctor’s office…………Hi this is __ calling from Dr. __\_’s office. I’m calling in __ (enter # here) script(s) for patient ___\_. His DOB is _____. The Rx is for vicodin 5/500, take 1 every 4-6 hours PRN pain, qty of 20, with NR.
    Then I repeat back if something is abnormal; but of course a doctor’s office calling in narcotics is about as common-place as you get.

    Comment by Sumotoad on 2009-04-20 15:49:26 -0700 #

    Like all really important stuff (Love Thy Neighbor, the Ten Commandments, Don’t Spend More Than You Earn, etc..) this will be universally ignored. Pity, because it is great advice. I invariably refer to the incompetent caller-in of Rx’s as “The Doctor’s 12-year-old niece…”, because they can’t afford trained help, and my favorite story is about trying to understand her heavily accented English and asking, “Is that B as in Boy or V as in Victor?” She very clearly replied, “Eees B ass een Beektor”…

    Comment by Crusty Rph on 2009-04-20 16:16:25 -0700 #

    The simple solution is e-script – NOT. What a bunch of shit. The most common errors on the perfect system are the wrong drug, dosage form or directions. Usually the patient information an Dr’s info is correct. The pharmacy pays all the fees – 30 cents for a new prescription, 30cents for a refill request, another 30cents for the response to the refill request. Then if the DR’s office wants to be very efficient you will get a fax for another 20cents or maybe e-mail it twice for another 30cents. If every Dr does this the pharmacy could get a nice monthly bill for more than it would cost to put in a robot. I took an average day and came up an extra 42cents for every prescription filled. That one day would have cost $210. It would be over $4000 a month for my pharmacy alone. Why are we paying for the Dr’s office to become more efficient. The e-script companies, give this to the Dr expecting us to fall in line and pay the bill – like always. E-scripts are definately in the future, but not like this. Let’s all pay for our own transmissions and they shouldn’t be 30cents each. I’ll bet that there is a different fee structure for the chains. No way would they sit back and take this shit. You other independents should stand up also and say no way – be fair or be gone.

    Comment by VaTech on 2009-04-21 12:02:43 -0700 #

    Amen… I’m just a tech, but I can’t stand when they call in and just start rattling off the new script…. Without checking to see if I’m the pharmacist or not. My favorite thing next to stumbling over whichever language they try to speak is the MD calling themselves and ordering “blah blah blah with FOREVER refills” I don’t know how it is in other states but in Va the script expires after one year and that’s state law. I hate dealing with patients who say that their MD gave them forever refills so I should “slap the label on the pills and shut up”

    Comment by bradford on 2009-04-21 22:24:05 -0700 #

    I’m an RN, student Nurse Practitioner, called in my first Rx today…ever…while rotating through a clinical site. I thought long and hard, tried to pull up TAP’s complete list in my brain. I daresay i nailed them all.
    One question though. what do you think about this one. In my mind as a prescriber I think like this: “vitamin D 50,000 units. take one tablet twice weekly for 3 months.” Can i write it/call it in that way, or do i have to reprocess it into “quantity 8, 2 refills”

    Comment by Brian on 2009-04-22 07:53:36 -0700 #

    Don’t forget when the floor sweeper calls the pharmacy for “A” prescription that indicates to most people “A” (singular modifier) prescription. Don’t say “A” prescription and then give me 18 damn prescriptions. Tell me up front, “I have ____ (number) of prescriptions to call in. Let me know when you are ready.”

    Comment by k on 2009-04-22 13:28:20 -0700 #

    i just had a case manager read a prescription to me as follows: “it says to take one at night and at bedtime. there’s a dot with a line under it then another dot. i think that’s what that means.”
    me: “um, that means 1.”

    Comment by Dr. S on 2009-04-23 05:40:47 -0700 #

    We’re using e-scripts because Uncle Sam and the insurance companies told us it’s better for patients. It certainly doesn’t make our office any more efficient.
    I can click “Fax Rx” just as easily as “Send eRx” and then both get to the same place in about the same amount of time.
    My faxed Rx’s are probably easier to read, and they give me plenty of room for instructions (“Cancel old Rx for HCTZ”, “May add flavor”), or notes (“Penicillin allergy”)
    Moreover, half the retail pharmacies in our area claim they never received our eRx’s (even though we have a confirmation that they went through).
    But, we doctors are told that this will be mandatory, and so we fork over lots of money for these proprietary systems to send eRx’s.
    Now we get to contend with computers that want to prescribe 3.997 tablets of Actonel.
    About the only benefit I see (besides eliminating handwriting) is the security of not trusting patients with hardcopy prescriptions.
    But since we can’t send Rx’s for Scheduled drugs electronically, we’re still writing those by hand, and still trusting patients not to lose them, alter them, or smoke them.
    This has nothing to do with doctors vs pharmacists.
    If you pharmacists can convince the government that e-scripts aren’t saving time or money, and aren’t reducing errors, then I’ll happily go back to faxing my Rx’s again.

    Comment by PharmD2B on 2009-04-24 20:28:16 -0700 #

    I heard a rumor that you graduated from Northern, is that true?

    Comment by Sumotoad on 2009-04-24 21:58:38 -0700 #

    Sorry, had to share this one…. she called in Nitrobid 100 mg BID x 7 days. I said, “You’re sure, NITRObid?” “Jayse, I am chure. Ees what doctor wrote.” “Absolutely sure? Nitrobid is an ointment, 2%, for chest pain… what is her disease?” “Che hass a yoorinary infection” “Could it be MACRObid maybe?” “Jayse, ees what i said.. Nitrobid”
    Please kill me. Make it quick.

    Comment by GOFWG on 2009-04-24 22:10:35 -0700 #

    Maybe this guy got fed up with the numbnutz who call in Rx’s! That is why he feels compelled to arm himself. . What do you think, TAP?

    Comment by Dr. Grumpy on 2009-04-26 19:38:52 -0700 #

    Gotta agree with Dr. S.
    I started using Allscripts last month because of the Medicare requirements, and it’s just a pain in the ass. It literally takes 10 minutes to enter a new patient, then a med, then a pharmacy. I could write out (in my neat manuscript) or call in (in my slow, non-accented English) the same script in < 1 minute.
    I HATE e-prescibing, and am only using it for medicare patients. I hope other insurances don’t start to require them, too.

    Comment by JL on 2009-04-29 14:44:08 -0700 #

    “Say it like a white-boy and you should be safe.”
    This was hilarious.
    Also, what kinds of assistants are they hiring at MD offices these days? How do you call in a prescription to the wrong pharmacy?

    Comment by CT on 2009-05-01 00:12:13 -0700 #

    Bad news, Grumpy, I think it’ll be a federal law soon that ALL non-control rx’s have to be e-scribe by 2012.

    Comment by Joe on 2009-05-12 09:54:25 -0700 #

    Awesome post, and I like the subtlety of the banner.

    Is the color of the font super light for everyone else or is it just my browser?

    Comment by adrienne on 2009-05-12 22:55:56 -0700 #

    I agree that e-script is a load of crap and complete time and money waster!! (although I do like the e-fax option…sends quickly but not a guarantee that the doc actually receives it like a hardcopy fax..especially after we’ve gotten no response after a week or more!).

    Any new script received pops up in the MIDDLE of whatever you are working on! and it doesn’t go away until you’ve pulled it up on screen!-and then gets forgotten about as I go about my work on another screen… I’ve been looking at a pt’s refill file and then back out of the screen (thinking that I’ll then be looking at the refill I just pulled up)and there is the e-script right there on my screen and in the F’ing way!(most often with the wrong pt name in the to-be-filled section) It is so wrought with mistakes waiting to happen it’s unbelieveable! And what’s with all the duplicates? At least 3 rx’s a day are sent multiple times…do you really want us to put all those rx’s on file or do only once? (now we make joke about it cause there was ONCE a time that it wasn’t a mistake and the pt ripped us a new one—nobody told us you lost your damn meds 3 days after the last fill!)

    another example of BIG government spending!

    Comment by Jen on 2009-05-14 07:30:31 -0700 #

    My favorite call ever came from a nurse who left a message on the voice mail. “I need to call in some Zoloft (E-F-F-E-X-O-R).” I had to call her back and see what she actually wanted me to give the patient.

    Comment by rphrob on 2009-05-17 06:07:40 -0700 #

    Amen, Brian. A prescription = 1 prescription. Several prescriptions = more than 1. If it is more than 3 prescriptions, indicate the exact number or say you have quite a few prescriptions to call in. Also, call in all non-controls together and all controls together so we can simplify the filing of the hard copies. Mixing controls in and out of non-controls is a waste of my time and paper and is just lazy on your part.

    Comment by Chuck in MI on 2009-05-18 06:36:30 -0700 #

    When going to Big Pharmacy, I try to be a polite patient/customer.
    – I say “please” and “thank you”.
    – I write “DOB 1/1/1974” at the top of the scrip before I give it to you.
    – I quietly walk around the store while waiting for my prescription.
    – Techs overestimate the time it takes to fill my scrip, so when it gets filled early, I’m happy. I like that idea.
    – When my kids were little they had a book to read, or game to play quietly while waiting in your pharmacy. (Notice I said “your pharmacy”, as it’s not my house.)
    – I know you may ask me to verify information already on your computer or on the scrip, and I appreciate you are making the effort to get my order correct. I will gladly wait the extra minute you take to do so. Once when picking up a scrip, I got confused with another person of the same first and last name, in the same city. Shortly thereafter the techs started asking for the street address for verification.

    Comment by Tina on 2009-05-20 10:13:19 -0700 #

    I had one call in where she insisted on spelling Dr. Smith’s last name but then rushed through the patient’s ethiopian 13 letter last name without a second thought that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL THAT!

    Comment by PharmGoneRN on 2009-06-03 20:28:10 -0700 #

    How in GOD’S NAME does is make any sense that these morons can call in a script, but I can’t write the dumb shit down? After 18 fun-filled frickin’ years of reading the hieroglyphics, aren’t I obviously more qualified to take the script than they are to call it in?!?!?!?!?!?

    Comment by Barbara on 2009-10-11 16:45:21 -0700 #

    Please, do not assume that the persons that you speak with at physician’s offices are RN’s. That is a serious mistake that is made by too many people. They assume that anyone wearing a uniform, or more likely today, a scrub suit, is a Registered Nurse. Most offices will not spend the money to hire RNs. They use Medical Assistants. My own internist uses MA’s and LPN’s. When the office ‘nurse’ returns my call, she has to spell the name of the medication and/or the lab procedure, so that I can pronounce it for her, and then tell her why the medication is used and what the results of the lab tests indicate. She is always very pleasant and thankful for the information, but it certainly does not instill confidence in my provider or his staff. I am currently on the look out for a Board Certified Internist who has enough concern for his/her practice to have RN’s on staff.

    Comment by Luna on 2009-12-08 17:49:54 -0800 #

    I think I’ll copy this for the dentist office that calls our pharmacy all the time. The RECEPTIONIST calls in all their prescriptions – she talks 100 mph, never has a birthday, never even knows if this patient even goes to our pharmacy, etc. And then hangs up as soon as she’s done speaking. I’d love to go to the front desk, ask for this RECEPTIONIST, smack her in the face with a copy of this and say \read it, memorize it, if you don’t follow it, I will hang up on you.\ Thank you!

    Love your site too, by the way, I’ve told everyone I work with about it!

    Comment by Adam on 2010-01-18 02:18:53 -0800 #

    “You may be proud of your Mexican accent and the way you say Mexican names, but the non-Mexican pharmacist on the other end of the phone…”

    What’s a Mexican name? Unless the Mexican is given a name by the indigenous people of Mexico then its not a Mexican name.

    “Say it like a white-boy and you should be safe.”

    Sorry are you trying to imply that there are no white Mexicans? Or all white people speak English? This would be highly wrong. I know most people in the USA think Mexican is some type of race when it’s not. There are white Mexicans. The USA and Canada are not the only countries in the Americas with white people. And white people don’t only speak English.

    Comment by Clinton on 2010-03-20 02:05:11 -0700 #

    OOOOO my God. I live in southern California, and the mexican women here are very proud of the way they can say the mexican names. They speak perfect english, and then they pronounce the names with all the RRRRRR’s rolling around. I always waste as much of their time as possible….by making them spell everything. 3.Say the patients name in a way that we can understand. You may be proud of your Mexican accent and the way you say Mexican names, but the non-Mexican pharmacist on the other end of the phone has no idea how to spell your ooplahs, n-yays and tongue-rolls. Most pharmacists will want you to spell the name anyways due to the outrageous and stupid names people are making up for their kids now-days. Say it like a white-boy and you should be safe.

    Comment by rph-rgf on 2010-11-08 11:35:54 -0800 #

    we have one office which has solved the escript problem. they will escribe, fax and give the patient a written script, even for controls. we did not know this was going on until the patient came in to pick up their meds. the office had faxed and escribed to another pharmacy. the patient, angry that we did not have it ready, gave us the written script. i called the doctor’s office to ask why the patient was told the script was faxed to us and given a written script. the office person said they had been getting too many complaints of pharmacies not receiving either the fax or the escript, so they were just covering all bases.

    Comment by the- smart -dope- head on 2011-11-19 16:50:43 -0800 #

    first off I would just like to say I read your post alot TAP and I really like this site alot. I agree with alot of your opinions and view points and you seem very intelligent as well.However I also agree with many others that dont see eye to eye with you. Every body in this world has struggles every day whether they are physically painful dehabilitating stuggles or mental anguish and despair or a combination of both and everyone copes with these things in a different manner whether they take medications as prescribed by doctors to restore their quality of of physical and/or mental well being whether they abuse these medications self medicate or use street drugs or if the seek relief from the bottom of the jack daniels or gin bottle( like you seem to do) or just live a miserable life and stay angry at the world take their problems out on others and blame everyone else for the fact that they hate their life and their jobs and their shitty existance but common sense would tell you #1 that if there is something in your life that you dont like change it so if you hate your job and hate working in the customer service feild with te rest of us mere mortals and assholes then find another profession and then maybe just maybe you wouldnt be so “angry” all the time and wouldnt be such a miserable fuck it is obvious that you have a iserable life and therefor you want everyone else to be miserable to because misery loves company and miserable people cant stand to see anyone else enjoying life or being happy maybe thats wht you take so much pleaseure in denying pain patients their vicodin its not the dope heads that make this world such a shitty place its fucktards like you that think they know everything and think they are better then everyone else you dont have to be that smart to be a pharmacist yeah I am sure that you went to school for a long time probly cheated your way through most of it and had to retain cetain information for a few weeks to become what you are today however you act like you are so goddamn smart because you fill pescription when really all you do is take them from a big bottle and put them in a smaller one with a label and maybe make some phone calls ordo some paperwork these days anyone with a computer can be a pharmacistconsidering the computer instruct you on every apspect of your job anyway and should you forget something or need any kind of verification the computer does that too hell I can tell you interactions and side effects of medication just by googling something so stop acting like you are some kind of rocket scientist just because you wear a white coat I really think that you are angry because you wanted to be a doctor but couldnt cut it and had to settle and now you have some serious envy and jealousy issues. as for saving lives HAHAHA!! you dont save any lives marines navy and air force save lives doctors and surgeons save lives firemen and policemen save live you my friend do not so stop acting like you are some kind of hero because you have a white lab coat and access to a computer and search engines.I know you get your rocks off when you get to deny somebody thier vicodin early and feel like you are doing some justice in the world but you are not does it really make you feel good to deny cancer patients the elderly and others medication that they really need for pain? or how about the veteran who comes in a needs his percoset a little early because he was injured in iraq fighting for your freedom while you pussy ass is sitting behing a counter whining about your sorry life like a little bitch? maybe one day your nanna or your mommy will have some god awful painful condition that only narcotics can relieve I bet you would open that safe right up for mommy wouldnt ya or maybe steal a few pills from stock or some trusting customer(I mean crack head as you put it) to make sure you and yours dont suffer right or would you just buy her a bottle of liquor and clear off the bottle with her? you can try to drowned your sorrows with alchohol everyday but that isnt gonna help much either and tell me how is it any different to relieve you pain,stresses and anxiety with booze then to do it with medications? there is no difference except you can go to the corner of pretty much any street and get your self that liquid poison thats perfectly okay but god forbid someone take a few extra vicodin you know what would be funny as shit if you went into jim bobs liquor store on christmas eve to buy your bottle of gin and the all mighty cashier behind the counter said ya know what I am having a bad day today so I am not selling you your booze then called all the other liquor store in town and told them not to sell you any either and then god forbid you didnt get to have your christmas cock-tail this year I bet any amount of money you would be upset and give that guy a peice of your mind demanding your poison and try to find any way you could to get it so you could have a merry lil christmas now wouldnt ya? not only is this my opinion but a statistical fact that alchohol is notonly a depressant and a downer but is also cause people to become extremely angry overly aggressive and severly impair judgement and ability to perforn simple tasks so maybe you should think about that the next time you pick up that bottle of gin or jack there is a good old saying that goes something like this the pot should call the kettle black and another that goes people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones so next time you are standing in the line at the local booze store think about the so called “junkie” that stands in your pharmacy line waitinf for his poison and tell me this what makes you any better then him? as a matte of fact when that junkie get his vicodin he probly goes home and quietly watches tv or reads a magazine and has a smile on his face when you get all tanked up from the booze I am sure you are an ignorant miserable dick hell you act like that sober I can imagine how big of a jerk-off you become when you have a few stiff ones in ya…you probly drive drunk too and have the nerve to talk about other peoples safety and jeopardizing others to selfishly catch a buzz the only one that should ever judge anyone else is god and the only one that should ever have any control over peoples lives is god and I know you have a major god-complex wanting to have the ultimate say over everyones life and decisions but gd doesnt like people like that very much as a matter of fact he probly despise them more then the crackheads becauce they soberly and of sound mind do something everyday that only he should be doing let me ask you this do you ever hear about people who took too much vicodin or smoked a lil weed smashing into innocent people on the highway and taking peoples lives? or beating the shit out of their wife or kids because they had a bad day at work or someone pissed them off or they hate their jobs?(sound familiar?) NO you dont you know why cause thes kinda of people are usually layed back and enjoy life as much as they can and are usually kind considerate people with big hearts and compassion for other human being I can say the same for alchoholics though thay are hateful and maen bitter angry and agressive assholes who usually balme everyone else for their problems and make excuses for all their shortcomings and ya know what all this talk about blowing out your liver what do you think alchohol does you fucking moron so next time you deny someone their vicodin think about how you would feel if ya couldnt get your booze at the corner store because some chsier had a piss on a wanted to play hero and “keep YOU safe” the bottom line is people are free to make their own choices because god gave us that privelege to do so whehter the choices they make are right or wrong (like the choice you make to drowned you sarrows and stresses in a bottle of booze) everyone should have the right to make their own choice in life regardless of what anyone else thinks and if god himself doesnt try to control what choice people make who the hell are you to do so?? who do you think you are really you have used the term drug monkey before many time well thats exactly what you are a fucking drug monkey you can read whooptidy doodah aye and you can type on a computer and count good for you if chimps could read and type they could do your job too so jump down off your high horse there buddy but becarefull try not to break you legs doing it because karma is a bitch and maybe you might get denied your pain pills from some angry pharmacist one day and driving to the liquor store would be pretty togh with 2 broken legs now wouldnt it??? your a fucking douche bag who thinks he is better then every one else or that the world should revolve around you and everything should go your way all the fucking time and you are a fucking know it all and get off on trying to play god and determine whats right and wrong for everyone else and try to act like you are somebody important you are worse then a crooked cop who gets off on writing traffic tickets to old ladies cause it gives you some kind of power trip the reason the doctors dont talk to you socially is because they know pharmacists are just cocky assholes who envy them and pretend to know something about medicine well if you knew soooo much about medicint then you would be the one writing the prescription not the one filling drug monkey really you are just a typical bitter old drunk who will will die lonely (hopefully in alot of pain) with no vicodin or booze to ease you into your transition to HELL!!!!

    Comment by the- smart -dope- head on 2011-11-19 17:16:51 -0800 #

    and I know you or someone else is just gonna try to flame me for making some typos and mistakes with grammer but the truth is I dont really give one shit about that because I am only concerned with making a point and could care less about revising or editing every word i said in my post like you do so I actually can spell and type very well but I m just a little tired and dont feel like taking an extra 10 miniutes to edit my every word because unlike you I actually have a life and do other things besides sit at my computer and make posts and blogs about how much I hate my job or my life and how much everything sucks because that is just life and you need to grow up and deal with it like a man instead of whinig and complaing like a little bitch all the time and I am not gonna spend so much as an hour on this bullshit post cause as I said before I have a life and way more important things to do then sit in front of the computer for hours on end bitching ang griping about life and taking the time to revise and spell check everything I typed so I dont look like a fucktard like you do because I actually have more important shit to do like taking a bunch off percoset and being happy and enjoying life instead of being a miserable little bitch that goes to a job that I hate then comes home and sits in front of the computer for hours trying to belittle others and correcting all my typos so I seem smarter and better then everyone else and trying to make other people fell like shit about themselves just so I can sleep at night so have another drink of that liquid poison and keep siitng on that high horse you are on because one day you will realize that you spent your whole life being a miserable pric and when you do reach those pearly gates just to have them slammed shut in your face maybe then you will know how it feels to have someone judge you asshole

    Comment by the-smart-dope-head on 2011-11-22 16:26:17 -0800 #

    I have just a wee bit more ranting I would like to do myself I figure If TAP can run off at the mouth nonstop bitching about the same damn thing over and over and over and over again then I can do the same I would like to point out that he claims to be sooooooo much better then everyone else and all the so called “pill poppers” yet he constantly refers to having to have a drink when he feels stressed out what does this sound like to everybody?? cause to me it sounds like the almighty TAP has a dependency with alcohol like he uses it as a crutch to get him through those “tough” times or maybe he uses it as a stress reliever or maybe drinking is his way to cope so does that make him better then the pill poppers UM NO it doesnt LOL it makes him just as much of a junkie except his drug is liquid not solid thats the only difference which means he is just as stupid and weak minded as any pill head and at least pill poppers are laid back, chill, actually kinda cool people and not miserable, angry, bitter, violent douche bags that beat their wives and pets, and molest little kids like alcoholics TAP is a joke and I always laugh histerically at his pathetic rants about how his life and his job suck so bad I guess it does thats what happens when your a fucking loser LMMFAO

    Comment by Jfpharmd on 2012-03-09 10:19:26 -0800 #

    Dope, you are an idiot. I stopped reading after the first post . Nothing else I can say

    Comment by safdsf on 2017-09-16 17:17:58 -0700 #

    nurses are the bain to the world. tards that somehow land a middle class lifestyle

    Comment by Chris Brown on 2019-07-21 12:38:30 -0700 #

    GET EM!!!!