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Nurses and Hospitals



The time for candy coating it is over….

·4300 words·21 mins
I’m tired of candy coating and being all “politically correct” about this issue, so I’m just going to come right out and be an asshole.

Pharmacy Certainties

·1411 words·7 mins
There are some things that go on in a pharmacy that are set in stone like the sun rising in the morning.

RN’s vs NA/MA

·7345 words·35 mins
I know I’m going to get some hatemail with this one, but this topic really bugs the hell out of me.


The County Hospital

·1087 words·6 mins
Now feel free to correct me if i’m wrong, but is every county hospital the most mismanaged, poorly ran, sinkhole of my tax-paying dollars on the planet?

This is a true story

·401 words·2 mins
Actual conversation between a pharmacist and a nurse.