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Introducing AngryTV

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This isn’t new to people who follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, however I’d like to share with you something that I have made:


Stay tuned for more AngryTV (since the site that makes this is AWESOME) as well as some user submitted gems.  If you make one, comment with the link and I’ll post them if they are good.

Comments #

Comment by Angie on 2010-08-19 22:53:14 -0700 #


Comment by CPhT on 2010-08-20 03:47:15 -0700 #

OMG, hearing that annoying voice that comes on the phone when you have to call CVS swearing was priceless!

Comment by Jennifer on 2010-08-20 04:28:41 -0700 #

OMG! So amazing!! Keep it up!

Comment by Sara on 2010-08-20 05:15:09 -0700 #

…………… amazing. thank you, I needed that, as well I can imagine most people lucky enough to work in pharmacy with crack heads that don’t listen needed that as well. 🙂

Comment by thepharmdstudent on 2010-08-20 11:09:47 -0700 #


Comment by Sarah G on 2010-08-20 12:22:19 -0700 #

Bwhahahahwhahahah! Glad I had the headphones on (I sort of guessed I would with a TAP video).

Comment by jenn on 2010-08-20 12:48:23 -0700 #

Oh sweet baby jesus..that was amazing. I’m going to play it in the pharmacy..quietly I guess 😛 my pharmacist will love it

Comment by Jonas on 2010-08-20 14:24:21 -0700 #

That was *brilliant*. MORE!

Comment by The Redheaded Pharmacist on 2010-08-20 15:48:18 -0700 #

XtraNormal is amazing. I have been meaning to try it out myself. This reminds me of the famous iphone vs Evo video I watched recently! Keep it up Angry!

Comment by Brian on 2010-08-20 16:51:29 -0700 #

Comment by Matt S on 2010-08-20 19:52:16 -0700 #

My first attempt. I was going to make one about more Vico-dan prescriptions but this seemed a different way to go. Hope you like it. Any suggestions for additions or changes please let me know.

Comment by theangrypharmacist on 2010-08-20 22:56:29 -0700 #


(and yes, I can’t afford an iPad either) 🙁

Comment by CPhT on 2010-08-21 01:13:50 -0700 #

Tried my hand with one; here it is:

Comment by kotyak on 2010-08-21 02:03:15 -0700 #

This is too nice. I usually get cursed or yelled at by the leeches.

Comment by Kat on 2010-08-21 03:28:28 -0700 #

Comment by Kat on 2010-08-21 03:29:47 -0700 #

Comment by Telonicus McPhaerson, CPhT on 2010-08-21 15:42:29 -0700 #

Here’s my go at it, hope it’s up to snuff.

Comment by PharmTrechie on 2010-08-21 18:21:44 -0700 #

The CVS guy voice is the best part!

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-22 10:49:12 -0700 #

Perfect…. I just came back from my training as a “volunteer” immunizer. This was just what I needed. Loved the CVS voice! More, please!

Comment by Mis on 2010-08-22 12:46:25 -0700 #

absolutly hilarious loved it!!

Comment by Jenni on 2010-08-22 15:06:51 -0700 #


Comment by headup on 2010-08-22 15:12:01 -0700 #

Okay, here is my lame attempt.

Comment by crazeecatladee on 2010-08-22 17:24:52 -0700 #

I have this conversation at least 5 times a day, and then they want to “charge it” and pay at the 1st of the month (which rarely happens). I’m starting to wonder if TAP works for the same chain I do.

Comment by Robin on 2010-08-22 17:31:29 -0700 #

This is my attempt. I posted it on facebook, also.

Comment by kdog909 on 2010-08-22 20:24:53 -0700 #

Here’s mine! It’s not as funny as some of the others, but this conversation happens almost daily during certain times of the year…

Comment by kdog909 on 2010-08-22 21:48:39 -0700 #

Wow, well done with the animations! Also I think anyone on any kind of state aid should get random cheek swabs to check if they are smoking. Positive result = no more medicare/medicaid! If you want to smoke, fine, just don’t use my tax dollars to pay for your cigs or your expensive COPD drugs!

Comment by kdog909 on 2010-08-22 22:06:35 -0700 #

I thank the gods everyday that I work in a small “mom and pop” drug store that doesn’t have cash registers in the pharmacy. I would go nuts if I had to ring up people’s groceries all day.

Comment by pill pusher on 2010-08-23 11:40:11 -0700 #

Here is my 1st attempt at this.

Comment by pill pusher on 2010-08-23 11:43:38 -0700 #

I like it kdog. I took the liberty to modify it a bit and added something else to your script. I hope you don’t mind and enjoy my addition.

Comment by RxDawg on 2010-08-23 17:26:30 -0700 #

Absolutely beautiful.

Comment by Megadane on 2010-08-23 19:48:18 -0700 #

A first film feature attempt from Canada, eh? The third party payers and some drug names maybe different but the rest appears to be a shared worldwide plight against an epidemic of stupid.

Comment by Midnight Crackfiller on 2010-08-23 20:01:13 -0700 #

Hilarious!!! Here’s my first attempt. Can’t wait to have a day off to really play around with the animation

Comment by PillCounter3000 on 2010-08-23 21:04:19 -0700 #

Here is a small example of the fun and nice people that I get to deal with. Sorry that the pharmacist doesn’t attack but I thought that people should see just how nasty people can be. Based off a true story.

Comment by Do ya have da blue watsons? on 2010-08-23 23:31:50 -0700 #

Great, she needed to wave around her medicaid platinum card and then it would have been flawless

Comment by Do ya have da blue watsons? on 2010-08-23 23:40:50 -0700 #

hilarious, got that accent perfect…….hurry up my kids are waiting in my hummer would have been a nice addition lol

Comment by theangrypharmacist on 2010-08-24 00:31:13 -0700 #

HHAHAHA i love the “cha-ching!”

Comment by pill pusher on 2010-08-24 19:45:39 -0700 #

I am having too much fun with this. Here is a remix of my initial attempt “ignorance is bliss”

Thanks for this website, makes my day slightly more tolerable.

Comment by Mike on 2010-08-24 21:57:29 -0700 #

Thanks for showing us the website!

Comment by Jeremy on 2010-08-24 22:55:50 -0700 #

These were all so hilarious! I went ahead and did my attempt at one too. It is based upon a true experience. Please enjoy!

Comment by Telonicus McPhaerson, CPhT on 2010-08-24 23:59:29 -0700 #

Here’s another one.

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-25 18:44:37 -0700 #

Thanks, Jeremy. Gave me a good laugh at the end of pretty normal day…and you know what kind of day I mean!

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-25 19:47:20 -0700 #

Here is my very humble entry

Comment by kdog909 on 2010-08-25 20:41:55 -0700 #

Holy fuck, if I had a customer like that, I would have thrown her hard copy prescription in her face and told her to go shove it up her ass. If she called my manager to complain, I would have said she was lying and I would, at worst, be written-up. There is NO EXCUSE for a customer to treat another human being that way. With pharmacists across the country being treated like this by customers every day, it’s a miracle that more pharmacists aren’t “going postal”, if you know what I mean. (sorry for the rant, it’s been a long day!)

Comment by J.Mathews on 2010-08-25 21:43:43 -0700 #

My first attempt at a video. Just put some built up frustration into this one.

Comment by pill pusher on 2010-08-25 22:38:43 -0700 #

OK, ok… this is my final rendition of my first attempt at this. the doorbell is my drive through, and you can hear a car accident in the drive through once or twice because someone completely inept designed the drive thru.

I cant get enough of this. thanks for letting me vent.

we need to change our profession, the future is fucked.

Comment by Do ya have da blue watsons? on 2010-08-26 09:18:40 -0700 #

damn funny, but so realistic I now need a drink

Comment by Linda on 2010-08-26 12:09:11 -0700 #

I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face!!! The “smelling like shit” is soooooo true! One customer had such a horrible odor I gagged — right in front of her.

I hate that I work for CVS — I really do. Unfortunately for me as a new (yet older) pharmacist there aren’t many choices in my area and my family and I have been without a decent income in years.

I’m called “Dr.” at my pharmacy and do not allow patients/doctors/nurses or insurance companies to call me by my first name. I’m having to train the patients one at a time what it’s like to be told no by a pharmacist. “No, I will not call your physician for refill authorizations. We send one fax and after that you need to contact your physician.”

We need to all stick together and start pulling some Gandhi-style discipline out on these patients and corporations. If the corporation takes away one of our techs to attend a “meeting” because we didn’t make their damned marketing calls to irritate customers, then we need to increase our wait times to 3 hours and post “closed” signs on all the drive through lanes. If every pharmacist would do this and stick together regardless of what company, shop, or corporation we worked for then it would bring these friggin’ freaks to their knees.

I love the blog!!

Comment by NaOH on 2010-08-26 12:27:33 -0700 #

I had been a tech approximately 1 week at this point.

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-26 18:01:15 -0700 #

Hurrah for you, Linda. Were you also required (ie. threatened) to become an “immunizer”? What fun…our flu shots are scheduled after the typist leaves for the day, so the immunizer runs around like a crazy chicken doing the mandated paper work, ringing up the pt, and then giving the flu shot. That is 15-20 minutes taken away from QA functions. I can hardly wait to give them on the weekend. Could we try our Ghandi method with corporate?

Comment by 6Years2longTech on 2010-08-26 18:12:30 -0700 #

I found out about this yesterday, and literally showed everyone in my pharmacy! I cried laughing every time I watched it!! We all got such a kick out of this, mostly because it’s all so TRUE!! Thanks for making our day!!

Comment by Mike on 2010-08-26 18:53:29 -0700 #

Comment by kdog909 on 2010-08-26 19:26:39 -0700 #

That was quite a rant at the end there pill pusher, well done!

Comment by pill pusher on 2010-08-26 20:34:40 -0700 #

I love you Linda, will you marry me? Oh shit, I just remembered that my wife will not allow that.

How did pharmacy come to such a pass? There is no way that the health and welfare of a patient rich or poor, on public aid or cash paying, can trust us or even survive if we allow degrading standards to continue.

My techs are my right hand, and having tech hours taken away from me cripples my effectiveness. Yes I may make the company more money in the long run, but in the end I am able to help less people.

We need to learn how to start measuring outcomes and we need to learn it fast. Even before there were mid-level practitioners the pharmacists opinion was revered. “ASK YOUR DOCTOR OR PHARMACIST” was common place. You don’t hear much of that today, instead you get a prescription from a mid-level practitioner, that may or may not be appropriate.

I had to call the urgent care center next door to my pharmacy 3 times to have the practitioner change the order for Levaquin for a young teenager with no drug allergies and a UTI to Bactrim, Augmentin, Keflex, Azithromycin. The PA refused my suggestion and finally selected Suprax?! What kind of shit is that? A pharmacist could have saved the system $500 by suggesting Bactrim, not to mention the 10’s of thousands of dollars that the arthopathies, myalgias, tendonitis, etc… would have cost the system. All of this forgetting the quality of life that it would have cost this little girl.

I hate my job, we know too much and we don’t use it because we are paid to much to keep quiet.

Comment by pill pusher on 2010-08-26 20:59:49 -0700 #

NaOH, your video left a bad taste in my mouth, I appreciate what you were trying to say, however, I think a little more tact is in order. If you owned that pharmacy, I don’t think that situation would have even come up. That lady was pissed because she waited forever in a drive-thru. She is expecting drive thru service just like everyone else, this is what Walgreens, CVS and the others feed people. And it’s very easy for her to surmise that you are racist because she is not getting what she is told on TV. Doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right, its what she believes. Be professional, no matter what the cost to your ego.

Do your best, it’s not easy, good luck…

Comment by c2much on 2010-08-27 06:23:04 -0700 #

my boss told me about your site. this is such a breath of fresh air. have had the ” i am going out of town right now ” talk 2 many time. broke junkies vacation like nobody else.

Comment by MNRPh on 2010-08-29 01:27:24 -0700 #

An unfortunately common occurence.

Comment by mbrx on 2010-08-29 06:42:08 -0700 #

Comment by DocRob25 on 2010-08-29 08:58:24 -0700 #

McCracky’s!!!! Love it! I would have thought you were a fly on the wall in the pharmacy where I work! Every single night, I have at LEAST one \conversation\ like that. Loved it.

Comment by mbrx on 2010-08-29 10:21:13 -0700 #

Comment by mbrx on 2010-08-29 16:37:45 -0700 #

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-29 19:32:00 -0700 #

I loved the sound effects !

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-29 19:42:04 -0700 #

mbrx, I wish I had done this one, Great work.

Comment by roundwhitetablet on 2010-08-29 23:42:01 -0700 #

Refills made easy – contact your pharmacy to find out more.

Pardon the length of the video. I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, Angry Pharmacist, regarding your blog – I am a fan. Keep ’em coming.

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-08-30 09:06:17 -0700 #

Brendon, this rates up there with ” I want the 100cc syringes for my diabetic grandpa..” Thanks for the post.

Comment by flarflar on 2010-09-01 20:23:55 -0700 #

my favorite encounter today at my pharmacy

Comment by flarflar on 2010-09-01 20:26:41 -0700 #

my favorite encounter of my day

Comment by WalQaida on 2010-09-02 18:08:49 -0700 #

Pretty standard medicaid patient. I may be a lowly tech, but I deal with most of the pissy people who come in to my Walgreens.

Comment by Aldo V. on 2010-09-02 18:36:56 -0700 #

OMG you hit the nail on the head about what these “pain management” patients really are. TWO THUMBS UP

Comment by WalQaida on 2010-09-02 18:57:04 -0700 #

I’m guessing Walgreens employee….

Comment by kdog909 on 2010-09-02 19:22:39 -0700 #

LOL! You’ve successfully pointed out like a dozen annoying customer habits in just one video! Well done, roundwhitetablet!

Comment by Jessica on 2010-09-03 06:17:02 -0700 #

this is a video I made that describes a day I had at work last week!

Comment by eunibabe on 2010-09-03 10:16:15 -0700 #

LOL… try this… WHAT? not covered? Medi-Cal pays for EVERYTHING. I can’t afford the stupid dimetapp for my kid! (Note: she was driving a Mercedes S-class)…

Anyway.. Bravo!! well done!

Comment by Josh on 2010-09-03 22:56:21 -0700 #

Here’s one of my own from a few years ago. Unfortunately, most of what the patient says in this video actually came out of the woman’s mouth at the time.

Comment by mbrx on 2010-09-04 07:18:28 -0700 #

a Wally world employee dreading the flu season…

Comment by roundwhitetablet on 2010-09-04 18:11:20 -0700 #

Transfers made easy. This was a situation that consumed two days, two pharmacists, 5 employees and everyone’s sanity. I hope you enjoy it.

Comment by Tim on 2010-09-05 09:09:46 -0700 #


Comment by Funnypharm on 2010-09-05 11:28:43 -0700 #

Hilarious. Keep up the great posts.

Comment by JJatreides on 2010-09-05 12:12:28 -0700 #

My first attempt: Defective Diflucan

Second attempt: HIPAA Expert

I absolutely love this site!

Comment by Linda on 2010-09-05 14:48:17 -0700 #

Good job Jessica! I love this video. Now we need one that shows this TennCare customer serving a week in jail for making a threat to slap an employee!!!!

Comment by Julia sass on 2010-09-07 18:28:42 -0700 #

HAHAHAHA!!!! That was fantastic!!!

Comment by xgame715 on 2010-09-07 22:35:45 -0700 #

here are a few videos i put together.

hope you all enjoy, I had fun making these

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-09-08 20:34:23 -0700 #

Thanks, JJ, Sometimes I feel as though I am trapped in “Who’s on First?” Especially liked the “expert” and I do not doubt that it actually happened. You made me laugh out loud!

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-09-08 21:24:21 -0700 #

These are not mine ( I only wish!) but I promise you will love them! watch HSOPPHarmD.

Comment by Heidi on 2010-09-10 20:47:18 -0700 #

Best. Screen name. EVER. Awesome video, my Walgreens thanks you.

Comment by cvstech on 2010-09-15 00:12:22 -0700 #

Here’s a video I whipped up about a true scenario with some exaggerations! I hope you guys enjoy and use this film!

Title: Ultimate stupid pharmacy customer

Comment by Mis on 2010-09-15 09:28:10 -0700 #

Just having a little fun 🙂

Comment by techster on 2010-09-15 13:25:55 -0700 #

Here’s a little something that I whipped up about a situation I came across. Obviously, some parts are exaggerated a bit. Hope you enjoy and use it for your series!

The Ultimate Stupid Customer

Comment by AndIThoughtIWasAngry on 2010-09-15 21:26:31 -0700 #

Fatsomyalgia???? The rest of the video was hysterical, but that was priceless! If that’s a “medical” term that everyone else seems to know about but me (no one else commented on it – how can that be?), will someone please comment to that effect? I’ll know I’m hanging with the wrong crowd.

Comment by GoGatorsTech on 2010-09-18 06:30:44 -0700 #

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Love the screen name and video! I say those EXACT things (in my head, of course) every single day at my WAG.

Comment by bcmigal on 2010-09-18 09:54:18 -0700 #

Great job! At least, she remembered her fake phone number. I love it when we have to try 5 phone numbers that might be connected to the extra care card!

Comment by RAlee on 2010-09-19 20:39:46 -0700 #

HA HA HA , you rock ! there’s no cure for stupidity.

Comment by JJatreides on 2010-09-23 09:02:22 -0700 #

Here’s another true story: The Phony Rx Learning Curve

Comment by livingdeadnurse on 2010-09-23 21:37:47 -0700 #

dear lord they are everywhere…i guess i didnt’ think that Rx could have issues with drug seekers…i thought the ER was bad..sheesh. Makes you want to reach out an touch someone…

Comment by JJatreides on 2010-09-23 23:03:57 -0700 #

Here’s one more for everyone! The Birth Control Wizard and The Math Wizard!

Comment by Tech in KY on 2010-10-05 20:01:50 -0700 #

Here is one I created a couple of months ago….just a conglomeration of the excuses that we all hear on a daily basis! After seeing some of the other videos, I know we’re not alone! These are hilarious!

PS – I got inspired by an ER fake seizure one….I have friends and family who work in ERs – I feel for those people too.

Comment by Pillpushermcgee on 2010-10-08 20:36:01 -0700 #

I had a customer yesterday that told me to tell the pharmacist i replaced to stop calling him at home. I told him it was an automated voice and that our company’s computer was calling him. He thought i was trying to cover up for the retired pharmacist! So to get back to my work, i told him i would talk to dave and tell him to stop calling him lol

In other news, we stopped carrying dan brand somas and went to qualitest. Our pill heads are dropping like flies! We transferred out a blue-watson football-xanax dan-soma patient today. Triple threat!!

I go on rants on a daily basis at my store, and blowing steam off is the best way to handle it. Someone that gets crapped on and brain-f’ed for 14 hours straight that doesnt get frustrated has dead people in the freezer at home.
Thanks TAP. You should write a book. Seriously.

Comment by kevin on 2010-10-10 20:05:28 -0700 #

figured id give it a shot… long day at work

Comment by The Angry Tech on 2010-10-16 23:37:50 -0700 #

Here is my go at one. Hope you like it!

Comment by Susy on 2010-10-18 10:16:12 -0700 #

This is priceless!! I made one, check it out:

Comment by Chelsea on 2010-10-27 00:14:50 -0700 #

I love this! I made one as well based off of a real life interaction I had with a customer. Hopefully it’s good enough. 🙂

Comment by Mike Prymowicz FUCKIN RPh on 2010-11-06 12:48:13 -0700 #

This is SO FUCKIN AWESOME!! We say AWESOME alot up here in Maine, (Yes it’s part of the U.S. you’d be surprised how many insurance reps on the phone think it’s part of Canada or just don’t have a clue. Maybe not.) Again AWESOME, I laughed so hard I had to change my Depends! Keep up the good work, but one thing. The end of the shotgun should be pointing at the crackhead. Get it out of your mouth.

Comment by Aa-chan on 2010-11-08 08:54:35 -0800 #

I love… LOVE your video. It inspired me to make my own ( ) anyway. 🙂 As a technician that has worked for CVS for four years, I seriously appreciate the laugh, and applaud you. Keep it up!

Comment by PharmerDan22 on 2010-11-14 00:16:01 -0800 #

This is what they don’t teach you in pharmacy school.

Comment by Lisa on 2010-11-14 13:32:30 -0800 #

Comment by rxt on 2010-11-14 14:47:26 -0800 #

my attempt

Comment by NursieC on 2010-11-15 00:31:36 -0800 #

LOVE IT! I have worked at several pain clinics and must say, the addicts, or patient with other serious underlying issues they are unaware of helped me perfect my imagination. I completely understand your frustration with certain people who WILL NOT listen. Here is how I handled that percentage of idiots:

If I suspected I was lied to this would prompt me to pull a Board of Pharmacy. Sometimes this one document would expose more info than imagined from early refills to filling at multiple pharmacies and physician shopping. While I awaited my BOP a “fecal roster” list would be compiled starting from the beginning of their chart. I would document every early refill and the story that accompanied it, any convenient accident like falling down the stairs and running out over the weekend, examples of lack of responsibility (dropping in toilet to meds stolen) and law enforcement encounters. The patient would have to meet with me where we would discuss the discrepancies and chart every med taken in the last week prior to their UA. Now you probably wouldn’t be surprised, but sometimes I was, I would have meds reported that weren’t ever prescribed or prescribed by another MD, family member or friend 🙂 Education was provided like communication with the office for issues like end of dose failure or the few bridges there were to burn if a patient truly had devastating pain management issues. They would resign their contract, be given a copy, and told to call if they has ANY questions or concerns..

To note: I trust until given any reason not to. As you can see I was definitely not the nurse to piss off. I support and respect my patients who are not willing to self medicate, act irresponsible and increase their own dose. I believe even patients who take scheduled drugs should be able to do so as long as they are personally responsible and accountable. Now I don’t always agree that giving a patient oxycodone 10mg/apap 325 mg 1-2 tabs q 4-6 hrs #240 every month is a good idea. It will work, every time in fact but it gives the patient no control factor which I have seen lead to dependence, tolerance, and stupid behavior.. If chronic pain truly exists, I wish they were on a controlled release and an immediate release to use PRN.. I guess both patient and provider need to act responsible :)))

Comment by Norah on 2011-01-29 05:46:52 -0800 #

Comment by Iron City Rx on 2011-02-09 19:12:42 -0800 #

I suppose I’ve been a little out of the loop but I just got around to watching these videos and I absolutely love them. Out of inspiration a friend and I have concocted our own video based on the joys of working in Pittsburgh, Pa. I hope that even with the colloquialisms involved you still find a good laugh.