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Ask The Angry Pharmacist


The dreaded RTS

·11372 words·54 mins
What is the public enemy number 1 of any pharmacy?


ATAP: Returned to Stock

·4720 words·23 mins
Today we have another episode of Ask The Angry Pharmacist, where our very own TAP answers YOUR questions about life, pharmacy, drugs, and why that soma is too early to be filled!

ATAP: What exactly do you do?

·13835 words·65 mins
Welcome to another installment of Ask The Angry Pharmacist, where the most famous pharmacist on the planet (heh) answers YOUR questions and concerns in a not-so-nice (usually) way!



·5029 words·24 mins
The primary reason that I haven’t touched ADD meds with a 10 foot pole its because its just asking for me to get the bad-parent-patrol firebombing my site for me implying that only about 25% of the cases of ADD are diagnosed correctly; and the remainder are just parents who don’t want to deal with kids being kids.

Woah. I cant believe it.

·7891 words·38 mins
I am one of those drug reps that you hate see walking through the door but

Vancomycin Question!

·4013 words·19 mins
Heres a very good question that I recieved about Vancomycin (AKA Mississippi Mud) from Ingrid.

I have a fan club!

·341 words·2 mins
My fiance’ (yes ladies, i’m taken.

Drug Disposal Questions

·2107 words·10 mins
Once in a while I’ll get a few good questions that I think should be public knowledge.