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Mail Order Pharmacies: shove that stamp up your ass.

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Apologies to any pharmacist that I may insult with this post. Ah what the hell, you deserve it.
Working in retail, mail order pharmacies really piss me off. I mean its not enough that us poor retail people get the “3 months for 1 copay” bullshit rubbed in our faces by our patients, but when you jerkoffs lose the prescription in the mail (or its late), who has to cover your ass when the patient is out of medication? Its the retail guys thats who!
You asshole chumps get special “mail order pharmacy” pricing on Rx medication, and super low pricing on shit like test strips and other diabetic supplies, but expect us retail folk to explain to the patient how to use their new shiny blood glucose machine for free.
You know what, eat shit! Shove that stamp up your ass!
I have half a mind to tell patients when they come in with your empty vials pleading for a few days supply of medication because their has not come in yet to go piss up a rope. Im not here to cover your mail-order ass. When a ignorant 80 year old comes in with that shiny new One Touch SuperElite Deluxe Model with 10000 buttons asking how to use it, I feel like telling them to go pay your asses a visit in your dark warehouses with fancy security doors.
I’m not here to pick up the pieces after you (or your patients) drop the ball and end up out of medications. I’m not your bitch when you’re getting 150 bucks for that 29 dollar glucose machine from MediCare and dont have to deal with the patient coming in 5 times becuase they cant match the code on the bottle with the code on the machine.
So the mantra for the mail-order pharmacy should be “do a half-ass piss-poor job because the retails chumps will cover your ass”. Reminds me of government workers.

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Comment by Karen on 2006-04-15 20:12:14 -0700 #

hahaha, sooo true.

Comment by drugnazi on 2006-04-16 11:09:50 -0700 #

Back when I lived in the vast wasteland that is the middle of this country, one of the biggest 3rd party plans in the area had a mail-order only policy after the 1st refill (thereby making sure the retail pharmacist did all the counseling and worked out all the bugs in someone’s prescription before it went off to the mail order house) I always made sure never to mention this to the patient until they came in for their *second* refill, which I would happily offer to sell to them at regular cash price. And people wonder where I got the name drugnazi. Brrrwwwhhooohhaaaahhhaahhhaaaaa……

Comment by kathryn Hamilton on 2007-01-16 05:15:18 -0800 #

$35 for 3 months of of drug that costs $300 per month.If I were on a fixed income I would probably consider that too. If community pharmacists did something other than rant they could use their “professioanl associations” and political PACS to look at monitoring these “Caremark type “middlemen” PBMs. There is very little law regarding their “services”—I’m not sure they really save a health insurance plan money. A decision is made by a PBM without regard to the patients condition( there is very little comparison between meds and outcomes w/ these PBMs–maybe the fact that the med that the PBM is denying payment for is the med that is keeping the patient out of the hospital every 3 months, etc.–but that aspect of care is never looked at unless a savy patient hounds her health insurance to pay for the drug denied by the pbm/ You pharmacists (community-based) are going like lambs to the slaughter —instead you need to be challenging the legality of PBMs–who monitors them,etc. They are the “wild West” of the phcy business. Very little phcy law covers thee entities. And they are huge. They provide cheap drugs–no service–you have to start pushing back as a profession if you want to call yourself one.