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Be a dick, get a gift card!

·29022 words·137 mins
A wise man (OK, its my employer, fine) told me that the smartest investment a business can make is in its employees.


We wish you a merry Crackmas!

·1051 words·5 mins
Here are a few things that I have written to celebrate the overly-medicated holiday season:


Bribing patients with gift cards

·15133 words·72 mins
Unlike some angry websites out there, I will never make you send money to a politician campaign fund for articles (who will just be bribed by your employer to sit there and do nothing like most politicians.

A profession of fighting

·10823 words·51 mins
Has anyone but myself noticed how pharmacy has turned into a profession of nothing but fighting?

One pharmacy to rule them all…

·11442 words·54 mins
Going along with my previous (and popular) socialized medicine post, I have a solution from the pharmacy aspect that I thought of while reading some responses to it.

ePrescribing for eIdiots

·10021 words·48 mins
ePrescribing is the stupidest thing to come to pharmacy to date.


DEA is useful as tits on a boar

·5048 words·24 mins
I hope the DEA is reading this, because they are not only a burden, but a tax drain on pharmacies and on the public in general.

Doing other people’s jobs

·3215 words·16 mins
Now I don’t mind explaining to people how their medication works, how to take it, and what it does.


·2608 words·13 mins
I hate cherry-picking pharmacies.


Black Monday after Thanksgiving

·1583 words·8 mins
For as long as Pharmacy has been in existance, there has always been the Black Monday after Thanksgiving.

Mail Order Scum

·4600 words·22 mins
Now everyone knows that nobody is safe from The Angry Pharmacist(tm).

Pharmacy Certainties

·1411 words·7 mins
There are some things that go on in a pharmacy that are set in stone like the sun rising in the morning.

CPhT – Why?

·27617 words·130 mins
One of my staff has recently taken the CPhT exam (thats Certified Pharmacy Tech for those at home).


Angryness and Me

·2309 words·11 mins
So i’ve been doing some self thinking as to why I get angry at work.

Happy May!

·891 words·5 mins
Happy May Everyone!