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Crystal Ball and crackheads

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Happy easter everyone! Hopefully if you’re reading this from work you’re making time-and-a-half. To help you get through another day, heres something for you to think of.
We all have those “problem patients”. You know, the ones who know jack and shit about their whole life. They waltz into your pharmacy (usually in some Soma or Vicodin induced stupor), and ask your clerks if the prescription the doctor called in is ready (usually not even giving their name in the process).
When the clerks say no, they get all upset and pissy and demand to talk to you. The conversation goes something like this:
Patient: I need my prescription! The doctor was supposed to call it in!
RPh: Okay, what doctor was supposed to call it in?
Patient: I dunno
RPh: Was it a refill? What was it for?
Patient: I dunno
RPh: Was the doctor supposed to call it in today? Or yesterday?
Patient: I dunno
RPh: Do you have your Insurance Card?
Patient: No
RPh: Are you a fucking moron?
So the last line I made up, but you get the idea.
Whats wrong with these people? Are they fucking stupid? What basis do they have to be angry with us that their prescription (which they have no idea what it is, but 99% of the time its for either Vicodin, Valium, Soma, or Tyl #3) isnt ready?
These same idiodic douchebags are the same type who always feed us the line “Well my doctor said I could pick up my pain pills today”. But of course you stupid crack whore! Let me take your word for it and refill your vicodin prescription 10 days early because YOU said the doctor said it was okay!! How stupid do they think we are?
Of course a quick call to the doctors office returns a “Oh hell no, we told her she could get them in 10 days!”
Lying hoebags. They always forget everything except when their dope needs to be refilled. I’ve never seen such compliance with any drugs than I do with Pain pills or Soma.

Comments #

Comment by drugnazi on 2006-04-18 14:24:09 -0700 #

“I’ve never seen such compliance with any drugs than I do with Pain pills or Soma.”
Great minds, or at least angry pharmacists, think alike. One of the early posts over on my blog:

Comment by jim frey on 2006-05-03 21:51:36 -0700 #

hello: Have you gotten into any fights with insurance agents over part d?
what do you think about community care rx?
thanks jim frey rph