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Fucking DrugNazi

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So i’m happily at work being my usual angry self yesterday, when in comes this fax.
It has handwritten “This is the funniest blog i’ve ever seen, you must read this” with a bunch of text. I have to take a class-3 shit at the moment, so I decide to take the pages into the restroom for some reading material.
I start to read it, and its really familiar, like really really familiar. I ask my boss’ son (who also reads angry pharmacy blogs, and is one of the 2 who know my secret identity) if this looks familiar. A few seconds of research and THIS SHIT! comes up.
Now I love the DrugNazi. He’s a bit liberal at times (ok, all the time) for my taste, but his heart is in the right place. In fact, someday i’d actually like to meet him in person. But what the fuck. Why are my local pharmacists circulating HIS blog around when I’m fucking just as angry as he is!! Why arent my blog entries being faxed and pharmacist laughing!!! God dammit! He’s just a Nazi! I’m THEE angry pharmacist!
I was so pissed off when I found out HE was getting attention I even yelled “GOD DAMMIT! IM TONS MORE ANGRIER THAN HE IS! I EVEN HAVE ‘ANGRY’ IN MY URL!!!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!”. Yes folks, thats jealousy talking right there. Then I shut the fuck up knowing that if anyone found out that I had this blog I could get in serious shit at work.
So my boss reads the DrugNazi’s post about pharmacy, laughs on how true it is, then faxes it to his friends. All while i’m sitting there just fuming and my boss’ son is laughing his ass off. Nice, really fucking nice.
But on another note, go and pick up the latest issue of Drug Topics. The title is:

New Strategy for Growth:
Targeting Minorities

I read this, and my sick sense of humor immediately said “Do they mean with open sights or is a scope alright?”. Yes boys and girls, you may think that I (and the DrugNazi) are going to hell, but for all the shit we put up with at work, we could run down a whole crowd of minority toddlers with a giant rotor-tiller and still get into the pearly gates.

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Comment by tracerrx on 2006-10-27 19:12:44 -0700 #

Now thats fuckin funny… I print your (and drug nazis) blogs all the time and do the same exact thing (Printing them and sharing them with employees)
I think calling the Drug Nazi “A bit liberal” however may be an understatement…

Comment by Crystal on 2006-10-27 20:20:39 -0700 #

I’ll have you know that I’m probably the one responsible for circulating your first round of “Types of Patients” around the New England area – at least in RI/MA anyway (and across retail chains, no less!). So yes, you’re definitely in circulation 🙂

Comment by Pharm Student in Toronto on 2006-10-27 21:36:40 -0700 #

I hope it makes you feel better knowing that I read your blog and not DrugNazi’s. You are defintely angrier than he is, and you make fun of everyone.
I think what you can do is post more regularly like you are now, and people will go to your site. I’ve actually been checking your blog more often in the past few days, just like how I check friends’ and The Superficial blog pretty much daily.
The only problem is running out of interesting ideas or getting bored… So do whatever you feel like!

Comment by Rebecca on 2006-10-28 03:41:27 -0700 #

i read you both…because both of you feel my pain and express it so eloquently. there is a reason i made the leap into in-patient pharmacy – to get away from the customers. after 15 years i thought i was going to jump the counter and commit homicide.

Comment by tootsieroll on 2006-10-28 09:42:01 -0700 #

Dude, I have friends that aren’t pharmacists that love you.
I subscribe so I never miss a post. 🙂

Comment by Art Vandelay on 2006-10-28 15:01:13 -0700 #

There’s a reason my blog gets circulated around more. I’m funnier. And people love liberals. I get nothing but love when I tell people how liberal I am.
Kidding of course. I actually have a funny story about that same post I need to get around to putting on my blog. It pains me though that Pharm Student in Toronto will never see it. It pains me more than you will ever know.

Comment by NNP on 2006-11-07 10:07:33 -0800 #

u r fu*king hilarious, and the best (or probably worst) part is that all the experiences are true….hahah….ok time to hand in my resignation and give up this god for saken profession….

Comment by NNP on 2006-11-07 10:37:58 -0800 #

wow…u describe my day so vividly in ur posts….now if only i could remember where i left my bottle of bourbon…….

Comment by Becky on 2006-11-26 22:05:25 -0800 #

I love you, AngryPharmacist! You’re my hero!

Comment by Dan on 2008-08-25 11:19:37 -0700 #

So, your bosses son knows who you are, but your scared to get in shit at work?
You may be angry but that doesnt sound to SMRT

Comment by Shy Intern on 2008-12-14 23:58:00 -0800 #

On my last rotation, I was talking to my preceptor while she checked her e-mail before opening the pharmacy, and someone sent her a link to your blog 😉
Of course I told her I read it and enjoyed it. But I also recommended the DrugMonkey. Don’t know if she followed through with my recommendation, though.