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Bribing patients with gift cards

·15017 words·71 mins
Unlike some angry websites out there, I will never make you send money to a politician campaign fund for articles (who will just be bribed by your employer to sit there and do nothing like most politicians.

A profession of fighting

·10730 words·51 mins
Has anyone but myself noticed how pharmacy has turned into a profession of nothing but fighting?

One pharmacy to rule them all…

·11373 words·54 mins
Going along with my previous (and popular) socialized medicine post, I have a solution from the pharmacy aspect that I thought of while reading some responses to it.

The big socialized medicine post

·33001 words·155 mins
Here I will give my thoughts and viewpoint on the current push to give people socialized medicine in the US.

Cracky McCrackhead Addict

·18059 words·85 mins
A pharmacy without crackheads would be like a Big-Mac without the secret sauce.

ePrescribing for eIdiots

·9943 words·47 mins
ePrescribing is the stupidest thing to come to pharmacy to date.

The big welfare mother rant.

·32539 words·153 mins
This one is going to be a doozy, so please read the entire post before writing me a 10 page comment about your life story and how much of an asshole I am.

The stupid will inherit the earth

·2882 words·14 mins
According to the scientific trends that every pharmacist sees every day in a retail settings, the future of humanity will possess 3 major characteristics:

Over $1/min to write down numbers

·7682 words·37 mins
I don’t mind if a patient calls up and has a question (except if its when their vicodin is due).

DTC Advertising

·6231 words·30 mins
DTC Advertising – Direct to Consumer Advertising.

Why I hate Plavix Reps

·2589 words·13 mins
Bristol-Myers Squibb/Sanofi Plavix reps are on the top of my drug-rep shit list.

Hand-Holding with the last tobacco banning post.

·5280 words·25 mins
I really hate doing clue-bat entries, but from some of the comment/emails I have received regarding my previous post about tobacco sales in pharmacies some/most of you ‘don’t get it’.

Tobacco ban in pharmacies is STUPID

·3353 words·16 mins
Most (if not all) of you have heard in the news about banning the sales of Tobacco products in pharmacies.

A Clinical Pharmacist Error.

·7609 words·36 mins
Once in a while I get a rather bitter comment from a “Pharmacist” who just got his shiny new degree and license and thinks he knows it all.

I am Fatsomyalgia

·2349 words·12 mins
So I haven’t poked fun at The Angriest Pharmacist in a while.


Truth about DAW-1

·14282 words·68 mins
I really get angry when I see a DAW-1 on a prescription.

The woes of new prescriptions

·5476 words·26 mins
Lets face it, pharmacists are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to new prescriptions.

Fixed Income Medicare Blues

·2448 words·12 mins
I know I haven’t been posting lately compared to my DrugMonkey and Angriest counterparts.

Banning Cell Phones

·5549 words·27 mins
Is there some sort of paint you can line pharmacies with that will block cell phone reception?

ATAP: Returned to Stock

·4695 words·23 mins
Today we have another episode of Ask The Angry Pharmacist, where our very own TAP answers YOUR questions about life, pharmacy, drugs, and why that soma is too early to be filled!

Patients who kill your Patience

·7550 words·36 mins
Retail pharmacy (or working with the public) demands one huge element that most students lack.

ATAP: What exactly do you do?

·13768 words·65 mins
Welcome to another installment of Ask The Angry Pharmacist, where the most famous pharmacist on the planet (heh) answers YOUR questions and concerns in a not-so-nice (usually) way!

The word of the day is WORK

·10808 words·51 mins
If anyone would come up to me while I’m filling Rx’s and say “Boy, you look like you’re hard at work” I would just give a casual smile and continue along.