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Yes! More hate mail!

·1467 words·7 mins
Heres a hatemail response to my Indian Customer Service Rant a while ago.

Take a shower!!

·1562 words·8 mins
This bitter hateful rant isnt really specific to pharmacists or pharmacies.

Happy May!

·885 words·5 mins
Happy May Everyone!

Digging in Poop

·2160 words·11 mins
Now I realize that people do strange things with their medications: flushing it down the toliet, dump it in the sink, vacumning it up, etc.

Rx Radio?

·82 words·1 min
The DrugNazi over at http://drugnazi.

I pressed 1 for english!!@!!!@!#!@

·389 words·2 mins
Disclaimer: This entry might offend certain readers, so please dont think im a bigot or anything like that.

Welcome New Author!

·163 words·1 min
I’d like to take this time to introduce another angry pharmacist that will be posting his frustrations to this site.

This is a true story

·396 words·2 mins
Actual conversation between a pharmacist and a nurse.

Medication and Lawsuits

·385 words·2 mins
So now there are some lawsuits pending against Ortho for their Evra Transdermal Birth-Control Patch.

Medicare Part Diaster. The saga continues

·458 words·3 mins
After a nice relaxing dinner, a few drinks and a puff of some fine pipe tobacco, i’m ready to bitch more about Medicare Part D(iaster).


Help! Bail me out!

·282 words·2 mins
Nobody can honestly say that they dont like culture.

Welcome to India!

·518 words·3 mins
Insurance companies have hit an all time low.

Telephoned Prescriptions

·822 words·4 mins
Its common knowledge that a prescription can only get to a pharmacy to be filled 3 different ways:

Prior Authorizations

·877 words·5 mins
Talk to any pharmacist and mention the word “Prior Authorization” to watch him/her instantly have a hemmoragic stroke.


·472 words·3 mins
What you are to read may offend and even will piss you off.